York PA Basement Flood Clean-up

flood-damage-companyBasements are always at risk of flooding given their location under ground. Even if you’ve done things like lay french drains, sloped the ground, and installed a sump pump, water can still find it’s way in. And in many cases, it starts from a busted pipe or washing machine hose or water heater leaking. Regardless the reason, we provide emergency basement water extraction services that are guaranteed to be done to your complete satisfaction!


Has your basement flooded?  Here’s how our service works…


24-7-emergency-serviceWe get to your home within 60 minutes!

Taking our sweet time while your basement takes on water simple isn’t an option.  The only proper way to respond to your emergency is immediately.  We always dispatch the closest crew to your home the minute you call.  So you know that when you make the call, we’re on our way and your worries are over!


black-mold-wet-basementWhy should you act immediately and also make sure you hire a basement water cleanup company that will do the same? Flooded basements can be dangerous. If there is enough pressure from water build up on the outside of your foundation walls, it’s not unheard of for the walls to collapse. But the danger only grows greater as the moisture stays in your basement. After about 3 days, toxic black mold spores grow out of control and start causing even more damage to your property. It’s why our first order of business is to remove the moisture so mold can’t grow out of control!


photo_free_estimatesWe give you an upfront cost estimate!

Because your insurance will want an estimate from a certified emergency restoration company that uses Xactimate, we first measure the damage and lay out the appropriate mitigation plan.  Once we’ve done that, we can calculate the cost estimate and provide it to you in writing, and we can even submit the estimate directly to your insurance company!


XactimateHow does Xactimate work? It’s an important question and one that you should know the answer to before hiring a company. Why? Because if a company comes out and they are not using Xactimate it’s a huge red flag. Xactimate is the estimating software that every legitimate basement flooding company in York uses, as well as every adjuster in town. It works like this: insurers have set prices for any work we might need to do on your project. So with Xactimate, we document that work and then it totals the cost based upon those prices.

Here is a quick video that explains how it works!


flooded-basement-water-extractionWe extract water, apply antifungal spray then dry!

We have high-powered water extraction systems that can quickly and safely remove most moisture within an hour of being on-site.  Once that is complete, we apply a safe spray that inhibits mold growth, then power wash that off and extract again.  Finally, we can remove the remaining moisture using advanced drying equipment!


If you’ve discovered basement water damage and your first inclination is to do some research online, rent some equipment and get to work, we hope you’ll reconsider. Why? Because removing the water is dangerous, preventing mold while mitigating the damage is near impossible unless you’re a certified technicians, and the chances of you actually drying out the basement completely is near zero. In other words, you don’t stand a chance of doing the work correctly. In fact, we get calls from people that actually hired a certified company to do the work only to found out weeks later that they didn’t do the job properly and now they have black mold. If this is your first time dealing with home basement water damage, we made a video to show you the complexities involved in the cleanup, dry-out, and rebuild processes:


bill-directWe bill insurance!

If your basement flood is like most incidents, your insurance company is usually responsible for paying for our services.  That’s great for you since we can take care of the claim directly with your adjuster and that includes settling up the payment with the insurance company.  We make the insurance claim a breeze!

Please be aware that you do not have to call your insurer first or have an open claim in order to get the process started. We work with insurers all the time and they appreciate the fact that homeowners call for help first because it means there is less damage and ultimately lower costs to them. We can happily assist you in every phase of your insurance claim, and will work with your adjuster from the initial assessment through the final invoice, so you don’t have to be stuck in the middle!


1-yr-warrantyThe work is backed by a 1 year warranty!

Getting a basement water damage repair company to actually stand behind their work is like pulling teeth.  Too many are focused on the wrong thing: a check from the insurance company.  That means the quality of their work suffers.  But we believe in standing behind our great service and give customers a 1 year full warranty!


Homes in York experience basement floods on a daily basis.  Even offices in York PA are not immune to heavy rains.  That’s why we have York basement flood & water extraction crews available whenever an emergency occurs.  We are experts in extracting water from York flooded basements.  Whether there is just a small area affected or your entire finished basement in underwater, our York PA flood damage restoration crews can help get your home or office dried out quickly.

Our York crews use patented water extraction vacuums and drying equipment designed to completely restore your property.  In fact, each water damage restoration in York crew will stand behind the work they do and guarantee your complete satisfaction.

That’s why when you call our flood damage in York crew, you can know you’re getting the best service and the best customer service throughout the York PA area.  So call today for an immediate response to your flood and a free estimate for any basement water removal that may be required.  We would be honored to help you when you’re facing a disaster and truly appreciate the trust you’re putting in us when you choose our company!

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