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Backed up sewage isn’t just a smelly situation…it’s a potentially hazardous situation. Don’t be fooled into thinking cleaning up sewage is as simple as scooping out the waste and wiping everything down with a little bit of bleach and water. Proper sewage cleaning is something that should be left to a professional certified to perform the cleanup process.


With sewage cleanup, it’s best to know your enemy.


Backed up sewers can be extremely dangerous situations.  In fact, in terms of water damage categories, it’s classified as the most dangerous.  Why?  Sewer water can contain extremely harmful pathogens such as E-coli, salmonella, Hepatitis-A, round worms, as well as parasites and toxic fungi.  The bacteria, viruses and other agents in sewer water can not only make you sick…in some cases, it can be deadly.  What’s even more frightening is that many of the things found in sewage can be contracted by skin contact and even through the air you breathe.  Put simply, if you have sewage in your home, you’re faced with a dangerous situation and you could be making a painful mistake if you chose to tackle it on your own.  As with other water damage events, and even more so, it’s best to call in professionals to handle the mess!

Watch this quick video to learn more about the dangers present in the sewage damage cleanup process:


How the sewage cleanup process works


Extracting Sewage.  First, the backed-up sewage must be removed from the premises.  We use specialized equipment to remove sewage and properly dispose of it.  This can be done by ‘flushing’ the sewage down your existing pipes if it’s the case they are in working order.  If not, the sewage must be loaded onto a truck designated as a bio-hazard transport vehicle and  taken to a legal dumping ground.


Disposing of Contaminated Objects.  It’s better to be safe than sorry.  If it’s the case that porous items such as carpeting, rugs, towels, or bath mats can not be properly cleaned and disinfected, they are discarded.  Even walls and cabinetry and other ‘hard’ surface items you think wouldn’t get saturated can sometimes be deemed losses and need to be replaced.


Drying & Disinfecting Affected Areas.  We use moisture meters to determine every area that has experienced damage so that we know where we know to focus our sewage cleaning and dryout process.  Once dry, we apply industrial-grade disinfectants that kill any remaining pathogens.  Once we’re certain the area is completely clean and dry, we replace any items that were removed or needed to be replaced (such as drywall or flooring).


Why choose us to perform your sewage cleaning services?


Free Estimates & Affordable Prices.  We always offer free written estimates for sewage cleanup services.  We also utilize the same systems used by insurance providers to determine the proper amount to charge for our services.  No need to get multiple quotes…our quote is the right price and it comes with no obligation to use our service!


24/7 Sewage Cleanup Service.  When your sewer line has backed up and you’re dealing with a health hazard, waiting around isn’t an option.  You need a company that will answer your call and immediately dispatch help.  We can be at your property within minutes to immediately begin cleaning sewage back-up from your home or office!


We Can Bill Your Insurance Company Directly.  No need to deal with paying for the full costs of sewage cleanup out of pocket.  We work with your insurance company directly and can deal with the claims process with your adjuster and even bill them directly for the costs of our service.  It’s one more thing we try to do to take the stress and headaches out of dealing with a sewage back-up emergency.


We give you peace of mind.  We know that it can be a scary time and that you’re often left with more questions than answers.  But one thing you don’t have to question is our commitment to doing it right.  We offer a 1 year warranty on our service and guarantee your complete satisfaction!  We want you to know that by calling us you’re choosing a Dallas sewage removal company that stands behind its work!


Learn how we calculate the cost of sewage cleanup services…


Unlike many industries, our rates aren’t subjective.  In fact, they’re entirely driven by what insurance companies will reimburse.  So to make sure the rate we offer you is consistent with those rates, we use Xactimate to price all of our services.  Watch this quick video to learn how it works…


Stop sewage backups for good!


Do you already have sewage in your crawlspace or bathrooms? If so, please give us or another Dallas water damage company a call immediately! But also keep reading, because it can happen again if you don’t protect yourself against the problem moving forward.

Why do sewer lines backup?

