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Air-movers-drying-water-damagedOur job is to help you quickly recover from a flood loss. Whether you have a large commercial office that is soaked or you have one room with wet carpets in your home, we can help. RestorationEze specializes in providing emergency water damage cleanup services when properties have unwanted moisture. We get the moisture out and the structure restored so you don’t get black mold and you can’t even tell there was ever water damage. So call us today and discover a level of service you never thought was possible!

Columbia Water Damage Mitigation Services!


Let us handle all of your water damage repair needs!


You shouldn’t be expected to know everything about how to go about getting your home or business restored, but you should be able to trust a restoration contractor to help you in your time of need.  At RestorationEze, we value that trust and understand it’s something we have to earn on every job we’re privileged to tackle.  Here’s what our customers, and you, should expect from us:


A free water damage estimate calculated by Xactimate!


Free_EstimatesCall us and we make sure the price you are quoted is driven by industry imposed pricing. By that we mean that instead of deciding what we want to charge for any water damage services in Columbia SC you might need, we simply put the project specifications into a system called Xactimate and it calculates the cost for us and bases the number on what insurance companies agree to pay out when a water loss happens.

To learn more about how you can trust a RestorationEze estimate driven by Xactimate, please watch the video below:


Our water restoration team is the best in town!


CertificateIconLike any business, we’re only as good as our last project, and that means it all boils down to the team of professionals that do the work.  For us, our employees are the building block that support our ability to help people like you in their time of need.  It’s why we make sure every water damage cleanup professional we hire is someone we wouldn’t hesitate to have working in our home should we find ourselves in the same situation as you!

We drug test our employees to ensure they’re showing up on the job sober and in full control of the mental facilities.  We also perform a thorough nationwide criminal background check on employees before they receive a job offer from our water damage company.


The work is always done right & your satisfaction is guaranteed!


satisfaction-guaranteeWith RestorationEze, you don’t have to wonder whether or not the work will be done correctly or if you will have any mold problems after we’re gone.  We guarantee the full scope of the water mitigation project with a mold-free guarantee along with a complete satisfaction guarantee.  How can we be so confident in each of our Columbia water damage service crews?  Because they’re thoroughly trained in S500 water damage techniques and must maintain their IICRC water damage restoration certification!

If you’re curious what a typical mitigation job looks like when performed by certified technicians, we’ve created the video below that walks you through the steps we generally take (please bear in mind that every job is unique so your project may require additional steps!):


How does the insurance claim process work?


bill-directYou don’t need to call your insurance company to begin the water damage mitigation process.  In fact, you shouldn’t for a couple of reasons.  First and foremost, you lose precious time.  An insurance adjuster can take days to get back to you at which point your home has sustained considerably more damage and will require a lot more work. Secondly, they might recommend a water restoration contractor that has agreed to offer cut-rate services in exchange for the “free” referral.

Something we always ask customers is whether or not they are comfortable getting restoration services from the lowest bidder.  If you’ve gone that route with other home improvement projects, then you probably know how that ends up.

Don’t you want a Columbia water damage company that is on your side and isn’t in the pocket of your insurance company?  If so, please give us a call!

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Do you need a restoration company in Columbia that you can trust?  Our Columbia restoration companies are fully insured, licensed & certified to get your Columbia water damage issue fixed for good!  Call us now for an immediate response in Columbia and a free estimate for any work performed!

Water Damage Restoration

Water damage restoration services in Columbia aren’t as simple as getting out water and replacing a few pieces of drywall.  Proper Columbia water damage service means ensuring your property is completely dried out and that there is no danger of future issues.  Each of our Columbia water damage companies is completely certified to provide the highest level of restoration services possible!


Water Damage Repair

We offer Columbia water damage repairs to residential and commercial customers.  Each Columbia water damage repair company is completely certified and insured for your safety, and always offers a free Columbia estimate for any repairing water damage work you may need done.



Water Damage Cleanup

No matter what type of property you have, if it’s Columbia water damage cleanup services you need, we can help!  We offer Columbia residents and businesses free estimates and always stand behind any work we do!



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