Lancaster Water Removal & Extraction

flood-damage-companyWhen flooding happens and you need an emergency water mitigation company that has the right tools, experience, and personnel for the job…please call us!  We provide customers throughout the Lancaster area with 24/7 rapid water cleanup & drying services and always back our work with a customer satisfaction guarantee!  Whether it’s a flooded basement or a commercial building with standing water, we can get the moisture out and the property dry fast!


If you need help now, we’re the right choice!


24-7-emergency-serviceMake no mistake, any amount of excess moisture in your property is cause for an immediate response.  More and more water damage is done each minute the moisture remains.  So any response must be immediate, yet most restoration companies can’t move quick enough.   Not us, we respond immediately day or night!

Emergency response – we’re there in under 60 minutes!


toxic-moldWhy is a water loss an emergency? A couple of reasons…first, structures weaken when wet. It’s not unusual for a ceiling to give way and fall or a floor to collapse. So it’s a safety issue if you’re in the home. But the other reason is if the water extraction and drying process doesn’t begin almost immediately after the flood, black mold will appear. Many times people will wait for their insurance company to take the reigns, or they’ll think they can mop up the water and they’ll be fine. They almost always discover they made a big mistake a week or so later when their floors start cupping, their walls start to turn a funky color and they see black mold. Don’t let this happen to you, call for emergency water cleanup services in Lancaster PA the moment you discover the problem!


We never charge you for an upfront estimate!


photo_free_estimatesThere’s never any obligation if you’d like us to provide you with a free water removal estimate.  Just call and we can dispatch the closest crew to offer a complete flooding damage assessment.  Our tech will lay out the appropriate restoration plan and explain the costs associated with our work.  It’s completely free!

Our rates are extremely fair & competitive!


Why do we say fair and competitive when describing our costs? This will surprise you, but all water mitigation companies use the same system (it is called Xactimate) to estimate their work. Why? Because most of the time our projects are paid for by insurers, and so the insurance companies have colluded to set prices in our industry. So we actually can’t charge any more than what they’ve already agreed to pay. Xactimate is the #1 software estimating system and is used by almost every water damage company and insurance adjuster in the industry. Watch this video to learn more!


Want the work done right?  Make the call!


CertificateIconDid you know there are standard protocols for any type of water loss classification and that there’s a governing body that trains and certifies all technicians?  Sadly, many companies don’t certify their technicians or follow protocol, which can end up causing nightmares for you.  Don’t call the wrong Lancaster water cleanup company and end up with shoddy service!

Call us for certified water extraction services!


The steps taken to get water out, prevent mold, dry-out a property and then restore any damaged areas can be quite complex. It’s why being certified as a water damage restoration technician by the IICRC is so important. It’s a scientific field that requires a keen understanding of the science behind moisture incursion, mold/mildew growth, and structural drying. That being said, there are tons of contractors out there with access to drying equipment but with virtually no understanding of how to properly mitigate a water loss so your home is safe from future mold growth!

To see what professional, certified & experienced water extraction services entail, watch the video below!


We dry everything so you don’t get toxic mold!


cautionBlack mold is usually top of mind for our customers, and rightly so.  It’s a very possible result of delayed or poorly performed water mitigation service.  We use mold prevention techniques and apply anti-microbial spray on any water extraction job to make sure that mold doesn’t begin growing and causing even bigger problems.

Don’t let black mold into your home – call now!


We always guarantee your satisfaction – from A to Z!


satisfaction-guaranteeWe think there’s too many Lancaster PA restoration companies that are focused on things other than the satisfaction of their customers and that their work suffers because of it.  But if you choose us as your water extraction company, you’ll also have peace of mind knowing that all the work is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee!

You’ll love our service – guaranteed!


Will the water mitigation services be covered by insurance?


insurance-claim-formThis is obviously a big question, and given the average water mitigation job costs roughly $3,000 (and that doesn’t include any rebuild services you might require to put back things that needed to be removed). Luckily, most times home water damage occurs, the losses are covered by homeowners insurance. But that isn’t always the case…the most common type of flooding that isn’t covered is from storms (if you have flood insurance, that’s covered obviously) or other sources of outside water. But if the loss is sudden water damage that came from within the property, that is almost always covered.

However, there is a caveat there: homeowner negligence. This can happen if the adjuster comes to your home to assess a water loss and finds very concrete evidence that the loss was caused by something that should have been prevented by the homeowner by maintaining the home. For instance, if you have ceiling water damage and they inspect the roof and it’s 15 years past due to replaced, they may fault you.


If you need Lancaster emergency water removal services, you’re in the right place. We offer free estimates and a rapid response for your Lancaster water extraction needs. No matter how much water is in your Lancaster property, we can get it out fast!

Water Removal

If it’s a reliable water removal service at an affordable price you’re looking for in Lancaster, then you’ve come to the right place. Our Lancaster water removal technicians specialize in removing water from both residential and commercial properties!

Water Extraction

Regardless of the amount of water you need extracted in Lancaster, our water extraction companies have the resources and ability to get your residential or commercial property dry and back to normal! So call our Lancaster water extraction service now for a rapid response and free quote!

Water Cleanup

If you are in Lancaster and need emergency water cleanup services, we understand how frightening it can be. That’s why our Lancaster water cleanup services are designed to make the process as painless as possible. So call us today if you’re in the Lancaster area for a free quote for any cleaning up water services you might need!

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