Portland OR Basement Flood Clean-up

drying-out-flooded-basementA basement flood is bad news, whether it’s just a small area of an unfinished basement or you have wet carpets and drywall throughout the area. Either way, the situation should be addressed quickly and with the right procedures and equipment. At RestorationEze, our basement flood cleanup company can make sure your flood doesn’t grow into something much worse! We offer free estimates and affordable flood restoration services and promise that you will be completely satisfied with any services you entrust us to perform!


Why Choose Our Basement Flood Service?


We’re standing by 24/7/365


24-7First and foremost, we’re here to help. And in our business, the easiest way to be of assistance is to be available. You would be shocked at just how many restoration companies don’t answer customer calls consistently, or if they do they tell people they will try and get to their house in a day or 2. That’s unacceptable in this industry, because the consequences of delayed action are too immense!

We offer an immediate response guarantee!


Our estimates are free & costs are affordable


free-basement-water-damage-estimateMany times a basement flood isn’t covered under insurance, especially if the source is outside water and you don’t have flood insurance. That’s why it’s all the more important to hire a company that will treat you fairly when it comes to the cost of cleaning up your basement flooding. We use industry-wide standard pricing, and in fact defer to your insurer’s pricing methods to calculate a cost.

Call us today for a free cost estimate!

Want to know how a cost for restoring a basement flood is estimated when you call RestorationEze? Watch this short video below!


Our flooded basement cleanup crews are certified


Certified basement water removal servicesMost homeowners and business owners aren’t aware anyone can be in the water damage restoration space, without needing any sort of licensing from the government. That’s scary, especially considering the impact bad service can have on your home and health. So at RestorationEze, we make sure each technician is certified by the IICRC and carries the proper insurance required to make sure you are safe!

Don’t trust your flooded basement to novices!

Are your curious what professional, certified flood removal services look like? Most people in your shoes have never needed our help, so we made a video to try and help people get an idea for what the water damage restoration process looks like.


All basement water cleanup work is guaranteed


satisfaction-guaranteeLet’s be real: people only call us when they have a problem, and they really need to find someone they can trust to fix that problem. We appreciate customers’ willingness to trust us, and we work hard to earn that trust. As part of that, we offer each customer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on any Portland basement flooding repair services we offer!

Want it done right? Call RestorationEze!


Act quickly when it comes to basement flooding!


black-mold-wet-basementWhether you end up hiring us or another restoration company, we hope you understand how vitally important it is that you act quickly. Basement floods, like any water intrusion to a home, present the perfect opportunity for already present black mold spores to begin growing and attacking your home (and the people living inside of it). Basements are already prone to dampness, so just a small amount of excess moisture can tip things out of your favor when it comes to black mold. When we stress emergency service, we’re not doing it to try and pressure you into hiring us quickly. We’re doing it because it’s absolutely critical when it comes to a wet basement. The longer the water sits in your basement, the worse the situation becomes.

Delay your response, and the only possible outcomes are:

() more damages to the structural integrity of your basement (picture walls caving in and collapsing!!!)

() black mold damage


Insurance doesn’t cover black mold removal!


Denied-Insurance-Claim-Water-DamageAnother important factor in your decision (and the urgency in which you make decisions) should be the understanding that your insurer isn’t going to pay for the high cost of removing any black mold from your basement should you severely delay your response. Insurers haven’t covered black mold damage for years, but too many homeowners are shocked when they realize they’re going to be stuck footing the bill for any professional remediation services that are required!


Basement flooding prevention tips!


If you already have water in your basement, these tips aren’t going to help much now but hopefully you can still apply them to prevent future problems!


Are your gutters working? It might seem simple, but just making sure your gutters take the water that is rolling off your roof and making sure it’s deposited several feet away from your house’s foundation can go a long way in keeping your basement dry!

Do you have a sump pump with an alternate power source? Sump pumps can be a life-saver, and they’re a no-brainer especially if you have a finished basement. But if you do have one installed, make sure you go the extra mile and also install a generator to provide power in the event electricity to the home is shut off.

Have you repaired any cracks in your basement walls? Concrete walls are under a lot of pressure, and with enough hydrostatic pressure and groundwater, eventually water can get through a perfectly sound wall. But if you have cracks, the likelihood of getting water in your basement goes way up. Buy a repair kit at your local home improvement store and patch/seal any cracks!

Do you need french drains? French drains can be a relatively cost-effective way to keep groundwater away from your basement walls. Especially if your lot is structured such that it’s impossible to keep water from flowing away from your home, it can be a life saver!


Portland basement floods are chaotic.  Walking into your basement to standing water can be a terrifying experience.  That’s why our Portland OR flood damage experts are available at anytime day or night to help get your Portland flooded basement dry again.  Our water damage restoration in Portland crews are vetted to insure they are industry-certified and insured to provide proper basement flood mitigation services.

And each water extraction in Portland OR crew stands behind its work with a full customer satisfaction guarantee.  If you have experienced a Portland sewage back-up issue or your basement is flooded due to a pipe bursting or toilet overflowing, our water damage restoration crews in Portland OR have the experience, knowledge & resources to get your property fully restored.

No matter what, you can rest easy knowing the Portland basement flood crew that arrives can fully extract any water in your basement and dry out your Portland property and its contents.  We are available 24/7 throughout the Portland OR area for a rapid response and can quickly assess your damage and begin the water extraction and/or water damage restoration process.  Flooded basement in Portland?  No problem, we’re to help!

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