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flood-damage-companyOur goal is to provide prompt, affordable & reliable sewage back-up cleaning services for our customers. To do that requires expertly trained employees, the right equipment, and a willingness to do a dirty job when a crisis occurs. We would certainly appreciate the opportunity to earn your trust and business and would be happy to come to your property to provide a free consultation and estimate for any sewer extraction services you might need!


Anytime sewage sits exposed, it’s time to call professionals!


cautionDon’t be fooled into thinking if you can just stomach the smell you can effectively cleanup sewage after a backup.  It’s a mistake that can make you very sick.  Sewage contains harmful pathogens that can cause you to contract Hep-A, tetanus, and many other harmful viruses and bacteria.  Because of this, sewage removal companies have to follow strict EPA guidelines on safety gear and mitigation protocol.  You simply don’t have the proper equipment or knowledge of how to safely and effectively restore your home or business after a sewer back-up!

Not only is it dangerous, the likelihood of you being able to remove all of the dangerous pathogens and dry out the structure so that black mold growth doesn’t occur is virtually zero. For so many reasons, making a DIY sewage cleanup attempt is pure folly, and sadly it’s a decision people make that results in them getting very sick, whether it’s from the raw sewage itself or the future black mold growth.


Our on-site estimates are always free!


photo_free_estimatesThere isn’t a way to give you any sort of accurate or even ballpark estimate over the phone.  Every job is different and the mitigation plan is ultimately determined by the extent of damage and what has been affected.  So to help give you a price estimate, we come to your property to fully assess your loss and answer your questions.

You get an upfront quote in writing at no cost!


How can I make sure the cost estimate I’m being quoted is a reasonable price? It’s easy, call us! Why? Because in our industry, it’s not allowed to charge whatever rates we want. What do we mean by that? Much of our work is paid for by an insurance company. As such, many years ago they got together to set prices for our work. So when you get an estimate from us, you’re getting an estimate that was generated using the allowed prices as set by your insurer. Here’s how the process of getting a quote for sewage damage in Erie PA works:


All technicians are drug-screened & undergo background checks!


checklistWe’re in the business of making peoples’ homes safe after a sewage back-up.  But we can’t make you safe if you don’t feel safe.  Sadly, some sewage extraction companies hire employees with felonies and/or don’t screen them for drugs.  We make sure everyone has a clean background and passes random drug tests.

Your safety is our #1 concern!


You know the service will be done correctly!


satisfaction-guaranteeGetting reliable sewage removal service in Erie shouldn’t be a guessing game.  But given the time sensitivity and the emergency nature of the situation, sometimes people are pressured into choosing the wrong provider.  To help, we guarantee all customers that the work will be completed to their 100% satisfaction!

No need to look around – we’re the right choice!


We even provide an extended warranty!


1-yr-warrantyWhere some sewage cleaning companies will never be heard from after they’ve collected their check, we take a different approach.  We believe that our work should stand the test of time…it’s why any sewer back-up cleaning job is backed not only by a satisfaction guarantee but a 1 year full service warranty.

All work backed by a 1 year warranty!


Will me sewer line back up again? How can I prevent it?


Sewage backups aren’t that uncommon, unfortunately. If this is the first time it’s happened to you, you’ll probably take a bigger interest in why they happen and what you can do to make sure they don’t happen again. Our technician will be happy to discuss your prevention options moving forward, but let’s also take a minute here to discuss how sewage in basements occurs and how you can stop it. There are essentially 3 scenarios that can occur that cause a raw sewage damage in your home:


fats-oils-grease-clogging-restaurant-sewer-line1) a main line sewer backup caused by a clogged pipe – this is the most common, and it’s the easiest to prevent. What usually happens is either through mis-use by the homeowner or tree roots growing into the pipe, a blockage occurs over time and eventually no water can pass through so it must return back up your pipe. How can you prevent this from happening? Don’t pour grease and oils down your drain, don’t flush fibrous materials down your toilet, and have your line cleaned once a year.

2) a sewer overflow – this happens in areas where the municipal sewer line is also the same pipe system that handles storm run off. When it rains heavily and too much water is passing through that pipe, the water and raw waste looks for the path of least resistance, and should a small blockage occur, that path is up your home’s pipe and into your basement. How can you prevent it? Install a sewer backflow prevention device.

3) a sewer pipe breaking and leaking – if your home is on pier and beam and has a crawlspace, it usually house your sewer pipes. If a connection in that pipe comes loose, the sewage spills into your crawlspace and creates a very toxic mess. We suggest having a plumber inspect your crawlspace and repair/replace any lines that may be close to failing.


We handled emergency sewage back-ups throughout the Erie PA area.  Whether it’s a small residential back-up or large commercial issue, our wastewater extraction process is the same.  Our Erie PA water damage restoration professionals use patented equipment and certified techniques to completely remove sewage from your Erie home or office.  We then utilize mold prevention techniques to make sure there is no future mold growth. We understand your Erie sewage back-up can be a traumatizing situation.

That is why we are committed to providing the highest level of Erie PA sewage cleanup service and the best in customer service.  Our Erie basement flood contractors will respond within minutes of your call and can begin the Erie water extraction process immediately.  We always offer free estimates for your Erie flood damaged property and are approved by every major insurance provider and can work directly with them to handle the claims process.

So if you have experienced a sewage back-up in Erie PA and need emergency water extraction services you can depend on, please call us now for immediate response and a free, no obligation estimate!

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