Lancaster Water Damage Restoration & Repair

flood-damage-companyWhile you can be as cautious as possible and employ preventative techniques and equipment to try and make sure you’re not a victim of water damage, sometimes your luck runs out and it happens.  And should you find yourself in that position, we hope you’ll give our water restoration company the opportunity to help.  We provide complete water extraction & flood damage repair services and can help guide you through every phase of the process.


Emergency assistance, around-the-clock!


24-7-emergency-serviceIn the case of an emergency like a water loss, your responsibility as a homeowner is to ensure the water mitigation process begins as quickly as possible.  You do not need to call your insurance company and waste valuable time.  Just call us and we can dispatch a team to your property that will be onsite within 1 hour.

Never delay when it comes to water damage restoration!


black mold damageWhat are the results if you delay your response or the water restoration company you hire doesn’t react immediately? The most common result is a serious health hazard and huge cost to remove: black mold. We see it all the time, and we hate getting those calls because the reality is that it is extremely costly to remove black mold and a lot of times insurers won’t pay for those costs. So what could have been a relatively fast and in-expensive water damage cleanup job that would have been covered by insurance is now an expensive mold remediation process that might not be paid by insurance.


Free quotes & industry-standard service rates!


photo_free_estimatesWe’re available at a moment’s notice to come to your property and provide a free water damage cleanup estimate.  The process is simple and gives you an opportunity to speak directly with our project manager and make sure you are comfortable with the process.  We provide all cost estimates upfront & in writing!

Just call and we’re on the way to provide a free quote!


Quotes are a lot more transparent and trustworthy when they are generated using the same software (Xactimate) that your adjuster will use. That’s how a RestorationEze water damage estimate is generated, and it’s how we guarantee you that our price is fair and generated in accordance with industry standards. Still not sure how the estimating process works? Watch this video:


We hire the best so that you get great service!


checklistOur entire service philosophy relies upon making sure we hire the best people and give them everything they need to be successful at their job.  And in our mind, that means making sure they’re good people.  So we drug test technicians randomly and they go through a criminal background check before being hired.

Our employees are drug-free & background screened!


All jobs performed by certified water damage techs!


CertificateIconCertifications aren’t simply fancy logos or acronyms in a job title.  To us they represent a real commitment to performing every water damage cleaning job to the best of our ability and according to the latest science.  We spend the time and money to make sure all of our employees are certified so that it shows in the service we offer!

Even if you don’t pick us, make sure you use a certified company!


Completed work is guaranteed!


satisfaction-guaranteeMany water damage companies in Lancaster PA simply don’t stand by their work and only perform the bear minimum to get paid by your insurance company.  The quality of their service or the professionalism of their employees is secondary.  Instead, we focus on you, and guarantee you’ll be satisfied with the work performed!

Choose us and you’ll be satisfied – guaranteed!


Are you going to file an insurance claim? Call us first!


insurance-claim-formWhile it shouldn’t be the case, the reality is that water damage claims can be tricky with insurers. They represent the largest classification of claims for insurers which means it’s the biggest burden on their bottom line. And at the end of the day, they’re large corporations that must generate profits for their shareholders. And when it comes to your claim, insurers want to do everything possible to limit their financial obligation to you. That can include denying your claim outright, or it could include more nefarious activity. Namely, they may tell you to use a certain Lancaster water damage restoration service because that company has agreed to cut their costs in half for the job. In other words, they need business and use your adjuster as a referral source, and in exchange they don’t charge much for the job.

What happens when you can’t charge the amount the job should cost? You look to cut corners. What happens when you cut corners? You miss things that result in a poorly done structural dry-out job. What can happen if this is the case? Black mold!

If you are planning on filing an insurance claim, we hope that you will call us before you call your adjuster. We represent you, and we know how to talk to them. Our job is to make sure your home is restored to the same exact condition it was in before the water damage occurred, and to make sure your insurer upholds their end of the bargain when it comes to legitimate claims.


Lancaster water damage restoration services


What do they look like? Or rather, what should they look like if done by certified professionals? We’re glad you asked, it’s why we made the video below. In it, we walk you through the usual steps taken during the water mitigation and reconstruction phases of the project, so you can envision how we get your home from where it is now to where you want it to be!


Have you found yourself dealing with a Lancaster water loss and aren’t sure where to turn?  We have Lancaster restoration companies standing by that are fully insured, licensed, and certified to handle any Lancaster water event you have.  We offer free estimates & rapid 24/7 response and can get your Lancaster flood damaged property dry fast!


Water Damage Restoration

Don’t be fooled!  Lancaster water damage service isn’t simple…it requires a lot of training and sophisticated equipment.  Our Lancaster restoration companies are fully trained and certified to handle any Lancaster water damage services you might require.


Water Damage Repair

Water damage repair is not as simple as drying out your Lancaster property.  We understand the intricacies of proper Lancaster water damage repair services, because it’s all we do!  We offer Lancaster residential & commercial water damage repairs that get your life back to normal quickly!


Water Damage Cleanup

Lancaster water damage cleaning requires professional help…that’s why we’re here!  Our Lancaster water damage cleanup crews can get your home or office dry and fully restored fast and we can work directly with your insurance company!


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