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water-extraction-wet-carpetsFrom small jobs with one wet room to entire home or office floods, we’ve fixed it all. Over the years, we’ve been fortunate enough to help people recover from water damage and get their lives back on track. Our emergency water removal services in Spartanburg are designed to take the stress out of a stressful situation. So give us a call and sit back and relax as we get your property dry and fully restored fast, affordably, and reliably.


Emergency water cleanup services in Spartanburg!


24-7Do you have water in your home or business? If the answer is yes, then you have an emergency. Most people underestimate the aggressive nature of a water loss and it almost always comes back to bite them in the rear end. We offer emergency water mitigation services because we know firsthand what happens when the situation isn’t dealt with immediately. So give us a call and we’ll be at your home or place of business within the hour to begin the process of mitigation your water loss.


black-mold-water-damageWhy is acting quickly so pivotal? There are several reasons why you should consider your home water damage to be an emergency. First, water weakens structures. That means your floor could collapse of the ceiling could cave in. Second, excess moisture gives black mold the ingredients it needs to begin feeding off of your home and causing considerably damage to it as well as potentially to your family members or employees. Especially since we live in such a humid climate, black mold only needs about 48 hours to run rampant in your property!


Schedule a free water cleanup cost estimate!


free-water-removal-estimateThe first thing is first…let’s figure out exactly what you’re up against and lay out a plan to get it fixed. In order to do that, we first need to see the damage first hand. Our technicians will come to your home and fully assess the loss free of charge. Included in that assessment is an estimate for the total cost to cleanup the water damage and fix the home. There is never an obligation on behalf of potential customers to use our service, just an opportunity for you to meet us and get an understanding of the problem and solution!


Don’t trust any cost estimate unless it’s calculated using Xactimate!

One thing about our water cleanup services is that we always use Xactimate to quote the costs. That is very important because if you go with a company that doesn’t use Xactimate, there could be big problems when you go to file the claim. Xactimate only uses pre-approved insurance prices for whatever water removal & drying services may be required, so you know the cost is in-line with your insurer will calculate. Watch this video to see what Xactimate does for our customers:


Why do customers trust our water removal services?


We employ great people.

checklistIt all starts with our people. Some water cleanup companies in Spartanburg will take anybody as an employee and barely pay them a living wage. That is a recipe for high turnover and potentially dangerous for you. We actually require candidates to submit to a background screen and then we make them take (and of course pass) random drug tests and alcohol tests.


We require 3rd party training & certifications.

certified-water-damage-companyWouldn’t you be concerned if you hired a water mitigation company and they sent out technicians that weren’t properly trained on how to handle your loss? Unfortunately, it happens all the time because many companies don’t actually pay to have their technicians become certified. We do, and we highly recommend you always use a water damage restoration company that certifies their techs!


We are fully insured.

We handle water damage insurance claimsWhat happens if a technician gets injured on your property? If you hire a company that doesn’t carry the proper insurance policies, you may be liable for the accident. We make sure each technician is fully insured to protect them and you in the case an accident does occur. Don’t ever hire a water cleanup company that doesn’t have the right insurance!


What does the water mitigation process look like?


Sometimes when people call the first question they ask is ‘what exactly do you do?’. As a water mitigation company, our job is to dry out your home and make sure you don’t get black mold. But just how we go about that is a mystery to most people. So we made a video that shows you exactly what we do. If you’ve never hired professionals like us before, we would encourage you to take 90 seconds to watch the video. We believe it will help you better understand the process you’ll need to go through, and hopefully help you have some peace of mind by seeing the light at the end of the tunnel!


We understand the importance of a rapid response to your Spartanburg water removal emergency. It’s why we offer 24/7 service throughout the Spartanburg area and free estimates for any Spartanburg water cleanup services you might need. Each Spartanburg technician is licensed, insured & has undergone extensive water extraction training, ensuring your Spartanburg property will be dried out properly!

Water Removal

If it’s a reliable water removal service at an affordable price you’re looking for in Spartanburg, then you’ve come to the right place. Our Spartanburg water removal technicians specialize in removing water from both residential and commercial properties!

Water Extraction

In need of professional Spartanburg water extraction services? We specialize in extracting water from any type of building, and always offer free estimates for any Spartanburg water extraction crisis you might be experiencing.


Water Cleanup

We offer Spartanburg water cleanup services for both homes and offices. With a rapid response and always free water cleanup estimates, we make the process of cleaning up water in your Spartanburg property as simple and painless as possible. So call us 24/7 for a rapid response throughout the Spartanburg area.

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