Pittsburgh PA Basement Flood Clean-up

Pittsburgh basement floods can be a huge headache to you and your family.  Dealing with slow insurance adjusters, restoration companies that say one thing and do another, all the while not knowing the extent of your basement flood damage and what it will take/cost to repair it.  We understand, that’s why our Pittsburgh basement flooding cleanup crews are here to help you through the experience.  Our job is simple: get your flood damaged basement cleaned up, dry and fully restored as quickly as possible.


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If you need emergency restoration services, we have crews located throughout the Pittsburgh area so that we can immediately respond to your crisis!

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Our goal is to educate you about basement flooding so that you can make the right decisions and to help you out along the way by answering your questions and making you are comfortable with the process.


Here’s what you can expect by choosing us to cleanup basement flooding in your home:


60 minutes or less response time.  Repairing basement floods requires a fast response.  If you have water in your basement for any length of time, it’s likely to mean you’ll need to replace many damaged areas.  But we can arrive quickly and get the water out and in most cases won’t need to replace damaged areas!


No hassle pricing & a free estimate in writing.  Sometimes basement floods bring out the worst in contractors chasing insurance money and they end up charging too much for their services.  Instead, we use industry & insurance-approved pricing guides to determine what to charge and always present our offer in writing to you.


Insurance direct billing and help with your claim.  We work with most major insurance carriers.  So chances are we already have a relationship with your adjuster and can work with them to get your insurance claim settled.  If you would prefer, we can even bill them directly for our services so that you’re only out of pocket expense is your deductible.


How do we estimate basement flood removal services?


We use Xactimate. It ensures our estimates are driven by accepted insurance reimburse rates and that our customers are never charged too much. There is no guesswork or bait and switch tactics.  We simply document the work necessary and Xactimate does the rest…here’s how it works:


We have the team and equipment to get your flooded basement cleaned up quickly!


Don’t trust your home to the wrong company!  We have the experience, trained staff, and resources required to repair basement flooding of any size.

() licensed, insured & certified water & flood cleanup technicians

() background-screened & drug-tested for the safety of you and your family

() advanced basement water removal & drying equipment

() moisture detection & removal systems, dehumidifiers, etc.


What happens if your flooding basement isn’t repaired properly?


As with any water loss, the immediate concerns are two-fold: the structural integrity of your home and black mold.  Sadly, some companies that don’t know what they’re doing will leave pack up their equipment and leave your home susceptible to both of these problems.  The major driver for these instances is not spotting all of the moisture and thus not knowing what needs to be dried and for how long.  If you leave water soaked areas alone, the water will rot away at the wood, subfloor, or whatever the surface is, resulting in your home not being structurally sound (read: a wall, floor or ceiling could come crashing down!).

Not only that, but a moist, humid spot such as a water soaked wall or carpet pad is the perfect breeding ground for toxic black mold.  Mold can grow quickly and if present in your home at concentrated enough levels, could put the health of your family at risk.  It’s a really expensive process and not something you want to go through, so don’t let this happen to you!


How do we cleanup basement flooding?


The task of recovering from a flooded basement boils down to certain steps, each requiring trained technicians and patented equipment.  In the video below, we break down those steps so you know what to expect should you need our water damage services!


You get a mold-safe guarantee!


mold-free-guaranteeNothing is worse than thinking you’ve put a flooding basement behind you after hiring a restoration company to do the work, only to discover black mold growing on your walls or floors.  Sadly it can happen.  But if you choose a RestorationEze basement water extraction company, you get great service and peace of mind! That is because our work comes with a mold-safe guarantee. You can have a 3rd party test the property and we guarantee the results will prove your basement is safe from harmful mold toxins!


We help you through the entire process, including working with your homeowners insurance carrier/adjuster to settle the policy claim process.  When you call our Pittsburgh basement repair experts, you can rest easy knowing you’ll always speak with a person and you’ll always get a rapid response anytime day or night.  A flooded basement is serious…the longer water stands, the more damage it does to your property.

Basements are the most susceptible part of a home to flooding, and especially if you live in a flood plain.  Check the Department of Public Safety’s flood plain map to see if you’re at greater risk!

That’s why you need a Pittsburgh flood damage company that can respond immediately to your property to begin the water extraction process.  Should any of your basement’s items be damaged, we can also work to have them restored and cleaned to their pre-loss condition.  So if you need a Pittsburgh basement flooding service you can trust to be there with immediate help, please call us now!

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