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We have crews located in Plano and throughout the North Dallas metroplex and can be on-site at your property within 30-60 minutes.  All of our water & flood restoration services are performed by certified & insured technicians, and we back all work with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee!  Whether it’s a backed up sewer line or you’ve got water dripping from your ceilings from a leaky roof, we can get things dry and fully restoration quickly and affordably!


Understanding The Restoration Process


Most people are calling us in search of a Plano water damage company for the first time.  And so to help give you a better sense of what is important, what you control, and what we do, here’s some frequently asked questions we get?


Can I wait and shop around for the best price?


photo_free_estimatesOur rates are uniform.  By that we mean, all flood restoration companies (at least those that are certified) use the same estimating software to figure out what to charge for any water mitigation or reconstruction services.  It’s actually the same system insurance adjusters use.  So that means you don’t need to shop around.  The price we offer will be fair and won’t change much, if any at all, amongst other restoration contractors.


24-7-emergency-serviceBut waiting puts you at risk.  Any form of water damage is cause for an immediate response by you as well as the company you call.  The reason is simple: excess moisture must be removed before it causes structurally damage to your property and before black mold grows.  It’s why you need to call us immediately and why we promise to respond immediately, on-site anywhere in Plano within 1 hour!


How do you charge for your emergency restoration service?


calculatorWe charge according to industry-standard rates.  That means that insurers ultimately have determined what their reimbursement rates are for any and every product and service we perform to get your property mitigated.  So we simply measure the damage and catalogue the process necessary to fix it, and the estimating system tells us the exact amount owed by the insurance company for our services.


bill-directWe bill the insurance company.  Our projects, at least the overwhelming majority, are paid for by the insurance company.  We can help you review your policy to determine if your loss is covered.  If so, we take care of everything directly with your insurance adjuster.  We do the legwork to submit your claim and provide them the necessary documentation, and then we settle up the bill for our Plano water damage services with them.


What should I do if I have a sewage back-up?


cautionWe encourage customers to leave the property until the sewage damaged area can be contained.  Raw sewage is known to be a carrier of many disease causing bacteria and viruses and even inhaling the toxic air can cause someone to contract some of the illnesses.

Sewage cleanup is never a DIY job.  It’s why we can not stress more strongly how important it is to call a professional sewage extraction company that has the proper equipment to mitigate the loss.

Our emergency sewage removal & repair company in Plano can provide immediate assistance anytime, day or night, and we always provide you with a free estimate.  Just call now and we can be there within 1 hour!


How can I be sure you’ll do a good job?


satisfaction-guaranteeUnlike some Plano flood repair companies, we never lose sight of the fact that you are the customer, regardless of whether or not the insurance company is paying for our work.  Many restoration providers simply don’t care about the level of your satisfaction, and their work (and your home) suffers because of it.

We guarantee you’ll be completely satisfied with our work!


1-yr-warrantyWe believe we have the best team in the industry and that we’ve equipped them with the knowledge and tools necessary to do a great job that stands the test of time.  So we offer something almost unheard of within the industry…a full year extended warranty on the service we perform for you.  Try getting that elsewhere!

We also provide a 1 year full warranty on service!

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