Erie PA Basement Flood Clean-up

flood-damage-companyWet basements are a big problem for many reasons. As the structural support for your home, you can’t take any chances if your basement flooded. That means not waiting around to call for help, and it means making sure you always choose a certified flood restoration company to perform any mitigation & repair services that might be required! We provide emergency basement water extraction services at an affordable cost…just give us a call for a free estimate!


We get wet basements dry fast – guaranteed!


24-7-emergency-serviceCall any company and they’ll tell you the same thing: moisture must be dealt with immediately, especially if it’s in a basement.  We focus on a rapid response, and can be at your home within 30-60 minutes.  And we have everything necessary to begin the water cleanup & drying process so that you’re dry quickly!

Never wait around when your basement flooded!


toxic-moldWhat will occur if you don’t get the moisture out almost immediately? Black mold. It’s aggressive, it’s dangerous to your health, and it’s incredibly expensive to safely and effectively remove. And worst of all, it’s usually not covered by insurance. Any delay on your part, or that of the Erie water damage company you hire, could put your health at risk and/or cost you a lot of money.  When you call a basement water removal company in Erie, you need confidence they’re going to be able to move quickly and that they have the necessary equipment to contain the water damage immediately so it doesn’t spread. We are an emergency water damage company, meaning we can always respond immediately to help you when you need help the most!


Want a quote?  Call now and it’s free!


photo_free_estimatesGiving a quote over the phone isn’t possible, but we can do one better!  We can come out to your flooded basement to visually assess the damage in person, take measurements, and give you an estimate upfront.  And even better, our estimates are always calculated using Xactimate, the industry’s standard estimating software.

Our quotes are free and our rates are fair – sound good?


Are you interested in learning more about the estimating process? We firmly believe that the more information and knowledge you have at your fingertips, the better the outcome will be for you. That education process can begin here, but we hope if you have a flooded basement that you will call us to ask more questions and make sure you get the answers you need to make the best decision for you! In term of pricing, the restoration industry is unlike most. Why? Namely because we all price our services the same because insurers have stated the prices they’ll pay for any work we may need to do. Watch this video to see how the estimating process really works, and why a RestorationEze basement flood cleanup estimate is fair, honest, and transparent.


But can’t I get the water out myself and save money?


It’s tempting to try tackling the basement water extraction process yourself…and if you’re like us, you’re handy and don’t mind taking on various home improvement projects and learning as you go.  But this situation simply isn’t one that you can cut corners on or learn on the job. Why?


Spotting moisture is impossible without the right equipment.

The big mistake most people make when faced with water in their basement is thinking that they can simply extract that standing water, open some windows, and call it a day.  Big, big mistake, and one that will ultimately end up costing you. Take a look at the picture below…


Let’s say that’s a bathroom wall in your basement and you got out all the standing water…great job!  But look at the image on the right?  Using thermal imaging, you can clearly see it’s a water soaked wall that will end up rotting and probably growing black mold.  Without the proper moisture sensors, probes, and cameras, you simply can’t find all the moisture and will be attempting to dry out a basement without knowing where the actual moisture is.  In other words, you’re shooting free throws in the dark!


But can’t I save money?

costs of restorationPerhaps in the short run.  But bear in mind, insurance pays for the overwhelming majority of basement flooding jobs we do.  But that isn’t the case when you inevitably end up with black mold because you didn’t get out all the excess moisture.  Insurance does not cover mold remediation, and you’ll cry when you get a bill for that service.  Be smart!  Call us now and let us professional mitigate your basement flood so that you can put this event in your rear view mirror and move on!

If you’re reading our site and in the back of your mind you’re thinking you can handle the basement water extraction and dry out process without getting black mold in your home, we really hope you’ll watch the video below. In it, you can see in greater detail the process that is usually employed when you hire a professional water damage service.


All basement flood repair service is guaranteed!


satisfaction-guaranteeWe see our role as providing safety and peace of mind to our customers.  The only way to accomplish those goals are to provide great flood restoration service and unsurpassed customer service during every facet of the process.  So to hold ourselves accountable to that mission, we promise you’ll be completely satisfied!

Each job is backed by a full satisfaction guarantee!



Is your Erie PA basement flooded?  If so, you need professional flood damage & water extraction services in Erie.  We offer day & night flooded basement emergency service designed to get your Erie property dry fast.  Flooded basement in Erie means you’ve got a problem.  The longer the water is in your home or office, the more water damage in Erie that can occur.

Our Erie water damage restoration team can arrive within minutes of your call to begin the water extraction process.  We use the best vacuuming systems and industrial strength drying equipment in Erie so that you can feel confident the water is gone for good.  Not only that, but our flood damage in Erie PA crews also utilize mold prevention techniques to ensure your basement flood doesn’t result in a mold problem.

So if you are dealing with a flooded basement in Erie PA, please call us now and we can dispatch a flood damage restoration in Erie PA crew to help get you back to normal fast!

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