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We specialize in providing rapid, emergency response cleaning services for sewage back-ups throughout the Pittsburgh area.  It’s a stinky, messy situation that requires fast professional help.  That’s why our Pittsburgh sewage cleanup crews are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help get any nasty sewer water and waster out of your home or office quickly!  So call us now for a completely free, no obligation written estimate!


No matter how much sewage has entered your home, if it’s present, it’s dangerous!


Sewage water is extremely dangerous and is categorized as black water, the most serious classification within the water damage restoration field.  The reason is simple: it can contain a host of harmful viruses, parasites, and bacteria that can be easily contracted and make you very ill.  As such, all sewage cleaning jobs are treated with extreme caution.  In fact, if you have sewage, we recommend you leave the premises immediately and call us or another certified restoration & cleaning company.

If you’re still not convinced of the serious nature of raw sewage, we hope you’ll watch the video below:


Don’t wait around for help…call us now and we’ll be there within minutes!

We have crews and fully stocked trucks located throughout the Pittsburgh area which allows us to get to your home or office quickly.  We always answer the phone, no matter how late at night you call, and we show up with everything we need to cleanup sewage fast!


Don’t get fleeced by other companies…call for a free written estimate at an affordable rate!

Some companies take advantage of your emergency and charge rates that would make you cringe.  Instead, we use the same software insurance carriers have designed to price our services.  We simply determine the amount of sewage cleaning and repair necessary and it churns out the price, which we present to you in writing before any work begins!

To understand more clearly how estimates work when you call us, please watch the video below:


Why do sewage systems back up?


There are 3 main reasons you could find yourself dealing with raw sewage in your property:

1) Your sewer line clogs – this can happen for any number of reasons.  In some cases, a household item finds its way into your sewer line from a child flushing it down the toilet.  In other instances you have old clay pipes through which tree roots have grown, allowing toilet paper to create dam that prevents sewage from passing. Another common problem is grease, fats & oils clogging drain lines!

2) Your sewer pipe cracks and spills sewage – in some cases a sewer line that runs through a crawlspace or under the home’s foundation will collapse and spill out sewage.  The sewage either floods into the crawlspace or begins to bubble up from under the foundation.

3) Heavy rains create an overflow – in other instances, the city’s main sewer line can become flooded with too much rain water.  Should this happen, that water will begin seeking ways to get out.  Unfortunately, one way is to send that water and sewage back up into your main line that connects to the city’s sewer line. Below is a good illustration of what happens:

Screen Shot 2014-06-24 at 3.35.31 PM

What you might not notice immediately in the diagram above is the device you can install to prevent this scenario from happening. Often called a backflow prevention device, in the diagram above it is referred to as a backwater valve. This type of device stops water from backing up into your home should a water overflow situation occur.


Crews are standing by to help you!

If you need emergency restoration services, we have crews located throughout the Pittsburgh area so that we can immediately respond to your crisis!

Call now for a free quote!



No matter why your sewer line backed-up, please call us today if you’re in the following cities..we would love to provide you with a free estimate for our sewage cleaning services:

Pittsburgh, Murrysville, Plum, Penn Hills, Oakmont, Wilkinsburg, Allison Park, Ross Township, Springdale, New Kensington, Tarentum, MCCandless, Wexfor, Gibsonia, Sewickley, Ambridge, Economy, Moon, Imperial-Enlow, Scott Township, Mt. Lebanon, Bethel Park, Pleasant Hills, Munhall, McKeesport, North Versailles, Monroeville, Jefferson Hills, McMurray 

We believe we are only as good as our last job.  It’s why we work hard to ensure each Pittsburgh water extraction job we perform is done with the utmost professionalism.  We understand you have choices in providers to help with your Pittsburgh sewage damage event, and we hope you’ll call us when it happens.  Each of our Pittsburgh basement flood experts has years of experiencing cleaning up sewage back-ups of all sizes.  We use patented equipment and certified waste removal techniques to get out the mess and make sure your property is clean and dry and fully disinfected.

So call us today and a Pittsburgh sewage cleanup crew will be at your home or office in minutes to provide a free estimate for any services you need performed!

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