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Experiencing a flood isn’t something that happens often and can be a scary experience if it’s your first time. There’s a lot of unknowns and compounded with the fact that your most valuable possession (your home) is being damaged, it can make you a wreck. Luckily, we offer complete flood damage cleanup & repair services designed to take the stress & headaches away. We get your life back to normal and property restored quickly! So call us a free a completely free, no obligation estimate today!


Complete Ft. Worth flood cleanup services at an affordable price!


What does it mean to offer complete flooding damage repair service?  It means helping you throughout the entire process.  From the moment you call until our final walk-through our goal is the same: make sure your needs are being taken care of.  Here’s how we’ve become the #1 flood cleaning company in Fort Worth:


We get to your flood fast!

When it’s flooding damage, it’s an emergency and it requires immediate attention from a licensed & insured flood repair company.  So we make sure that we’re available around the clock and that we can get to your home or office quickly once you call.  You don’t have time to wait around, so call us and we’ll arrive within 1 hour (usually much less).


black-mold-cabinetsWhy is speed on your part and ours so important? When you’re talking about flooding damage in Fort Worth, there is always the potential the water in your home is full of dangerous viruses, bacteria and other pathogens that can make you sick. Getting the situation addressed immediately lessens the chances of any in your home getting sick. But on top of that, the reality is when water enters your home the clock immediately begins ticking towards a black mold problem. In fact, within about 48 hours after the flooding you’ll reach the mold threshold after which mold begins growing aggressively.

For these reasons, and countless others, any delay in you calling for help or the water damage company you hire delaying their response can end up causing big problems for you!


We give you a written estimate & the price is always fair!

Wouldn’t it be great if you got a straightforward cost estimate and could make a decision at that point?  At RestorationEze, that’s what we offer.  A no non-sense, honest price that’s guaranteed to be generated according to industry standards.  That means you know that once we begin the flooding damage restoration process the price will be fair and fully transparent!


Why do we use terms like ‘fair’ and ‘industry-standard’? Because of the way pricing works in our industry, we don’t actually get to determine what we can charge. In fact, every reputable flood cleanup company in Fort Worth has to use the same system when estimating losses and then cataloguing their work throughout the project. It’s called Xactimate, and it’s the leading system that allows us to use insurance-approved prices to make sure our costs fall perfectly in line with what an insurance adjuster will pay out for your loss. Even if you don’t have insurance coverage or you decide not to file a claim, we use the same pricing software. Here is how it works:


Our labor is backed by a full warranty of 1 year!

There’s no price you can put on peace of mind, especially when it comes to cleaning up flood damage.  But along with our award-winning service, we back our work with a full year warranty, such that if you have any problems within a year of service, we’ll come back and fix it!


Make sure the flooding cleanup services are done right…call us!


We always follow the right procedures depending upon the situation we face with your flood damaged home. Some other companies try cookie cutter approaches because it’s all they know. We understand that is a recipe for failure. Watch the video below to see competent flooding restoration services in action!


Don’t get overcharged by a flooding cleanup company…here’s how our rates are determined!


When you’re dealing with a water loss, sometimes companies see that as an opportunity to fleece you and try to take advantage of your distress.  One thing you should know is that any reputable Ft Worth flood damage restoration company should be using the same software to determine how much to charge.  Given that most flood losses (at least those occurring from a water source within the home) are covered under insurance, the major carriers all use estimating software to determine what they will pay out for the cleanup & repair services.

So that’s what we charge.  Our rates are determined by that same software.  It means a couple of things for you.  One, you know the price is fair…we didn’t even come up with it, your insurance company did!  Two, there won’t be a problem when you go to file your claim!  Three, you don’t need to get other quotes…the price won’t vary much at all between providers!


We always guarantee a mold-safe property when we are done!


mold-free-guaranteeAsk any flood restoration company what their biggest concern is and they will all tell you the same thing: black mold. Some understand the science behind mold, while others are simply trying everything they can to prevent it. Because our technicians are trained as both water damage restoration technicians and mold removal technicians, we understand the balance between each service. It’s why we guarantee your house will pass any 3rd party environmental tests you wish to have performed!


Crews are standing by to help you!

If you need emergency restoration services, we have crews located throughout the Ft Worth area so that we can immediately respond to your crisis!

Call now for a free quote!



Flood damage can cause serious issues to your properly if not mitigated quickly.  If you’re experiencing a flood emergency, and need a Fort Worth flooding cleanup company that you can depend on, then please call us today.  Our water damage restoration pros can be at your property within 60 minutes and can begin the flood cleanup & damage repair process.  By acting quickly, you can save yourself many headaches and save much of your Fort Worth home’s contents.

Fort Worth flood damage pros use the best equipment and industry-standard restoration techniques to get your Fort Worth basement flood or other flood damage event dried up and fully restored.  We also use mold prevention techniques to ensure your property doesn’t experience any future mold issues.  Within 30-60 minutes, and sometimes even quicker, our Fort Worth sewage back-up cleaning experts can be at your residence and can offer a free written estimate.  Not only that, but our water extraction pros can also reach out to your insurance company to handle the sometimes clumsy claims settlement process.

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