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flood-damage-companyEmergency water extraction is a phone call away!  We make the process easy:  we always answer your call, we use standard prices that ensure a fair & competitive rate, our in-home estimates are always free, our technicians are certified, and the work is guaranteed!  We handle everything from start to finish so you can get your life back to normal!


We get moisture out fast!


24-7-emergency-servicePeople dealing with flooding damage are usually shocked to find out just how quickly water can cause serious damage to their property and even result in mold.  The bottom line when it comes to water mitigation services is that beginning them immediately is the only way to handle the situation – we offer 24/7 help!

We work quickly to get your property fully restored!


Water-Damaged-Ceiling-photoWhy should the water extraction process begin immediately? There are quite a few reasons. First, a wet structure losses its strength. It’s not uncommon for water damage ceilings to fall down or even for support walls to collapse. Second, after about 2-3 days black mold will start eating the wet areas of your home, the spores will multiply rapidly and put your health in jeopardy. Our goal is to get there immediately and make sure you are safe and that your health is never at risk. That’s only possible if you call immediately!


We give you a fair price – upfront!


photo_free_estimatesHow do we know it’s fair?  Because we don’t decide the price!  That’s right…our process of calculating an estimate is to measure the extent and amount of water damage restoration services needed, put that into Xactimate (universal estimating software used by everybody in the industry) and it spits out the appropriate price!

Be confident our free estimate is fair and honest!


XactimateWhat is Xactimate? The system we use to quote any water removal services in York we may need to provide is the same system that your insurance adjuster will use if you end up wanting to file a claim on the loss and have them pay for it. Why is it crucial that whatever water mitigation contractor you hire uses Xactimate? Because insurers will balk at the claim if the costs don’t adhere to Xactimate pricing. We always use Xactimate and we always make sure your estimate and any future work is priced correctly so there is never any pushback from your insurer!

Watch this video to see for yourself how the estimate works with RestorationEze!


We don’t leave until you’re completely satisfied!


satisfaction-guaranteeThere’s a lot of restoration companies out there that aren’t willing to do what’s necessary to provide both great service and great customer service.  All too often the project ends with a disappointed customer that could have further issues down the road.  Not us…we are serious about great work & guarantee your satisfaction!

Let us provide you with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee!


We even bill the insurance company!


bill-directInstead of asking our customers to navigate the clumsy claims process on their own and even pay out of pocket for our water cleanup services, we take a different approach.  With staff on-hand that specialize in insurance claims, we can do all of the messy work on your claim & can even bill our services to the insurer.

Call us before you call your insurance company!


When you need the best, our techs are here to help!


CertificateIconWe have rigorous screening and employment standards, including a complete criminal background check and random drug tests.  Why?  Because our job is to make sure you’re safe.  And you simply can’t do that job effectively without hiring the right people.  It’s why we invest so much in making sure our people are the best!

Drug-free, background screened, trained, certified & insured!


What should certified water mitigation services in York look like?


The process of getting a home dry after a flood can take on many forms, but there are usually certain steps that must be completed.  We made a video that documents what the process usually looks like. As you can hopefully see, it isn’t something as simple as feeling walls and other surfaces to see if they’re wet and then pointing fans and opening windows. It’s a complex process, and there are certain protocols that must be completed on any job to ensure it’s been properly dried and that the threat of any future mold spore growth is eliminated. If you’re thinking about trying to do the water cleanup process on your own by renting some equipment and doing some research online, we hope you will watch the video below to see just how difficult and resource intensive the process usually is:


Water extraction services backed by a mold-safe guarantee!


mold-free-guaranteeWhether you know it or not, the biggest threat from any flooded home is the potential for mold growth. We even see homes that sustain mold damage after it has been mitigated by a certified restoration company. It can be that difficult to return a home to its dry-standard after it has taken on water. But we offer customers peace of mind through our unique mold-safe guarantee. After we’ve completed the water removal and dryout process, we guarantee your home or office will pass any 3rd party mold testing you wish to have performed!

We understand the importance of a rapid response to your Reading water removal emergency. It’s why we offer 24/7 service throughout the Reading area and free estimates for any Reading water cleanup services you might need. Each Reading technician is licensed, insured & has undergone extensive water extraction training, ensuring your Reading property will be dried out properly!

Water Removal

If you find yourself in need of emergency Reading water removal services, we can help! Our water removal contractors in Reading are fully insured, licensed & certified to get your property dry and back to its original state!


Water Extraction

Professional Reading water extraction services should make the flood damage process as painfree as possible. If you are in Reading and need a water extraction company, please call us today for a free estimate!


Water Cleanup

In need of Reading water cleanup services that are fast, reliable & that you can trust? Then please call us! We specialize in serving Reading customers that need rapid water clean-up services and always offer you a free estimate!

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