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Certified water damage cleanup and restoration services are just a phone call away!  Whether you need residential, commercial, or industrial water cleanup and damage repair services, we can help!  Our crews consist of highly trained restoration specialists that are equipped with the best equipment and systems.  Each technician undergoes continuous training so that you can feel confident that any water damage cleaning services that are performed are done to industry standards and will ensure your home or office is safe!


Call us anytime for a free onsite water damage service estimate!


Free_EstimatesDo you have home water damage in Memphis? If so, the most important action for you to take is have a professional assess the loss. Many times, the extent of the damage is much greater than what you can see with your own eyes. We would be happy to come to your home or business and take a look at the water damage and provide you with a free estimate for any cleanup or restoration services you may need! Just give us a call and we’ll dispatch the available crew closest to your property.

And with RestorationEze, the estimating step is always simple and easy to understand. We aren’t trying to jack up our rates or confuse you when it comes to the cost of cleaning up any water damage you have. In fact, we can’t alter our pricing as we use the same pricing software that your insurance adjuster will use. Here is how it works:


Why choose our Memphis water damage restoration service?


When you have emergency flood damage, you need competent professionals you can trust. We believe we are the right choice for whatever type of water issue you might be facing, and we believe that the characteristics below are just some of the reasons customers routinely choose us:



checklistOur employees are pre-screened, drug-free & fully insured

We can’t possible fulfill our goals of helping you effectively recover from a flood if we don’t have the right people doing the job. That is why we take so many pre-cautions to make sure the crews arriving at your door are safe & qualified to be there! All of our water damage teams are drug-free, have passed criminal background screening & are insured!


satisfaction-guaranteeOur services are guaranteed to leave you completely satisfied

Should you choose us to handle your emergency water restoration services, we guarantee that you’ll be happy when everything is done. We believe that’s what our customers want the most, and every facet of our services is designed with that in mind. So sit back and let us handle your water loss and make sure that you’re happy!


iicrc-logoOur technicians are certified by IICRC – The Clean Trust

Within the water mitigation industry, there is virtually no state mandated licensing. So how do you know if the Memphis water restoration company you are hiring actually knows what they are doing? Make sure they are certified by the IICRC. All of our technicians must maintain their certifications to be in the field helping you!


Since you’re probably dealing with a water loss for the first time, here’s some frequent questions we get asked.  Hopefully it helps you get a better sense for what the process looks like and who we are.


How do I handle my insurance claim?


You don’t have to, we will.  We can handle the claims process for you, allowing you to focus on trying to get your life back to normal.  We will work directly with your adjuster and provide all of the necessary paperwork to insure that your claim is quickly settled. Claims can be tricky, especially if you don’t know what you’re doing…here is some helpful advice:


Call for water damage help first, you don’t need a claim open.

If you wait around for your adjuster to open a claim, you’re losing valuable time. Make no mistake, you’re dealing with an emergency and time is of the essence. Any delay costs your insurer money, so you don’t need to wait for their help to begin the water cleanup process. Your first move should be to call a certified water damage company to help you begin the restoration process.


Pick the company you trust, not the one your insurer does.

contractor-customerBut wait, I thought my adjuster was on my side…? Well, they have a job to do, and that job is to make sure their employer is profitable. And sometimes that obligation butts heads with their obligation to you. At every corner, your adjuster is going to try and limit their financial exposure to your loss. And that includes trying to get you to someone they refer you to, precisely because that company has agreed to charge far less than the accepted cost of the loss. Don’t be fooled…you get to hire whoever you want, and we strongly recommend you hire an independent provider that has your best interests at heart.


How does the process of using your services work?


We provide you with an assessment and free estimate.  In order to begin, we’ll need to see your proper to determine the water damage extent.  Once we have a sense for the damage we will layout a plan to fully extract any water and restore your property.  We will also provide a written estimate at no cost so you’re aware of any costs associated with our work.

If you choose, we can begin work immediately…

We pack-out your items.  First we remove any items that have been damaged or could be damaged during the cleanup process and secure them in a dry area and perform any content restoration services that might be necessary.  You’d be surprised at the magic our restoration services can have on items you probably thought had seen their last days!


We Measure Moisture Levels.  Next we need to determine what has been soaked and what is dry.  Just because you can’t see the water doesn’t mean there isn’t moisture.  We use sophisticated moisture testing and infrared detection equipment to find moisture that can’t be detected visually.


We Extract Any Existing Water.  Using advance equipment such as weighted extraction tools and industrial strength vacuums, we are able to extract 95% of any existing water that might still be present on your property and allow us to begin the next steps of fully drying out any remaining moisture.


We Dry Out The Remaining Moisture.  Once any extractable water is gone, we place large fans, known as air movers, throughout your property in a way that they will most efficiently dry the remaining moisture.  We continually test moisture levels until everything is completely dry.


We Use Dehumidifiers to Exhaust Water Vapor.  As your property and its contents begin the rapid drying process, water will begin to evaporate into the air.  In order to remove those water vapors we use dehumidifiers and advanced exhaust equipment to send those vapors safely outside your property.


Still curious what we do? Watch the video below to learn more:


What areas do you service?


We service the entire Memphis metro area, including Germantown, Cordova, Collierville, Olive Branch, Southaven, Horn Lake, Lakeland, Arlington, Bartlett, Millington, Marion, West Memphis, and all surrounding areas.


Have you found yourself dealing with a Memphis water loss and aren’t sure where to turn?  We have Memphis restoration companies standing by that are fully insured, licensed, and certified to handle any Memphis water event you have.  We offer free estimates & rapid 24/7 response and can get your Memphis flood damaged property dry fast!

Water Damage Restoration

Water damage is a big deal, and the service of performing Memphis water damage restoration is truly a science.  It requires years of experience, sophisticated Memphis drying and remediation equipment, and a real understanding of the elements involved.  Our Memphis water damage companies have that experience and resources to help fully repair your Memphis water damaged property.


Water Damage Repair

If you need Memphis water damage repair services, chances are you’re dealing with an emergency.  We have been repairing water damage throughout Memphis for years, and have the ability to get your Memphis home or office fully restored quickly!



Water Damage Cleanup

Memphis water damage cleaning requires professional help…that’s why we’re here!  Our Memphis water damage cleanup crews can get your home or office dry and fully restored fast and we can work directly with your insurance company!


Here’s some recent projects we’ve successfully completed:


Bubay N. in Collierville, TN – Minor water damage to wooden floor and carpet
Washing machine malfunctioned and sprayed water onto floor below causing wet carpets and damaged wood floors.

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