Lancaster Basement Flood Damage Cleanup

flood-damage-companyWhen flood damage occurs, we’re here to help.  Our fully certified crews have seen it all and we can respond in a timely manner to provide you with fast flood restoration & drying services that are guaranteed to get your property fully restored quickly!  Don’t end up choosing an un-insured, un-certified, un-qualified restoration company, call the pros and let us take care of your flood loss from start to finish!


If you’ve got water damage, reputable help is a call away!


The process of finding competent, trust-worthy water damage repair services can sometimes feel daunting.  But it doesn’t have to.  We make the process simple, so you can sit back and relax and rest easy knowing your life will get back to normal quickly and with little disruption to you!


One phone call & we’re on our way!


24-7-emergency-serviceWaiting for help is never an option if your home or office has flood damage.  Whether it’s a sewage back-up or clean water from an overflowing sink, it simply can’t wait.  Delaying the flood mitigation process means greater damage.  So unlike some providers, we respond to your phone call immediately and dispatch the closest crew!

Don’t delay – call now for immediate flood cleanup service!


black-mold-wet-basementWhat can happen if I don’t get help immediately? There are a number of bad things that can happen, but the most sure-fire result of delaying any flooding cleanup services in Lancaster PA you need is black mold. Whether it’s a wet floor or soaked drywall, that excess moisture is all mold spores need to thrive. And thrive they do! Usually within 36-48 hours you’ll notice black residue and the initial signs of black mold damage. Don’t let this happen to you because the costs soar to repair the damage and it can put your insurance claim in jeopardy.


Competitive flooding restoration rates are guaranteed!


photo_free_estimatesWhile some flood damage companies might change their rates depending on how busy they are or how they feel that day, we always price our rates according to the universal estimating system called Xactimate.  That means that when we give you a free estimate, you can be sure it’s a fair & honest price!

Don’t pay too much – call us for a free quote!


The quoting process for water damage companies is quite different than for other service industries. First, and most importantly, any reputable company you call will be using the same system to estimate your loss. That means you don’t need to get a bunch of quotes as they should all be virtually the same. Second, the estimate is our best guess to the total cost once work is complete. But in reality, we simply chronicle all of the work we do in Xactimate, the system calculates the cost for each, and then we work with your insurer to settle the payment with them.


Never any doubt the work will be done correctly!


satisfaction-guaranteeWhen your home sustains water damage, whether it’s basement flooding or any other type of loss, you’ve got enough to worry about and certainly shouldn’t worry about whether or not the work will be done right.  And to make sure that’s the case, each customer gets peace of mind from a satisfaction guarantee on the work done!

Guaranteed satisfaction on all flood restoration work!


All work performed by drug-free & safe employees!


checklistShould you need emergency flood repair services, the reality is you’ll be letting strangers into and out of your home over the course of a few days.  And if you pick the wrong flood damage company, you could be letting in unsavory people.  But we make sure every employee is drug-free & has a clean criminal background.

No one takes your safety more seriously than we do!


Don’t let flooding create a mold problem!


cautionGoing through an experience like a water loss can feel like the end of the world, but it’s actually a rather quick and painless process once you’ve hired the right company.  That being said, if you pick the wrong provider or you delay, you’ll end up with mold.  Removing mold is costly & not fun to go through!

Don’t delay & end up with more problems than you already have!


Basement water cleanup services you can trust!


When it comes to getting water out of basements, it’s an intricate process and the actual instruments involved will vary based on the situation we encounter. We’ve mitigated thousands of flooded basements, so our crews are well-versed in dealing with any moisture issues you’re facing.

We made the video below to help you understand what the basement water damage cleanup process looks like, so that you are educated not only about the process but what you can expect when it’s all done.


Is flooding damage covered by my insurance policy?


insurance-claim-formOne of the first questions usually ask when they call us is whether or not our flood restoration services are covered by their insurance policy. We can’t ever say for sure without seeing the policy itself, but we usually have a couple of questions we ask them in order to try and at least works towards their answer:

Where did the water come from? If it came from a rain storm or some other water source outside of the home (maybe the city was working on a water supply line and it bursted and flooded a couple of homes in the neighborhood), then the cost of repairing that damage is typically not covered by a standard homeowners insurance policy. If it’s from rain, that’s a flood event that would require flood insurance to be covered.

Was there any negligence on your part? If your water damage came from inside the home and you have a homeowners insurance policy, most losses are covered. But not always. Sometimes an insurance company will deny a claim based upon their belief that you could have prevented the loss by regularly maintaining whatever plumbing system failed. The most common example is an old water heater leaking. If it’s clear it’s 10 years past when it should have been replaced, you may be looking at a denied claim.


Property flood repair in Lancaster requires an immediate response. We have Lancaster flood repair contractors available whenever you need help. We provide a 24/7 rapid response and free estimate for your Lancaster flood cleaning service needs. Don’t worry, we’re here to help get your Lancaster property repaired and restored fast!

Flood Restoration

Rapid Lancaster flood restoration service is what we do! From an immediate response to working with your Lancaster insurance agent, we try to make the flood restoration process as simple as possible. So call us 24/7 for all your Lancaster flood damage restoration needs.

Flood Repair

Our specialty is dealing with Lancaster flood damaged properties. We offer residents and businesses throughout the Lancaster area reliable flood repair services. We always offer free quotes for Lancaster flood damage repairs and stand behind our work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee!

Flood Cleaning

If your Lancaster home or business has experienced a flood, a fast response is necessary. We provide rapid Lancaster flood cleaning services and can be at your property fast to get your property dry. So if you are in need of Lancaster flood cleanup services that you can count on, please call now for a rapid response and free estimate.

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