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mold-inspectionProfessional mold remediation services give you peace of mind.  When it comes to black mold, you’re talking about the health of your family or your employees.  It is not something that you can take lightly, and it’s something you’re entrusting us with.  We take our role seriously, and we’re committed to making sure you can enjoy a mold-free environment once again.  If you have black mold, we hope you’ll call us today to speak with a certified mold removal contractor in Nashville that can discuss in more detail your issue and help explain your options!


The health hazards of black mold


mold-sicknessBlack mold is never something you want to take lightly.  In fact, it may already be the case you’re experiencing some of the health affects of prolonged exposure to high levels of black mold.  It can cause respiratory issues, suppress your immune system and make you more susceptible to other illnesses, result in skin rashes and irritations, and a host of other side effects.  Many people complain about constantly being sick with no explanation.  That’s black mold, or more specifically the toxic mycotoxins found in black mold.


It’s why it should always be removed professionally!


If you have more than 10 square feet of visible black mold, it’s always recommended that you hire a Nashville mold removal company to get rid of it.  Why?  Because only professionals can fully diagnose the extent of the problem and only certified mold remediation contractors have the equipment and skills to effectively, and safely, get rid of it.

cautionAll too often, we see people that roll up their sleeves and try to remove mold damage themselves.  It’s scary because it puts them at risk and usually they don’t actually remedy the situation, they just end up making themselves sick and spreading the mold to other parts of their property.  It’s why we can never recommend that you try tackling the mold cleanup process yourself!


We get rid of the mold & fix the moisture problem!


People are always surprised by just how quickly mold can grow.  In many cases, if your home has experience flooding damage, either from busted pipes in a wall or anything else, mold can begin growing within 48 hours.

mold-removalEvery surface, whether it’s hardwood floors, walls, etc. has a healthy and natural amount of moisture.  It’s not dangerous and it won’t result in mold.  But if the moisture levels become elevated, that’s when mold has enough of a window to start causing problems.  So while part of our job is removing mold damage, our biggest role is identifying the cause of your mold problem and addressing that.

In most cases, there is some Nashville water damage that went undetected.  We use moisture readers to find hidden moisture and once we’ve properly mitigated the mold damage, we can then turn our attention to removing the conditions necessary for mold growth.


Our mold remediation contractors are certified!


CertificateIconAs more and more people become aware of the dangers of black mold growth, there are more and more hucksters out there trying to prey off of people’s fear and anxiety.  Many of these so called Nashville mold cleanup companies aren’t even certified remediation experts.  That’s scary because it means whatever they’ve learned or processes they use might not be correct.  Many specialize in the art of making it look like they’ve fixed your problem, when in reality they’ve just masked the real issues.

We only use certified Nashville mold removal contractors.


We guarantee your property will pass environment testing!


satisfaction-guaranteeHow can you make sure the company you’ve hired has actually fixed the problem?  Simple: order a 3rd party environmental sample.  These tests pull samples out of the air to determine the level of mold spores in the air.  There is a small amount of mold spores in every environment, which is perfectly normal and does not put you at risk.  But these mold samples will be able to determine what that level is, and we guarantee you the results will prove that your home or business has safe levels of mold spores!

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