‘Tis the season for water damage from Christmas trees!

Posted by Matt Buchanan

Ah, the most wonderful time of the year!  You’ve got your lights hung, the stockings on the mantle, and a beautiful Christmas tree in the family room.  While most people’s big fear regarding a Christmas tree is a fire starting, it’s quote common for another accident to happen: the water pan leaks causing water damage to the floors surrounding the tree.

water-damage-christmas-treeIn most cases, people place a skirt over the water pan of their Christmas tree.  And what often happens is they notice that the tree seems to be drinking a lot of water.  If you find yourself filling up the pan daily, it might be the case you have a leak.  It doesn’t take a lot of water to cause serious damage.  Whether it’s carpeting that is affected or hardwood floors, recognizing the issue quickly is key to salvaging your floors and preventing mold damage.

At RestorationEze, we work with homeowners that have water damage from Christmas trees to help them get their house dried out and restored so that they can truly enjoy the holidays with their family.

If you need a water damage cleanup company that has the experience, equipment, and personnel to get you back on your feet quickly, please call us now for a completely free in-home assessment and price estimate!

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I grew up in Irving, TX and left for Nashville, TN for college. After college I lived in Washington, DC and then in Cairo, Egypt. After coming back to the states, I spent a couple of years back in Dallas before moving with my wife to Denver!
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