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flood-damage-companyAny time your property has sewage in it, you’re dealing with an emergency.  It is an extreme health hazard that requires complex mitigation and decontamination procedures and the right safety equipment to make sure the loss is fully contained and that no one contracts an illness or disease during the cleanup process.  If you live in or around the Nashville area, please call us today for a free sewage removal estimate and 60 minute response time guarantee!


Affordable emergency sewage cleaning services in Nashville!


Getting reliable and affordable sewage damage repair services shouldn’t be difficult, and we’re here to make sure that’s the case.  Our emergency restoration company is available whenever a disaster strikes and we make the entire process simple.  Here’s how:


We are serious about offering reliable service!


24-7-emergency-serviceWe respond immediately & arrive within 1 hour.

Fast sewage extraction service isn’t ideal, it’s a requirement.  There’s too many factors involved and too many risks that present themselves when sewage damage lays untouched.  We always have crews in place that can immediately respond to your call and be onsite within 20-60 minutes to begin getting things fixed!


checklistWe ensure our techs are safe.

When you’re asking complete strangers to come in and out of your home, be around your family and your valuable possessions, shouldn’t you expect some assurances that the sewage removal technicians are safe?  We provide peace of mind by ensuring all techs are drug-free and have passed a complete criminal background check!


satisfaction-guaranteeWe guarantee your satisfaction.

Finding a Nashville sewage cleanup company that is willing to guarantee your satisfaction shouldn’t be a challenge, but too many companies simply won’t make that commitment to you.  But choose us and we can happily offer you a 100% customer satisfaction for any and all sewage removal & cleaning services we provide.


Your safety is our top priority!


If we seem concerned with the risk of health related problems due to a sewer back-up, it’s because we are.  In fact, we always suggest that you leave the property entirely until we’ve had an opportunity to contain the loss.


sewage-damage-containmentWhy?  Sewage contains harmful bacteria and viruses.

Most people don’t think of sewage as being anything other than smelly and nasty.  While those are certainly true, the real problem is how contaminated the water can be with pathogens that can cause you to get really sick.  We protect you against these harmful agents and make sure the loss if safely mitigated from start to finish!  Our technicians follow the strictest protocols for a black water damage loss like a sewage back-up.


Here’s how we cleanup sewage back-ups…


Each loss is different and certainly your project will require a customized approach to making sure we’ve safely and effectively mitigated the damage and restored your property.  But here’s a quick rundown of what you can generally expect should you need professional sewage extraction services in Nashville, TN.



Containing the loss simply means making sure that it doesn’t spread to other areas of the property and cause further damage.  To do that, we quickly begin the extraction process, whereby we vacuum up and scope out all of the sewage and either send it down your sewer system or store it tank systems and transport it to a safe dumping zone.


sewage-restorationWall or floor tear out.

Sewage losses are considered the most dangerous water damage events and require the most stringent processes to keep you safe.  So unfortunately, a lot of the surface types that are infiltrated by sewage must be removed.  That includes carpets, drywall, and other porous surface types.  We complete remove affected areas.



Once the area is clear of any standing sewage and the damaged surface areas have been removed, we can then apply an anti-microbial and disinfectant spray which kills off any remaining bacteria and mold spores.  Because it’s a liquid, we’ll then have to come back over the area and extract the excess moisture it leaves.


sewage-cleanup-dryingDrying and repair.

Once we’re certain we’ve completely disinfected the areas that were damaged by sewage, we can begin the final phase of our efforts and dry out your structure.  We use top of the line drying equipment that quickly and safely removes excess moisture and of course take readings throughout to ensure we reach safe moisture levels.

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