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home-floodWhen you need flood cleanup services, it’s always an emergency. So should you go with a company that treats it like an emergency? With RestorationEze, all we do is emergency flood damage services. Unlike other companies that might clean carpets or perform other services and then offer restoration services on the side, our entire business is built around helping people like you recover from flooding. So give us a call today! We would love to discuss your situation, explain what we do, and schedule a free onsite assessment to figure out how best we can help you! We are always available and will answer your call 24/7.


Call us when you need a flood damage company you can trust!


We believe so much of our business, and any success we have in this business, is built around trust. It makes sense because every time a customer chooses us to cleanup flooding damage in their home, they are placing a massive amount of trust in us. It’s something we are very aware of and it’s something we don’t shy down from. Here are some of the things we hope at least give you enough trust in us to pick up the phone and discuss your loss further.


We always move quick – your health is at risk if we don’t!


24-7Some other flood restoration contractors in Spartanburg can’t even get it together enough to answer their phone. How can they truly be helpful if they can’t even bother to answer your call? We realize that we can’t do anything of assistance if we can’t answer the phone first. So we make sure your call is always answered by a live person. Not only that, but we can be at your flooded home within 1 hour of your call!

When a flood emergency happens, it sets off a series of events that can prove very dangerous to your health. The first concern is electrocution. The second is structural collapse. The third is contaminated water making you sick. The final danger is black mold. Any of these dangers can be life threatening and they’re just some of the reasons we stress the emergency nature of flooding damage in Spartanburg.


We always quote flood cleanup services fairly!


Free flood cleanup cost estimateAnother big aspect of trust is making sure that all of our customers get a fair and honest price. Unfortunately there are some flood repair companies out there that prey on people and their vulnerability. They end up charging way more than they should (and they usually do a terrible job when it’s all said and done). With us, that will never happen. Why? Because when you get a free estimate for flooding cleanup services you’re getting the price your insurer has set forth, not whatever amount we want to charge!

That can confuse a lot of people, so we made a video to explain it. Please take a minute to understand how pricing works in our industry! We hope it will help put your mind at ease should you choose us to provide you with a free cost estimate for our Spartanburg flood repair services!


We always guarantee our Spartanburg flood damage cleanup services.


Water damage repair satisfaction guaranteeAnother aspect of trust is standing behind your work. You would be surprised how few flood removal companies actually do it. We’re one of the companies that will do so, and we think it makes a world of difference for the peace of mind of our customers. Our promise to you is simple: choose us and we’ll guarantee your satisfaction. Without your satisfaction, we realize our job isn’t done. So we aren’t finished with the project until you’re completely happy!


We screen, train & certify our technicians.


checklistThe front lines of our water damage company is our employees. The ones coming into your home need to be safe and they need to be good at what the do. To make sure that is the case, we make any applicants for flood restoration positions pass a background screen. We then require them to perform 3rd party training and become certified by the IICRC. These are just some of the steps we take to make sure the technicians we send to your home are safe and knowledgeable!


Emergency flood damage restoration services in Spartanburg!


You can’t take any chances when it comes to flooding. And that’s especially true when you’re talking about hiring a company to help you. For most people, that is something they have never had to do, so they’re unsure what to expect. It’s why we made a video to help people learn about what professional water & flood damage mitigation services entail. If you have a chance, please watch it and learn about what you can expect if you hire RestorationEze!


Need help with an flood insurance claim? Call us!


flood-insurance-basement-water-protectionIf you have flood insurance and homeowners insurance, chances are your loss is covered and you’ll want to file a claim. If you do, your best move is to call us first. Insurers don’t always put your interests above their bottom line, and without a knowledgeable person on your side making sure your adjuster steps up to the plate, you can sometimes get burned. Home flooding represents the biggest dent in insurance companies’ profits, so they often do everything they can to limit their exposure on claims. It’s why you need us to fight for you! We’ve spent the better part of a decade helping clients in your position get the assistance they deserve from their insurer!

If you’ve got a flood damaged property in Spartanburg, we understand you’re scared and anxious. Our Spartanburg flood damage companies deal with these crises everyday! It’s why you can trust our Spartanburg flood repair companies can properly dry out and restore your property!

Flood Restoration

Comprehensive Spartanburg flood restoration services are our forte. We work tirelessly to make sure your Spartanburg flood damage restoration needs are met quickly and effectively. If you are in need of emergency help, please call us now and speak with a Spartanburg flood damage technician for an immediate response!

Flood Repair

Our specialty is dealing with Spartanburg flood damaged properties. We offer residents and businesses throughout the Spartanburg area reliable flood repair services. We always offer free quotes for Spartanburg flood damage repairs and stand behind our work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee!

Flood Cleaning

If your Spartanburg home or business has experienced a flood, a fast response is necessary. We provide rapid Spartanburg flood cleaning services and can be at your property fast to get your property dry. So if you are in need of Spartanburg flood cleanup services that you can count on, please call now for a rapid response and free estimate.

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