Memphis Flood Damage Restoration & Repair

flood-damage-companyFlooding damage  is a serious issue that should always be mitigated by a professional flood restoration company. We’re available around the clock to help you in your time of need and no matter how big or small your water loss is, we have the ability to get your property repaired and dried out fast!  So call now to speak with a Memphis flood repair technician and schedule a free estimate for any services you might need!  We always guarantee your satisfaction and our techs are drug-free & background-screened.


24/7 emergency flood cleaning & restoration services!


24-7-emergency-serviceWhen you call, we leap into action…it’s as simple as that.  We see firsthand the ravages of flooding damage that went unattended to for too long.  It’s not something you want to go through, and it’s our aim to repair flood damage before it creates bigger problems for you.  So call now and we’ll immediately respond!

We make the flood restoration process easy and fast!


Don’t start work until you’ve got a quote from us!


photo_free_estimatesOur estimates are always free!  And better yet, our prices are fair and extremely competitive.  We price our flood repair services in Memphis according to insurance reimbursable rates driven by Xactimate.  That means that our prices are determine not by us, but by insurance providers, so you know it’s fair!

Don’t wait – call now for a free flood cleaning estimate!

Getting a flood cleanup estimate shouldn’t be cause for concern, but depending on what company you call out, it certainly can be. Some water damage companies in Memphis size you up instead of the job, and especially if you’re filing an insurance claim, any discrepancies in pricing can be a nightmare to deal with. We make sure that doesn’t happen, and here’s how:


Guaranteed service & best warranty in town!


1-yr-warrantyWhen we say we provide great flooding cleanup service, we mean it.  Our techs know their job is to get your home repaired & dry and make sure you’re happy with that work.  So we back each project with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee and then also provide a 1 year warranty on the labor performed by our techs.

Satisfaction guaranteed & 1 year warranty!

We focus on offering emergency flood cleanup services designed to quickly and as non-invasively as possible get your flooded home back to the same condition it was on before it took on water. How do we do that? Watch this video to see:


What do I do about my insurance?


Many people aren’t sure what to do when faced with a flood.  Is it covered?  Do I call my insurance company first?  How do I file a claim?  There’s a lot of questions and if it’s your first time needing flood mitigation service, it can be really confusing.

costs of restorationTo help you, we provide complete insurance assistance for our customers, including:

() claims management – we staff our company with people who’s job is to work with your adjuster to get the claim settled quickly.  We handle the entire process, start to finish!

() insurance billing – if you don’t want to pay out of pocket and wait for a check for the reimbursement, then you have the option of letting us send the bill to the insurance company instead!

Your first priority is to get your flood damaged property restore…so call us first!


Why Choose Our Memphis Flood Company?


Having choices as a consumer is always a good thing…or at least it can be unless you make the wrong choice. We get calls weekly from people that thought their problems were behind them after hiring another flooding restoration company, only to find out they still have a moisture problem and now black mold. Choices must be made quickly, but they’ll have very real consequences, whether positive or negative. We hope we can be your choice for any emergency flooding services you may need, and here’s why we think we are that right choice:

satisfaction-guarantee– we make sure our technicians pass thorough background checks

– all of our technicians are certified by the IICRC

– all of our technicians (and office employees) must pass routine drug & alcohol testing

– all of the work we perform is backed by a 100% satisfaction guaranteed


What are the biggest concerns when dealing with a flooded home?


Any time your home takes on water from outside, there are immediate and future concerns that you should know about. At the time of the flooding, there are obvious safety concerns you should be aware of, namely electrocution. If possible, cut the electricity to the entire house! Another more immediate concern is the structural integrity of your walls, floors and ceilings. As moisture seeps into each surface, it causes them to lose their ability to withstand weight. It’s not uncommon for floors to give way or basement ceilings to come crashing down!

mold-free-guaranteeBut perhaps the most serious concern after any amount of home flooding is the ability of black mold to take over and destroy your property, not to mention your health! How do we prevent that from happening? The only way to prevent mold from growing the future is find and remove all moisture from your property and return it to its dry standard. Because our technicians are also mold specialists, we understand the impact of the water mitigation process on mold growth and we guarantee once we’ve completed our flood repair services in Memphis, your property will be mold safe!


Flood Damage Restoration


If you live in Memphis and need emergency flood damage restoration services, please call us now. We specialize in providing a rapid response throughout Memphis for any and all flooding restoration emergencies. So please call for a free no obligation cost quote today!


Flood Repair


We offer homes and office buildings in the Memphis area emergency flood damage repair service designed to get your property restored fast. So if you live in the area please call us today for a free estimate for your flooding repair needs and we’ll respond immediately!


Flood Cleaning


Flood cleaning services require a rapid response, trained technicians, and specialized equipment. Our Memphis flood cleanup company has it all, and we’re available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to handle any Memphis flood cleaning services you might require.

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