The short answer is that something blocks the main sewer line leaving your home and eventually enough of a blockage occurs to force any water attempting to exit your property to go back up the line and spill out inside your home. What are the main culprits?

roots_in_pipeTree roots – In order to survive, tree roots need to find water. Guess what? There’s a great source of water right inside your pipes, they just need to find a way in. If you have old clay pipes, they can grow directly through the walls of the pipes. If you have newer pipes, they can find weaknesses in any joints and push their way in that way. Once in your pipes, they provide the perfect dam to collect other fibrous materials you might flush down the toilet, eventually creating a complete blockage.

fats-oils-grease-clogging-restaurant-sewer-lineFats, Oils & Grease – What do you do with bacon grease or other cooking oils after use? If you answered ‘we turn the hot water on and pour it down the drain’ then you’re going to end up costing yourself a lot of money. Why? ‘FOGs’ clog pipes and create sewage backups. While it stays in liquid form as it goes down your drain, once it hits the cold pipe under ground in your lawn, it solidifies. Over time, it completely clogs your drain and creates a nasty sewage backup that will be very expensive to fix.

So how can you prevent these types of blockages? If you do pour FOGs down your drain, stop doing so immediately! Use a glass jar to collect the grease, then throw the full jar out with the trash. That alone will greatly reduce your chances of suffering sewage damage in your home. Beyond that, consider having your main drain line snaked once per year. You can usually get it done for under $100, and routinely cleaning out the drain will go a long way in making sure you never suffer another sewer backup.

While regular maintenance goes a long way, the best way to prevent a sewer backup is to have a sewer backflow prevention device installed outside of your home. This device will stop any sewage water from flowing back up your pipes and into your home!

Why an IICRC certification is important!


Certified flood restoration servicesThis is a mouthful, but IICRC is short for Institute for Inspection, Cleaning & Restoration Certification.  In many industries there are dozens of phony associations that collect dues in exchange for the service providers being able to put a fancy logo on their web site or trucks. But in our industry, the IICRC is the authority when it comes to making sure water damage restoration companies know what they are doing. Why? Unlike with a plumber or electrician or other tradesman, water mitigation companies aren’t required to carry any sort of licensing. So if you have sewage damage and call for help, literally anyone can show up and start performing work, without having any training or skills necessary for the job. We don’t know about you, but that’s terrifying to us. Mainly because we have witnessed firsthand the effects of shoddy Dallas sewage cleaning services, both for the health of the family and their finances. It’s sad.

We can not stress how important it is that whichever sewage cleanup company you hire is certified by the IICRC. In short, it tells you a few things:

() the company spends its own money to make sure their technicians are knowledgeable. They’re investing in the success of their employees. If a company is too cheap to send their techs out for certification, it tells you a lot about their commitment to quality service.

() the technicians have spent a considerable amount of time learning both the basics and the complex scenarios they’ll be faced with in the field. Without certification, you’re basically paying someone to learn on the job, and you run the risk of paying a lot of money for bad work that can make your home sick as well as those inside.


What can we save after a sewage backup?


sewage-carpetSometimes we get calls from homeowners who after discovering a sewer backup hired a specific company and that company is telling them they can save their carpets. They’re concerned and they call us. Unfortunately our answer is disconcerting: of course you can’t save carpets and padding that have been soaked by sewer water! That’s sewage cleanup 101, and if you have a company telling you otherwise, they either don’t know what they are doing or they have ulterior motives. In either instance, that homeowner needs to consider their options moving forward very seriously.

The rule of thumb is anything that is porous or semi-porous must be thrown out and replaced if it has been touched by sewage water. Why? It’s not that they can’t be completely cleaned, but that the cost of doing so is usually more expensive than removing the surface and replacing it. In very rare instances, such as an extremely valuable rug, it may be deemed necessary to clean the surface, but for the most part, if it got soaked it’s got to go!


Crews are standing by to help you!

If you need emergency restoration services, we have crews located throughout the Dallas metro area so that we can immediately respond to your crisis!

Call now for a free quote!

214-731-4022 or 972-810-7301

We are available around the clock if you’ve experienced a sewage back-up in Dallas TX.  We know it’s messy and scary, that’s why our Dallas flood damage crews are standing by to help assist you if you’re in need of emergency sewage cleanup services.  Time is crucial.  The longer you wait, the more Dallas flood damage that can occur to your home or office.  That’s why when you call our water restoration crew you can expect an immediate response.

Our technician will come to your Dallas TX office or home to provide a free estimate and we can begin the Dallas water extraction process immediately.

If you have a Dallas basement flood from a back-up sewer line and need professional help, call us now and we’ll be there in minutes to get your Dallas property cleaned up and dry!

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