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flood-damage-companyWe’re proud to say that for over 20 years, when a water or flood disaster has occurred, Nashville residents and businesses have chosen us as their water damage repair company of choice!  We’re here when you need help and are always available to provide you with a free estimate and 1 hour or less onsite response time.  No matter what type of residential or commercial water damage your property has sustained, we can be counted on when you need help fast!


Water Damage Restoration 101 – What to Know!


Out_of_date_clock_icon.svgMold can grow within 2 days of your loss.

If you think you have time to wait around for your insurance company to do something, or that the water damage isn’t a huge deal that can wait to be repaired, you’re going to end up in a world of pain financially.  Black mold can begin growing with 48-72 hours, and the cost to remove it will make you cry.  Don’t wait until you’ve got a bigger problem on your hands!


CertificateIconNot all restoration companies are certified.

Yikes!  Think about the implications of that for you…if a water restoration company comes to your home and performs their services, but they don’t know what they’re doing, it could mean big problems for you.  Secondary water damage, permanent structural damage that could cause your property to collapse.  It’s not something you want to deal with.


checklistNot all technicians are properly screened.

For some companies, the goal is to hire the cheapest employees available and arm them with the bare minimum to get the work completed and collect a check.  But when you do that, sometimes you end up hiring convicted criminals or drug users.  We routinely drug test all technicians and each water restoration employee undergoes background screening.


satisfaction-guaranteeYou should get a satisfaction guarantee.

A company that is truly serious about providing great water damage cleanup service should be willing to stand by their work.  To us, that means ensuring your complete satisfaction.  It’s why we don’t consider any job complete until we’ve walked the property with you, explained everything, and you’ve signed off that you are complete satisfied with our work.


bill-directInsurance probably foots the bill

In most cases of a water loss, the insurance company settles the claim.  That doesn’t mean you have to call them first, as they’ll simply tell you to call a certified water damage company.  But call us and we can take care of every aspect of your insurance claim, including the billing.  That’s right, we can bill them instead of having you pay upfront!


We provide complete mitigation & repair services:


water-damage-cleanup– Water damage repair

– Water extraction

– Sewage damage cleanup

– Mold prevention services

– Moisture testings

– Insurance repairs

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