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When it comes to removing sewage from a backed-up sewer line, it takes a certified company and an emergency response. While everyone knows it’s a smelly situation, what many don’t realize is that it’s a dangerous situation that can make you sick if you’re exposed to harmful contaminants in the sewer water. For that reason, we hope you’ll give us a call and allow us to provide you with a free estimate and explain who we are and what we do!


Have you discovered sewage damage? Please be cautious!


The first thing we try and stress to anyone homeowner or business owner that is calling us in regards to their sewage backup emergency is the dangerous nature of raw sewage. Some people call with questions on how they can do it themselves. Our answer is always the same: you can’t do it safely and effectively. Please watch the video below. In it, we discuss the common dangers found in sewage and the biggest challenges even experienced Fort Worth sewage cleanup companies face when trying to deal with the loss:


A Ft Worth cleaning sewage company that you can trust!


Dealing with a sewage crisis is not the time to pick the wrong company…the implications are simply too great!  It’s important that you act quickly but that you also make the right decisions, including which sewage removal company to use.  Here’s some reasons people choose us:


On-time emergency response, 24/7!

For every minute you’re waiting around with sewer water in your property, it’s one more minute that sewage can ruin your home and any household items it comes into contact with.  So we make sure we’re ready to respond when you call, with crews & trucks scattered throughout the area, we can get there in 1 hour or less, guaranteed!


No need to shop around – free quotes & standard rates!

Call us and there’s no need to shop around for another company (not to mention no time!).  Why?  Our sewage cleaning service rates are driven by insurance-approved claims estimation software, meaning the free upfront estimate we provide you with is the same rate any other reputable sewage extraction company will provide!


Our technicians are certified to cleanup sewage!

Many homeowners are surprised to find out that there are companies out there that actually aren’t certified to help with their sewage backup cleaning needs.  Sadly they find out after the damage is done and problems arise.  We are certified to perform the work which means you know it’s being done correctly!


 You get a 1 year warranty on labor!

We know that you’re in a position where you probably have a lot of questions and very few answers.  But one thing you don’t have to question is whether we’ll stand behind any sewage removal service we perform.  We give you a full year warranty on our work, so if a problem arises, you’re covered!


Don’t be afraid of getting a high price when you call us!


XactimateOur prices always fall in-line with the industry norms. What does that mean? In the emergency restoration space, most work is covered by insurers. Even if your loss isn’t, we still use the same methods to estimate the loss. It’s done using software that calculates the costs of any work we may need to do in order to cleanup sewage damage in your home using insurance rates. That’s right, insurers set our rates, not us! So when you get an estimate from us using Xactimate, you know the cost will be accepted by your insurance adjuster. Why? Because your adjuster will use the exact same system to quote the loss on their end!

Here is how it works:


Why it’s important use a professional sewage back-up cleaning company:


There’s 2 huge reasons why you should always choose a Ft Worth sewage cleanup company if you’ve experienced a back-up:


1) Sewage is dangerous & can make you extremely sick!

We really can’t overstate that…it’s not a scare tactic, it’s simply the truth.  Sewage can contain very dangerous bacteria, viruses & parasites that can be contracted by touch but also are airborne diseases.  In fact, we always encourage potential customers to leave their property if they’re currently being exposed to sewage just as a precaution.


Water Damage Moisture Testing2) There can be hidden sewage damage that you can’t see!

Sewage damage is like other water damage events in that in many instances you can’t see the damage without special equipment that can peer behind walls and under floors to find trapped moisture.  If you don’t find and deal with this moisture, you’ll end up with some much bigger (read: more expensive!!!) problems down the road.  It’s why you should always call a sewage back-up cleanup company if it’s happened to you!


Crews are standing by to help you!

If you need emergency restoration services, we have crews located throughout the Ft Worth area so that we can immediately respond to your crisis!

Call now for a free quote!



We work hard to make sure each of our  customers get the highest level of sewer water cleanup service available.  If your home or office has experienced a back-up and you need a Ft Worth water damage restoration company you can trust, we’re the answer.

Too many times, Fort Worth flood damage companies don’t show up on-time or don’t use the right techniques to dry out and clean-up your property.  Not with us.  Our Fort Worth basement flood professionals utilize the best products and the latest techniques to fully clean-out any sewer back-up situation you might be dealing with in Fort Worth TX.

We understand you have choices for your sewage backup clean-out project.  It’s why we want to earn your business and prove to you our sewage & water extraction crews are the best in the business.  Call us now and we’ll have a fully-stocked truck at your property within 60 minutes or less to offer a free estimate to clean-up the mess.  If you choose us, we can begin the clean-up and dryout process immediately as each Fort Worth restoration crew arrives with a fully stocked truck!

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