Nashville Flood Damage Cleanup

Flood Damage RestorationWith any flooding damage, professional help is a must.  Poorly done restoration & drying services put you at risk.  Whether it’s a ceiling or wall collapsing on you or black mold taking root in your walls, you simply can’t afford to not have your property mitigated correctly by trained professionals.  If you need emergency Nashville, TN flooding restoration services, please call us now!  We can be there in minutes to provide you with a completely free estimate for any work necessary!

Available around-the-clock!


Residential & commercial flood repair services in Nashville!


24-7-emergency-serviceFast service you can count on.

We get there fast every time.  That might seem like a given, but call the wrong flood damage company and you could be twiddling your thumbs for a long time while your property gets more flooding damage.  We always have technicians available and always dispatch the closest crew as soon as you call for help!


photo_free_estimatesWe give you a free estimate.

Getting an upfront and honest price is simple.  Call us now and a certified water damage restoration technician will come out to your home or office and inspect the loss, take moisture readings, and calculate the total amount of damage as well as itemize each step necessary to mitigate the loss.  At that point, he or she can provide you with a free quote!


How does the flood cleaning process work?


flooded-basement-water-extractionPhase 1: Extraction

Containing any loss is priority number 1 for us.  By that, we simply mean that we want to stop the flood damage so that other parts of your home are not affected.  That requires using high powered water extraction equipment to pull up the vast majority of moisture, whether it’s standing on wet carpets, concrete, or wood and tile floors.


moisture-reading_wood_flooringPhase 2: Moisture readings and mold control.

You might think you’re in the safe zone once we get out standing water, but you would be wrong.  Hidden moisture infiltrates your property and must be found and treated using moisture probes.  We find all affected areas and then apply a fungicide which stops mold growth temporarily until we can fully mitigate the loss.


Drying wet carpetPhase 3: Evaporation/dry-out

Removing the remaining moisture is a complex task that requires flexibility and a host of equipment and drying systems.  We have a variety of different tools that allow us to quickly evaporate or extract the remaining moisture and then safely dispose of that moisture outside your home so you don’t get secondary flood damage.


How does your service work with insurance?


checklistWe work with all major insurance carriers.  Getting assistance with the sometimes clumsy (and frustrating) process of a claim is simple.  Instead of worrying about all of the paperwork and photos and documentations, let us handle it for you.  As an approved Nashville flood restoration company, we can take care of it!

Don’t stress over your claim – let us handle it!


bill-directWe send the bill to them.  Sound good?  We thought so!  Most people aren’t sure how the bill payment process works when they call us but are relieved to find out that the cost of flood repair and cleaning services (at least the majority of the cost) is covered for and paid by the insurance company instead of the customer paying out of pocket.

Don’t pay upfront – call us for insurance direct billing!


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