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water-damage-moisture-readings-wet-carpetAs a full-service water damage cleanup and restoration company, our job isn’t just to restore homes, it’s to help restore lives. We understand that when you’ve been through a traumatic experience like flooding, you need help but you also need someone you can trust. There are enough things you have to worry about, whether or not you’re hiring reliable, trustworthy water damage cleanup professionals shouldn’t be one of them. We hope you’ll give us a call and the opportunity to earn your business and your trust! At RestorationEze, we pride ourselves on our ability to meet all of the needs of our customers and have been doing so for many, many years!


Emergency water damage repair services in Spartanburg


Out_of_date_clock_icon.svgWhen it comes to getting help after you’ve suffered flooding damage, the first thing you need to keep in mind is speed. You need to act quick, but that’s also true of the company you hire to help you. If you don’t move quickly, or if you hire a water mitigation company that doesn’t move quickly either, you greatly increase the chances your property develops a bad mold problem. We always respond to your call immediately and can be there within 1 hour.


Do you know how quickly water damage turns to mold damage? 48 hours. How long has water been sitting in your home? Every minute counts when it comes to a proper response. If you waste time trying to wet vac the water out, or waiting on your insurer to do something, you’re only making the situation worse. Our job is to dry out properties fast so they don’t get black mold, a potentially deadly toxin that is extremely expensive to remove.


Get a free quote & have faith in the price!


Free water damage restoration estimateGive us a call and our first order of business is to provide you with a free cost estimate. We can only do that by assessing the damage firsthand and understand exactly where the water has traveled, what type of water damage you’ve sustained, etc. Once we have a full and clear picture of the loss, we will detail our mitigation plan (that is, what we need to do to fix everything) and then explain the costs associated with that plan. The assessment and estimate are completely free, so give us a call and let’s talk through your loss!


How can we say our estimates are ‘fair’? Because of the way we quote your loss. Specifically, the system we use to generate the cost. It’s actually the exact same system your adjuster will use (if you plan on filing a claim). That system is called Xactimate, and it gives our customers faith that when we provide them with a water damage estimate, they’re getting a price they can trust. We made a video to help explain the estimating process further:


When it comes to service, nobody does it better than us!


We won’t compromise on the level of water damage restoration service we offer customers because we are keenly aware of what can happen if we do. It’s why, as a company, we go to such great lengths to make sure we’re doing everything in our power to be great at what we do. And here are some of those things we do that make our service special:


checklistWe screen & drug-test all employees.

This might seem like it should be a given for all water mitigation companies in Spartanburg, especially since they’ll be in and out of your house and around your family. But very few actually follow through on these steps. We screen each candidate that is being considered for employment and then require them to pass random drug and alcohol testing.


certified-water-damage-companyWe require our water damage techs to be certified.

Certification in our industry, specifically those certifications awarded by the IICRC, are very important. Why? Because the state does not require any sort of licensing within our industry, so it’s really the only way to ensure people providing service know what they are doing. Unlike many restoration companies, all of our techs are required to be certified!


We handle water damage insurance claimsWe are insurance claims specialists.

Some companies primarily offer other types of service and will do restoration work on the side. That’s not a good thing for you. On one hand, they might not be very good at providing Spartanburg water damage repair services. On the other hand, they probably don’t know how to work with insurers to handle claims. We deal with insurance claims daily and can bill them directly for our work.


The steps of water damage restoration service


When people call us, they usually don’t know what to expect. For most it is there first time dealing with water damage. Understandably, they have no idea how we actually take their soaked home and fix/dry it. If that is the situation you find yourself in, you may want to watch the video below where we walk you through the steps we usually taken when repairing water damage in homes.


If you’ve found yourself in Spartanburg and needing a professional restoration company, you’ve come to the right place.  Our Spartanburg restoration service is designed to get you back on your feet fast.  No matter how big or small, our Spartanburg restoration companies have the expertise to get your property clean and dry!

Water Damage Restoration

Don’t be fooled!  Spartanburg water damage service isn’t simple…it requires a lot of training and sophisticated equipment.  Our Spartanburg restoration companies are fully trained and certified to handle any Spartanburg water damage services you might require.  From the first assessment to the final walk-through, our Spartanburg water restoration contractor will make sure you’re comfortable with the service we are providing.


Water Damage Repair

We offer Spartanburg water damage repairs to residential and commercial customers.  Each Spartanburg water damage repair company is completely certified and insured for your safety, and always offers a free Spartanburg estimate for any repairing water damage work you may need done.



Water Damage Cleanup

If you need Spartanburg water damage cleanup services, we can help.  From the first call, our Spartanburg water damage cleaning crews will work quickly and effectively to get your property restored and your life back to normal!



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