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Flood damage to your home or office, whether it’s from a dishwasher that went nuts, a busted pipe, or a sink that was left running for too long, is nothing to mess around with. Professional flood cleanup services ensure that your property is completely dry, undergoes thorough disinfection, and anti-mold preventative measures. It’s the only way to have peace of mind knowing you and your family are safe from future toxic situations like black mold.


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Common myths homeowners have about the flood damage repair process:


I can extract all of the water myself.  Unless you’re a trained restoration professional with access to all of the appropriate equipment, chances are you’re not able to fully extract all of the water that has infiltrated your property.  It’s not as simple as sucking up standing water and putting down some fans.  We utilize equipment that can extract water from below the surface of your carpets and wood & tile floors as well as from behind your walls (without having to remove the walls in many cases).

If I can see it, I can remove it.  When dealing with flood damage, the greatest potential for problems it the water you can’t see.  In fact, that represents the majority of damage typically done.  Water can hide within your walls and floors and remain undetected until mold begins growing and/or the structure begins to bubble and buckle due to festering moisture.  At that point, you’re facing a much bigger (and more costly) restoration project and you may be tackling without the help of your insurance company!

My wood floors and carpets are ruined.  Not necessarily.  In fact, if we can get on-site quickly we can save a lot of the flood soaked items.  We have powerful drying equipment designed to extract moisture that has crept into most porous and non-porous surfaces.  Even hardwood floors that are beginning to show signs of cupping can be salvaged if we can get there quickly and begin the process of drying them out!  Of course, if you wait the chances of having to complete replace these items goes up exponentially!


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If you decide you need professional flood cleaning help, we would love to earn your business.  We’ll arrive to your home within minutes of your call and can begin estimating the work required to fully restore any flood damage that has occurred.  And you know the price you’re being quoted is fair because we use the same pricing books approved by your homeowners insurance company!


How do we determine what to charge?  Great question, we’re glad you asked!  At RestorationEze we always guarantee a fair & transparent cost estimate for any flood damage cleanup services you might need.  We use Xactimate to calculate our costs and estimate the full scope of work required to get your property fully restored.  Here’s how that works and how you can be sure the price quoted is fair…


And rest easy knowing you’ve chosen a company that stands behind its work!


Dealing with a flood damage is nerve-wracking.  You need a company that not only provides competent flood cleanup services but also makes sure you feel comfortable with the process.  We’ll treat your property like it’s our own and will always do whatever is necessary to make sure your questions are answered and that you’re happy with the work we’ve performed!


In fact, we even offer a 1 Year warranty on all of our flooding repair services!


Try getting that type of commitment from any other Dallas flood damage restoration company!  Most are there one day and gone the next…should any problems arise, good luck getting them back out to fix it!  But call us and we’ll stand behind our work and offer you a full year warranty for our services!  It’s just another way we hope to give you some sense for our level of commitment to providing you with the best possible service!


We can even bill your insurance company directly for our flood cleanup services!


We realize times are tight for most everybody, and that sometimes having to pay out of pocket can be an inconvenience.  That’s why we’re happy to bill your insurance carrier directly for our service.  Or, if you’re paying out of pocket and need help settling your claim, we’ve got you covered with on-staff insurance specialists!


How does the flood restoration process work?


Each job is going to require a custom flood mitigation plan.  That said, there are some steps you can be certain will be necessary on any job.  This 2 minute video explains what you can expect sure you have flooding damage in your home or office that requires the services of a professional restoration company:


Step 1. Initial flood loss assessment

The first goal is to know the full extent of the flooding damage. That can only be done through a full assessment of the property, including taking detailed moisture readings to find hidden moisture intrusions.


Step 2. Item pack-out

During phase 1, we will determine what household items have been damaged, and of those which can be salvaged and which must be thrown away. We will safely remove any items that will need to be restored at an offsite facility and clear the affected areas so that we can begin the flood restoration process.


Step 3. Demo & flood water cleanup

We’ll then remove all standing water as well as any surfaces that need to be removed in order to effectively perform the next step…


Step 4. Mold prevention

This might not make much sense to begin with, but we’ll explain. We go back through the home and get all affected areas wet. What? Yes, that’s right. We add more moisture in the form of a powerful mold inhibitor. Why? The average time it takes us to dry a home (and thus permanently remove the condition mold needs to grow) is longer than the time it takes mold to take over. We’re fighting an uphill battle there and need all the help we can get. The mold application gives us a longer window of time to finish the job and put mold at bay.


Step 5. Drying

The heavy lifting when it comes to flood restoration services, structural drying is a crucial element of a successful job. We use whatever drying systems are necessary to quickly dry out your surfaces, without over-drying them!


Step 6. Reconstruction

The final step is to build back whatever needed to be removed in the initial phases of the job. The goal is to replace with surfaces/items of equal value. In other words, make your home look just like it did before!


Flooding & Insurance – What to Know!


Some words that homeowners may use interchangeably are actually very different when it comes to a home that has taken on water. And ‘water damage’ versus ‘flood damage’ is one big example. What is the difference?

insurance-claim-basement-floodingWater damage is the term we use to identify damage that was caused by something inside the home (or at least from a malfunction in the home’s structure that lead to the damage).

Flood damage is the term we use to identify damage that was caused inside the home by an outside water source (think flash flooding).

Why is the distinction important? Because almost all homeowners policy cover most water damage situations and virtually none cover flood damage situations. What does that mean for you? If your home flooded from outside water getting into your home, you’ll most likely not be successful in filing an insurance claim unless you have a separate flood insurance policy.

If you do have flood insurance, it’s important to mention something:

You need to address the flooding damage immediately. That means your first step needs to be to hire a certified flood restoration company in Dallas, not wait around for an adjuster to survey your property. That could take a couple of days, especially if they are overwhelmed with other claims. What happens in the meantime? Your home sits soaked, additional damage occurs and the potential for mold grows to very high levels.


Flood damage is every homeowners’ nightmare.  We specialize in getting Dallas flooding damage properties back to normal fast, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week!     We have crews throughout the Dallas TX area and can dispatch a crew of insured & certified Dallas water damage restoration specialists to begin immediately restoring your property.

We have dealt with every type of Dallas flood damaged property, from residences that have a flooded basement from a bust water heater to large industrial facilities that have had a fire and flood from the sprinkler systems.  No matter how big or how small the Dallas flood damage is, we can help!

Our Dallas TX water extraction specialists are at your service 24/7 and will happily respond quickly to your emergency and provide a free Dallas water damage restoration estimate.  So call us today for fast, friendly, & reliable Dallas flood damage clean-up services!

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