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Did you know that it only takes mold 36 hours to begin growing? Sadly, many homeowners don’t and either take their time trying to cleanup water damage on their own or wait too long to call for help. They end up with more problems than they bargained for! Don’t let that happen to you…we offer OKC water cleanup services for residential and commercial customers and can provide you with a free estimate in writing!


Finding an affordable, reliable water removal company doesn’t have to be difficult!


Our crews are available 24/7 and can respond within 30-60 minutes!

The faster we can get there the quicker our certified water extraction company can get the water out and help get your life back to normal!  We have staff throughout the OKC area and can respond as soon as you call, so you don’t have to wait around for help!


What do we do upon arrival? Most people have never needed an OKC water cleanup company before and have very little insight into what we actually do. We made a video that helps explain what we usually do. Please bear in mind, the ultimate mitigation plan will be determined upon seeing the actual damage to your home, but hopefully this video helps you get some sort of sense for what needs to be done to effectively mitigate your home after flooding damage has occurred.


We give you an upfront cost estimate for free & there is no obligation to you!

We know it’s sometimes stressful trying to find the right company and a fair price but we make it easy!  Our prices are calculated using standard claims estimating software and will always present our estimate in writing so that you know the full cost ahead of time!


When we say ‘standard estimating software’ some people get confused, so we’ll explain. In our industry, insurance companies actually set our prices. Because most water extraction services we do are filed under an insurance claim, insurers got together and set standard prices for anything and everything we will need to do. So in an effort to better standardize the invoices and project scope, a system called Xactimate was created and it’s what everybody in the industry, from the water removal company to the insurance adjusters, uses. See the video below for an even more in depth explanation:


We’re not happy unless you are and back our service with a 1 year warranty!

If you’re worried about choosing a water extraction company that leaves and won’t be heard from if you have a problem, then please call us!  We make sure you have peace of mind and always provide our customers with a 1 year warranty on any labor and always guarantee your satisfaction!


When it comes to extracting water and drying out your property, make sure you choose a certified OKC water extraction company!


While some trades are pretty straightforward, the reality with water & flood damage restoration is that you need to be certified.  The reasons are mutliple:

() it means the technician has undergone continual training and passed rigorous examinations

() it means the company has the latest equipment and all of the appropriate systems necessary to do the job right

() it means the work done will be performed according to insurance company standards and there won’t be any issues during the claims process


Can you help me with my insurance claim?


insurance-claim-formOf course!  In fact, we can even bill them directly for our water removal services if that is more helpful to you!  But if it’s the case you pay us directly we can also help you with your claim, as we have insurance specialists on staff that work with adjusters each day! One of the ways we can help with your insurance claim is by fighting for your rights as a policy holder. Some insurers are worse than others, but each one shares one trait when it comes to water damage claims: they do everything they can to limit their exposure to the loss. What should be a pretty cut and dry process can become acrimonious if your adjuster attempts to skirt their responsibilities to you.

How can you protect yourself against that scenario and ensure they hold up their end of the bargain when it comes to your claim? Simple: hire us! We are independent water mitigation company in OKC and that means you are our customer, not your insurer. We work on your behalf, both in terms of the actual work we do on-site and also the efforts we make when it comes to your claim to make sure it’s handled properly.


Crews are standing by to help you!

If you need emergency restoration services, we have crews located throughout the Oklahoma City area so that we can immediately respond to your crisis!

Call now for a free quote!


Our OKC water damage restoration professionals are fully certified, licensed & insured to provide you with the highest level of Oklahoma City water extraction services possible.  If you have a water loss in your home or commercial warehouse is in standing water, our Oklahoma City flood damage crews can get your property dried out quickly!

Choosing a certified water cleanup specialist for your flooded property is extremely important.  Only a certified restoration company has the training and equipment to ensure your property gets fully dry and is protected against future black mold growth.  But just as important is acting quickly.  The longer water soaks your home, the greater the amount of damage and the more work that most be done to restore your property.  That also means greater costs!

So if you’re in Oklahoma City and need a water extraction company you can depend on, please call us.  We can have a OKC water removal crew there within minutes to provide a free estimate for any work that might need to be performed!  So if you’ve got standing water in your property, we are here to get your home back to normal as quickly as possible!

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