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flood-damage-companyDo you have standing water in your home? Or perhaps your carpets are soaked from a pipe leaking? No matter the cause, the most important thing you must do is hire a certified water extraction company to get the moisture out before you get toxic mold spore growth in your home. Should that happen, not only are you facing a longer restoration period but also a much more costly project. So don’t delay, call us now for certified, insured & reputable water removal services you can depend on!


Free, no obligation in-home water cleanup estimate!


Free_EstimatesToo many homeowners fail to realize that most of the moisture problems can’t be detected by a visual inspection. As such, it’s not as simple as you telling us over the phone how many square feet are affected. We will need to come to your property and use our moisture detection equipment to know the full extent of the water damage at which point we will document the work required and provide you with a no obligation water mitigation estimate at no cost to you!


When our estimator comes out to assess your loss, he’ll be using the same estimating software as your insurance adjuster. What does that mean for you? We don’t price spike or use unscrupulous methods to quote our services. We simply go by the industry norms when it comes to pricing, so our customers know they are getting a fair deal on any water extraction services in Beaverton they may need! Watch the video we made here to see for yourself:


Call now – 24/7 immediate response – don’t get black mold!


Out_of_date_clock_icon.svgWhen you call, we respond immediately. Why is that important? Because wasting time gives black mold the window it needs to take over your home. We see black mold growth about 2 days after the home flooding occurred, so an immediate response by all parties involved (you, your water damage company and your adjuster) is crucial. If any part of the initial response is delayed, the reality is you could be looking at a much more involved process of getting your property dried out and mold-free. Don’t let this happen to you and call us immediately for 24/7 emergency water extraction services!


How does mold end up invading wet homes?


toxic-moldThis might surprise you, but mold is in every home. That’s right, healthy, dry homes have small amounts of mold spores. It just becomes a health issue when the spore levels become elevated. Mold populates when it gets the right window. It just needs food and water and the right temperature. The food is your walls and any other organic surfaces. So once the extra moisture comes into play, it just needs a little bit of time before it becomes a big problem.


We guarantee your property will be mold-safe!


mold-free-guaranteeWe get called to jobs quite often where a certified water mitigation company handled the dry-out process and a couple of weeks later the homeowners started seeing mold damage. It happens more often than you would expect. But with us, we offer a mold-safe guarantee on any Beaverton water removal services we offer. If you would like to hire a certified environmental hygienist to test your property for mold spores. We guarantee it will pass this 3rd party test, and won’t close out the job if it doesn’t!


What does emergency water cleanup services look like?


We hope this is the first time (and last time) you need a restoration company. If it is, you probably have a vague idea of what we actually do and how we do it. But we find that our customers are happier about the outcome the more educated they are and the more involved they are with the process. We want you to play a role in the process, and we believe that starts with learning about us and what we do. Please give us a call to learn more, but in the meantime watch the quick video below to learn more about the work we do:


We work with your adjuster & bill your insurer directly!


insurance-claim-formYou don’t need to call your adjuster to get a claim number before dealing with the actual water damage. And you don’t have to pay out of pocket for our services if you’re filing an insurance claim. We work with insurers on a daily basis and our office personnel can work directly with your adjuster during the entirety of your project to make sure they’re apprised of our work and the total costs to repair your water damaged home. Insurance claims can be tricky, especially if you are trying to handle it yourself. Unfortunately, adjusters don’t always look out for you and will try and prey on your situation to lessen their financial obligation on your claim.

Call us before you call your adjuster. Let us deal with them directly. We will make sure your house is fixed properly and that they pay what they owe. Don’t get caught in the middle trying to make sure your home water damage claim is handled properly. We’ll make sure it is!


Call today if you’re in need of a Beaverton water removal company you can trust! We offer 24/7 water extraction services designed to get your Beaverton home or office dry fast! Each Beaverton crew is licensed and insured as well as certified in proper water removal techniques, meaning you can be sure your Beaverton water removal service is handled properly!

Water Removal

For years, our Beaverton water removal technicians have been helping residents & businesses get water out of their property. We specialize in around-the-clock response to any water removal situation you might have!


Water Extraction

In need of professional Beaverton water extraction services? We specialize in extracting water from any type of building, and always offer free estimates for any Beaverton water extraction crisis you might be experiencing.


Water Cleanup

We offer Beaverton water cleanup services for both homes and offices. With a rapid response and always free water cleanup estimates, we make the process of cleaning up water in your Beaverton property as simple and painless as possible. So call us 24/7 for a rapid response throughout the Beaverton area.

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