Mold Remediation in Pittsburgh

mold-inspectionWe help people every day put a scary situation in their rear view mirror, quickly, effectively, and affordably.  Black mold is toxic, and with prolonged exposure, can put your health in jeopardy.  Don’t let mold damage put you at risk…it can be dealt with and you can get your home back.  It takes a committed company that has the resources and experience to do the job right, and that’s us!  We hope you’ll give us a chance to assess your mold situation and provide recommendations on how best to get it remedied!


Here’s what our Pittsburgh mold removal company can offer you…


Our job is to help educate our customers throughout the entire process of getting your property health again.  Here’s what you can expect from us:


A mold damage assessment.


Do you have black mold that is visible in your property?  Chances are, there is more you can’t see.  That’s why we need to see the loss and inspect the property thoroughly in order to provide you with recommendations for how best to rid the home of mold.  Our certified mold remediation technician can provide you with a complete assessment as well as our cost for cleaning up the property.


Certified mold removal services.


CertificateIconOur Pittsburgh mold removal companies are certified to remove mold.  That isn’t always the case if you call the wrong provider.  Many don’t take the time or spend the resources required to make sure they fully understand the science behind mold and what it takes to effectively beat it.

We do!  Our technicians are fully trained in the strict protocols required during every phase of the mold remediation process.  They know what they’re doing, and they’re committed to providing the highest level of service imaginable.


Insured, screened & drug-free employees.


checklistOne other thing that separates our mold removal contractors from others in the area is the commitment to ensuring each employee is truly worthy of being in your home.  The way we see it, if we wouldn’t want a person in our home, they’re certainly not going to be allowed to show up to yours.

So we screen each technician to ensure they’re not a criminal during the hiring process. And if they are hired, they must take drug tests randomly.  And then, as employees of our company, each has the proper insurance certifications so that should an injury happen on your property, you’re fully protected!


Mold-safe environment – guaranteed.


satisfaction-guaranteeYou’re hiring us to make sure you’re safe, and that you can once again live in a safe environment.  Obviously that’s putting a lot of trust in us, and it’s something we realize every time we’re hired to cleanup mold damage for our customers.  We make sure that when we’re done, your home and the environment you live in will pass all environmental tests that are performed post-project completion.  It’s a guarantee that comes standard on all work that we do!


We handle moisture issues, not just mold problems!


digital-moisture-meterOne added bonus of hiring us as your Pittsburgh mold remediation service provider is that we are also a certified water damage company.  That allows us to not only treat mold problems, but the underlying water and moisture problems that caused it.  Not addressing those issues means that while we can temporarily fix your issue, it’s likely it will happen again.  There’s no point in paying for our services if you’ll just be going through the process again.


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