Smoke & Fire Damage Restoration

Fire-damageWe can repair any amount of smoke or fire damage your property might have suffered.  We’ve seen it all, from massive blazes to small kitchen or electrical fires that cause smoke damage and leave a smokey odor throughout the home.  So no matter what’s happened at your property, we can handle it.  For over 20 years, we’ve helped Middle Tennessee residents and businesses quickly recover after a fire loss, so just give us a call for a free estimate!

We can help you after a fire!


Call and schedule a free onsite free restoration estimate!


Free_EstimatesThe first thing you want to do when faced with a fire loss is call a certified fire damage company in Nashville and get a price estimate.  We provide full onsite fire mitigation assessments and can provide you with an upfront quote for any amount of smoke cleanup or fire repair services necessary!

We offer affordable fire damage repair services!



Sit back and relax…we can take care of everything.


We’re your partner throughout the fire damage mitigation process.  That means you can lean on our expertise to guide you through every aspect of the job.


Not only do you get certified service….


CertificateIconA fire damage company should always go through the process of becoming a certified provider.  That means its technicians have completed the proper course work and certification exams and have the prerequisite experience to adhere to certified techniques and protocols.  But sadly there are many Nashville fire & smoke restoration companies that don’t.

It can be a recipe for disaster for your home because sub-par service can endanger your property and its inhabitants!


…But you also get complete insurance assistance.


bill-directNot only do we handle every aspect of the fire cleanup & smoke odor removal process, we also assist our customers through the insurance claim process.  That can mean a number of things, but generally our customers ask us to work directly with their adjuster.  So we’re capable of handling that stress as well.

But best of all, we can actually bill our emergency restoration services directly to the insurance company!


We can handle all smoke odor removal & soot damage jobs!


fire-restoration-equipA lot of the calls we receive are from people that were lucky enough to catch the fire and extinguish it before it caused a ton of damage or injured someone.  That’s great, but it can still leave homes with a lot of soot residue around the fire area and spread smoke throughout the house.

We use advanced equipment to help restore those areas that have suffered soot damage and deodorize entire properties so they’re left looking and smelling exactly like they were before the fire!


We use insurance-approved estimating software!


An insurance company will want to know that the work was done by a fire restoration company that uses an approved estimating software.  By that we mean that because insurers pay for our restoration & cleanup services.  So because of that, there are pre-established rates they are willing to pay for every single item or service needed throughout the insurance restoration process.

XactimateWe us Xactimate, which is the most widely used insurance repair estimating software.  So when you receive an upfront estimate, you can be confident that your insurer will agree to rate…it’s the same software they use to calculate the loss!

Our rates are always fair and honest!

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