Greenville SC Flood Damage Restoration

flood-damage-companyServices such as flood repair and cleaning are never something you willingly find yourself looking for, but on average, it’s something a property owner needs once every 11 years. The good news is we can help. We provide A-to-Z flooding cleanup services that can restore even the most heavily damaged building. We always back our work with a 1 year warranty, are insurance approved and can bill them, and of course provide industry standard prices for our services!


Always on call – always ready to respond!


24-7-emergency-serviceOur customers call us in a panic, and rightfully so…they’re watching their home get water damage.  It’s not call we take lightly, and it’s certainly not a call you can wait to make.  So if you act quickly, you can be sure we’ll do the same and respond immediately to your call.  We get onsite within 30-60 minutes of your initial call!

When you can’t wait, call us for immediate assistance!


We’d be happy to give you a free quote to restore your property!


photo_free_estimatesDid you realize that any reputable flood repair company in Greenville should be using the same estimating software and thus should be offering the same price as we would?  That’s right, when you call us for a free cost estimate to cleanup flooding damage on your property, you know the price is fair and reasonable!

Let us give you a free estimate – just call!


Thinking about DIYing your flooding…


We really hope that you’ll reconsider, and not just because we would appreciate your business.  In most cases, we end up doing the work for DIYers who realized they had no ability to properly repair flood damage and call us only after even more damage has been done.

The problem?  Hidden moisture…


Anyone looking at that wall would not realize it has sustained flood damage.  That is until a musty odor started to develop and the wall started discoloring and bubbling.  At that point, you’ve probably already got mold inside your walls as well as structural damage.


digital-moisture-meterWe find the moisture and remove it quickly!

We have sophisticated equipment that can be used on virtually any surface type to spot excess moisture so we know exactly what type of drying equipment and plan to implement.  The result is you won’t end up with mold or any surprises after we’re gone.  Our professionals utilize industry-approved flooding cleanup processes and the best equipment on the market!


We guarantee all flood damage restoration services!


satisfaction-guaranteeWe know what we’re doing and have the experience and resources to effectively tackle whatever your job might present.  In fact, we’re confident enough to stand behind any flood restoration services we perform with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  Our work isn’t done until you’ve signed off on everything we’ve done!

Don’t choose a company that won’t guarantee your satisfaction!


We deal with Greenville SC flood damage each day.  Unfortunately it’s a reality living and working in Greenville.  Whether from hard rainstorms or simply the product of water heaters or toilets gone bad, Greenville SC basement floods happen.  But when they do, our Greenville water extraction professional crews are ready to help.  It’s an emotional event that can cause much stress and unfortunately dealing the insurance company can only make matters worse.

Luckily, our Greenville SC flood damage teams are insurance approved and can handle the messy claims process!  Our focus is on making it as easy on you as possible.  That means explaining your Greenville flood damage options, providing a free water extraction or water damage restoration estimate, and handling the entire process.  Greenville SC water extraction crews only use the best equipment and are fully trained to handle even the worst Greenville sewage back-up issues.

Our Greenville restoration service is standing by 24 hrs/day and 7 days/week to help you!  Call today and speak with a live Greenville representative regarding your residential or commercial flood damage event and get a free estimate for any Greenville SC dryout or restoration services you might need!

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