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flood-damage-companyWhen you need professional restoration services, whether it’s from a basement flood or sewer back-up, we’re the right call!  With over 2 decades experience helping homes and businesses when a water disaster strikes, we’ve got the skills, resources & experience to mitigate even the worst losses.  So don’t wait – call now for a completely free estimate and enjoy service backed by a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee!


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24-7-emergency-serviceUnlike some other water restoration companies in the area, we’re built to handle your emergency call quickly.  Our crews are on-call day and night, and at a moment’s notice can be dispatched to help when you’ve found flood damage.  Just call now and we’re on our way to provide exceptional cleanup services!

We have what it takes to respond fast to your emergency!


black-mold-wet-basementWhy do we respond so quickly to your call? Because we’ve seen what happens to homes when the response isn’t immediate. Whether it’s on the part of the homeowner or the water damage company, delaying the water cleanup and dryout process can only lead to big problems. Namely, black mold damage will occur. Once that happens, not only is the cleanup and remediation process more time-intensive, it’s more expensive. And worst of all, what might have been a legitimate claim to your insurer can now get murky with the presence of mold. Don’t let this problem happen to you, call for help now!


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photo_free_estimatesCall now and a project manager will come to your home or place of business to provide an on-site assessment of your loss.  It allows him to visually see the damage, take readings and measurements, so that we know exactly what needs to done during the water damage repair process.  We can then provide you with our estimate!

Free estimates – never any obligation!


Our estimators are all trained and certified to use Xactimate. That means that when we provide a water damage estimate, the costs are based on the accepted rates and prices insurers have set for our industry. That’s right, a quote from us doesn’t even use any ‘in-house’ pricing, but rather simply calculates the total cost of repairing home water damage using insurance rates. That means if you are filing a claim, you’ll know the price will be accepted by your insurer, and even if you aren’t going through insurance you still know it’s a fair price! Watch this video to understand how it works:


100% satisfaction guarantee!


satisfaction-guaranteeNot all water extraction service companies are built the same.  Too many these days are simply out to chase insurance checks and are only interested in providing the bear minimum in service in order to collect those checks.  But if you allow us to help you we guarantee your complete satisfaction with the work done!

We are fully committed to making sure you’re happy!


Know the dangers of DIY water mitigation…


digital-moisture-meterFinding moisture requires special equipment.

Please don’t become a reluctant customer that calls us after they’ve tried cleaning up after a flood only to realize the situation is even worse than when the started.  The biggest problem is that you can’t dry out moisture unless you know where it is, and that requires special moisture probes and sensors.  We will find all the moisture and safely remove it from your property!


mold-sporesTrapped moisture can cause mold.

We hate seeing homes with black mold problems due to water damage because 1) it was completely avoidable and 2) the homeowners end up paying a massive amount of money to have it removed (which isn’t covered by insurance).  It doesn’t have to happen…we make sure it doesn’t by finding all hidden moisture and making sure that we use the proper equipment to quickly extract & evaporate the water, leaving an inhospitable place black can’t grow!


sewagecleanupIf you have raw sewage, it can make you sick.

And when we say sick, we mean extremely ill.  There are pathogens that cause Hep-A, tetanus, and other diseases commonly found in sewer water.  Do if you’re considering trying your hand at sewage cleanup, we really hope you’ll reconsider.  You simply don’t have the immunizations, equipment, and knowledge to get the area cleaned up safely and effectively and you could end up making an error that will be with you the rest of your life!


We are a certified York water damage company!


iicrc-logoRegardless of whether it’s toxic black water from a sewer line backup in your basement or clean water from a busted pipe, the odds of you being able to successfully mitigate the damage, de-contaminate the house, and dry it in a way that prevents mold (without over-drying), is virtually zero. In fact, York water damage companies that aren’t certified by the IICRC hardly stand a chance. With us, all of our technicians are certified by the IICRC, meaning they know how to deal with any moisture or mold issue they encounter!

Want to see what certified water restoration services look like from start to finish? We made a video to show you! In it, we walk you through the steps typically completed by our technicians in order to cleanup the water damage, prevent mold, remove any areas that can be saved, and the dry-out and repair the damaged areas.


With one call, we can help you put this event behind you. From exceptional service to insurance-direct billing, our goal is to decrease the level of stress you have during this trying time. Having helped residents and businesses recover from property water damage for so many years, we feel strongly that we are the right choice for your emergency restoration service needs. So please, if you’ve discovered any amount of flooding damage in your home or business, call us now to schedule a free, onsite damage assessment now!

Unfortunately York restoration services are needed from time to time to deal with basement floods, sewer back-ups, or any other flooding damage. When it happens, you can trust our York restoration companies to help get you back on your feet. Call now and speak with a live York restoration service to get immediate assistance and a free York restoration quote.

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