Why use a Professional for Basement Flooding Repair?

Posted by Matt Buchanan

Basement flooding repair is not an easy process. Frequently, basement floods are caused by high water tables due to rising ground waters after a storm. These ground waters are categorized as “black water” by flood remediation experts, meaning that they contain pollutants and biological agents that can be extremely hazardous to human health.

Even when a basement flood is caused by a burst water pipe or a broken hose on an appliance such as a washing machine or a water heater, the flood involves “grey water”, which also carries significant chemical and biological risks. It’s best leave basement flood repair to professional water damage technicians under these circumstances because they’ve been trained in ways of dealing with biohazards.

Additionally, a basement flood can be the source of severe damage to your home. Basement flooding can rot sheetrock and wall insulation, and weaken important support structures such as standing beams. The secret to preventing these kinds of structural problems is to finish basement flooding repair as quickly as possible. Most experts identify the optimal window for basement flood repair as 30 hours.

Unless you are a contractor yourself with some experience in flood remediation, a professional water remediation company will be able to tackle this task far more effectively than you will be able to working alone.

Finally, if water is pumped out of a basement too quickly, there’s a possibility that the basement walls themselves can buckle due to a buildup of pressure in the surrounding soil into which the water has been pumped. Water remediation professionals know how to anticipate this situation; most homeowners using Do It Yourself methods to deal with basement flooding do not.

How Professional Water Damage Restoration Companies Clean Your Flooded Basement

Like any professional industry, the water damage remediation industry follows standards of care. In these instances, those standards are set either by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration (IICR), also known as Clean Trust, or by the Restoration Industry Association. Both professional organizations offer a credentialing program for technicians that ensures they adhere to uniform standards when dealing with floods.

Flood remediation begins when a trained company representative visits your home or business, and assesses the damage to your basement. Next the water remediation company will evacuate water from the basement premises, using sophisticated vacuum machines and pumps.

Personal property will be salvaged, whenever possible. In situations where the basement flood has been caused by grey water or black water, however, some of this property constitutes a health threat. Carpets, rugs, other fabric items as well as particle board furniture and other items that absorb water will have to be discarded.

After the professional water remediation company removes all standing water from the basement premises, technicians will sanitize and deodorize the premises in conjunction with the drying and dehumidification process. Sophisticated dehumidifiers and drying systems will be left in place for 24 hours or more. The company will document all procedures to facilitate insurance claims.

So if it’s the case you’ve experienced a flood basement, please understand it’s important that a remediation plan is put in place quickly and followed to the T!  If you need help, please call us today!


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