Portland OR Water Damage Restoration

Discovering that your home or office has experienced a water damage crisis and going through the process of dealing with the damage can be troubling. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom. We focus on providing turnkey water damage cleanup services that are designed to minimize your headaches and get allow you to get back to your normal routine quickly. Whether it’s a small loss caused by a leaking water heater or an entire floor of your home has been ravaged by water, we can help!


When you need emergency water damage cleanup and repair services, you need a company you can trust!


Fast Response to Any Emergency.  We get there fast, period!  When it’s your home being damaged by water, it’s gut wrenching.  We understand, it’s why we gear out water cleanup services towards getting there fast and being able to promptly respond to even the worst water damage!


Insurance Approved Direct Billing and Claims Settlement.  We can handle the insurance claims process for you.  It can be a tedious process, especially if you’ve never done it before, and can cause you further headache.  So we provide assistance with the process and can work with your adjuster to ensure rapid settlement of your claim.


Straightforward, Written Estimates for FREE!  One aspect that can cause concern for homeowners is the cost of water damage cleaning services.  With us, you don’t have to worry about getting gouged during your crisis.  We use industry standard pricing guides so that you can be confident the estimate you’re presented is fair.

Still curious how we price our water restoration services? Watch the video below:


We offer full-service water damage repair and cleanup services, hire only the best candidates for the job, and ensure each is trained and certified to perform all work necessary!


Equipment is Key!  There is no shortage of contractors offering water and flood damage restoration services.  But just because they might own some vacuums and fans doesn’t make them skilled restoration providers.  We use state-of-the-art equipment to detect moisture, extract water, dry every inch of your property, safely exhaust water vapors, and prevent future mold growth!


It’s about the Process!  We don’t take a one-size-fits-all approach to water damage cleanup services.  Each situation presents its own challenges and each water loss must be dealt with differently.  We take great measures to ensure that we’ve ID’d all moisture and damage and that we put forth a restoration plan that addresses that damage and ensure your property is completely dry and safe to enter and live in!


The more you know, the better you are!  It’s what drives our passion to providing the bets possible restoration services available.  Our industry changes rapidly with each new scientific discovery and each new technology that enters the market.  We are constantly undergoing training on the latest restoration techniques and the latest equipment to ensure the best and fastest possible results for our customers.

To see for yourself how we repair water damage and get your home or place of business back to normal, watch this step-by-step video:


Know your enemy: toxic black mold!


black mold damageIn a water loss situation, moisture saturates surfaces of your structure that mold feeds off of. While mold exists naturally in every property (at very low levels), with the introduction of water and the right temperatures it starts growing quickly. How quickly? According to OSHA, it takes around 2 days. Not much time to solve the problem before the problem gets bigger!

It’s why any water mitigation project we are called on to requires us to take preventative measures to stop mold growth and puts the pressure on us to dry out the structure and remove the environment necessary for it to breed. We have some of the fastest drying times in the industry and can usually have your property completely dry within 3 days!


What about my insurance claim?


insurance-claim-formIn most cases, if your insurance policy covers the loss you’ll probably want to file a claim. What makes your loss covered? Generally speaking, the water loss has to be the result of a sudden discharge of water from something originating inside the home. Here’s a list of some common types of water damage we see that are usually covered by insurance:

– refrigerator water line disconnecting

– dishwasher overflow

– washing machine malfunction

– hot water heater leaking

– toilet overflowing

– bathtub left running and overflowing

– pipe break

There are many, many more loss types that can result in a valid insurance claim, and we can help work with your adjuster through that process. The key for you is to hire a competent, certified water mitigation company that has a history of successful claims assistance for their customers!


Crews are standing by to help you!

If you need emergency restoration services, we have crews located throughout the Portland/Vancouver WA area so that we can immediately respond to your crisis!

Call now for a free quote!



Commercial Water Damage Services in Portland


commercial-water-mitigationCertain water losses go beyond the scope of most water damage companies, and that includes many commercial buildings. When you have a massive structure that has taken on water, it presents a lot of challenges that smaller residential jobs don’t. The items that get wet, the sheer size of the loss, and the difficulties in drying an operating business are simply too much for many of our competitors. But if you have a school, hotel, office space, retail space, hospital, or any other type of commercial building that has sustained water damage, please give us a call so that we can assess your loss and discuss your options!

Are you in Portland OR and dealing with a flooded basement or water damaged property?  If so, we understand it can be a traumatic experience.  Standing water in your home, soaking the things you cherish, can be painful.  That’s why our goal is to ensure our Portland OR water damage restoration & water extraction professionals help get your life and property back to normal as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Everyday, Portland homes and offices have water heater leak, pipes burst, or toilets clog and overflow.  And everyday, our Portland OR flood cleanup professionals are standing by waiting to provide immediate help.

No matter how big or small the area affected is, our Portland dryout professionals have the experience and equipment necessary to help get your property back to its original state.  Wherever you are in the Portland OR area, we can provide immediate response 24/7 and provide a free estimate for any water extraction or flood damage restoration services that might be required.  Our Portland technicians are fully insured, licensed & qualified to restore your property and possessions and we guarantee your 100% satisfaction.

So if you’ve experienced an emergency and need a Portland OR water & flood damage restoration company you can trust, please call us now for a rapid response and free estimate!  We can be at your Portland property usually within 30 minutes and begin helping you get back to normal immediately! Our crews arrive in fully stocked vans and trucks with all the required equipment to quickly begin the dry out process to ensure we’re able to mitigate further damage.


Here’s some recent projects we’ve successfully completed:


Don Y. in West Salem, OR – Water damage in kitchen

Refrigerator leaked causing water damage in walls, cabinetry, & flooring.

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