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If you’re in need of Dallas TX water extraction services, chances are you’re in a panic.  Standing water, whether it’s from a a washing machine overflow, an upstairs toilet clogging or any other situation where professional water removal services, can be a nightmare.  Fortunately, our water cleanup specialists are here to help get your property dry quickly!  We specialize in 24/7 rapid responses to any flood damage you’re experiencing and have crews throughout the Metroplex so that we can get on-site to help you get dry!


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If you need emergency restoration services, we have crews located throughout the Dallas metro area so that we can immediately respond to your crisis!

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The Danger of DIY Water Extraction


If you’re dealing with standing water, there is a wealth of resources on the web detailing how to clean up water.  Rent a wet vac, mop up any remaining water, open some windows and let some air circulate into the room(s).  Sound pretty easy.  Sadly it’s not that simple.  That’s because the water you need to be most concerned with is the water you don’t see.  What do we mean?  Look at the image below:

If this were a corner of your home that was affected due to a home flood and you sucked up all the water you would probably look at the area, high five your husband or wife and say job well done!  Sadly you’d be mistaken.  As you can see, thermal imaging using infrared moisture detection tells an entirely different story.  As it reveals, what looks like a perfectly dry wall is actually soaked with water.


So what does that mean?

It means trouble.  If it was a sewage back-up that you cleaned, the inside of your walls could be saturated with black water containing dangerous bacteria, fungi, parasites and viruses, some of which are airborne-contracted and can cause serious illness or death.  But even if it is clean drinking water, it still spells trouble.  Damp, humid environments, like those found in the wall above, are perfect habitats for mold.  In fact, mold can begin the germination process within hours.  Black mold is an extremely dangerous health issue and can also cause sickness and death in elderly people or those with severe illnesses.


So what do you do to make sure my home is dry and safe?


We respond fast, 24/7!

The key to effective water extraction is moving quickly to mitigate the damage, remove the water, and then begin the drying and restoration process.  It all starts with a fast response.  We can arrive to your home within minutes and can begin the task or removing water and drying out your home.


We offer free quotes in writing!

No need to play a guessing game when it comes to knowing the cost, and whether that cost is fair.  We will provide you with a full estimate for our services, in writing, before any work is done.  Also, that estimate is determined by insurance-approved claims estimating software, so you know it’s a fair price for our water removal services!


We find all moisture.

We use the most advanced infrared detection equipment and moisture meters to painstakingly spot any moisture that isn’t visible upon inspection.  These measures allows us to identify all water damaged areas so that we can take corrective drying and/or restoration measures.


We extract all water.

We use a variety of different water extraction systems depending on the amount of standing water or saturation, the material that is saturated, etc.  From truck mounted vacuums to portable wet vacs and weighted extraction tools designed for wet carpet water extraction, we have the necessary equipment to quickly soak up 97% of moisture.


We Dry and Dehumidify.

Next we place powerful fans, known as air movers, throughout the affected area such that we’re able to rapidly dry out any remaining moisture.  We can also apply advanced negative-pressure drying systems on hardwood floors and ceilings to attempt an salvage these areas.  During this process, we use dehumidifiers to trap any water that evaporates into the air.

Here’s quick video explaining in more detail what you can expect should need a professional Dallas water mitigation company to service your property:


Know you’re getting a fair price!


With RestorationEze, getting a fair price is straightforward and easy.  All of our water mitigation contractors use Xactimate to price all services.  As the leader in insurance repair software estimating, Xactimate is used by Dallas water damage restoration companies and insurance adjusters to arrive at a fair price for any services that are typically covered by insurance.

We’ve created this video to explain how it works:


Get moisture out before you get black mold!


black-moldExcess moisture only needs a couple of days before it allows black mold damage to occur. Did you come back from a long weekend vacation to discover home water damage? If so, you may already have toxic mold growth. That’s how quickly a water loss can go from bad to worse. And if you have a water loss that isn’t properly mitigated by professionals, chances are you’re going to end up with mold. And guess what? Your insurance company isn’t going to pay the cost to have it removed. That means you’re on the hook for something that is extremely expensive to fix.

We not only provide emergency water cleanup services, but we also make sure your home remains mold free! Don’t make the mistake of delaying professional help or trying to cleanup water damage on your own, call us now for a free estimate!


All water cleanup companies are not the same!


Water damage companies are not all the sameIn many respects, things like window cleaning and carpet cleaning have become a commodity. Pick the cheapest one and you end up with something clean. But that paradigm couldn’t be further from the truth when it comes to needing emergency water removal services. First, what we do is incredibly complex. We see unqualified companies in our area constantly screw up jobs. It’s not simple task that any one can do. But despite that, anyone can do it! By that we mean, there is not a single thing preventing someone from starting a restoration company today and servicing your home tomorrow. How scary is that? In most crucial trades where safety is a concern, tradesmen must become licensed by the state. That’s not the case in the water mitigation industry.


Our water extraction crews are IICRC certified!


Certified flood restoration servicesAbsent any sort of quality controls in our industry, how is a homeowner supposed to know if they can depend on a water cleanup service to perform the arduous task of restoring their home after a flood the right way? As with any service, you have to do your homework. And part of that homework should be to make sure they’re certified as water damage restoration technicians by the IICRC. Within our industry, this organization is the leading provider of training and certifications for water mitigation professionals, as well fire and mold services. If you come across a company that doesn’t certify their technicians through the IICRC, it should tell you a lot about their willingness to provide quality service to their customers. After all, if they won’t invest in their employees, how can they reasonably assure you they have your best interest in mind?


How will my insurance claim be handled?


Insurance claim for flooding damageIf you have a homeowners policy and the source of water damage is within the structure of your home, you are most likely covered. And depending on the extent of the damage and your deductible, it may be the case you’ll want to file a claim with your insurer. After all, a scenario like this is precisely why you’ve been making monthly payments for years to your insurer. So how does it work? It’s pretty simple. First, you hire the water mitigation company you feel comfortable with. From there, a claim can be filed and that company (hint hint: hopefully us!) will work directly with your adjuster through out the claim process. We will submit our work order and then negotiate with the insurer for payment. If you watched the video above regarding pricing within our industry, you’ll see all rates for any service required are standard.

If there are any issues with your insurer, it’s our job to work with them to handle those issues. Most of the time, if there is any friction it is due to their pushback on certain work we deem necessary. As certified professionals, we can handle those inquiries and make sure that the necessary work is done and that we are rightfully paid for it. In other words, when it comes to your insurance claim, you can just let us handle it on your behalf!


We proudly service the entire Dallas/Fort Worth metro area, including:

Irving, Cedar Hill, Desoto, Lancaster, Mesquite, Garland, University Park, Highland Park, Grand Prairie, Ducanville, Garland, Rowlett, McKinney, Frisco, The Colony, Richardson, Farmers Branch Carrollton, Plano, Euless, Coppell


We specialize in Dallas emergency water extraction & complete dry-out services.  Each of our Dallas flood damage crews is fully insured & certified to tackle your home or office water extraction project.  We are available around-the-clock and your call will always be answered by a live Dallas water extraction specialist.  That means we can be at your Dallas TX property within minutes to help get your residential or commercial property dried out quickly and using industry-standard water extraction methods.

So if you’re panicked in Dallas TX, stay calm…immediate help is just a call away!  Our Dallas water extraction crews are ready to provide a free estimate and can work with your insurance agency to get any claims and/or bills settled.  We will make your Dallas water damage restoration issues as headache free as we can!

Here’s some recent projects we’ve successfully completed:


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Commercial water extraction needed due to a water cooler leaking onto the floor.

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