San Antonio Black Mold Removal

Mitigating mold damage is something that should only be done by a certified mold remediation company.  When it comes to your health, and the safety of your home, you can’t leave the cleanup process to chance.  Mold is a living organism and can be a challenge to successfully remove.  It takes experience, the right equipment, and trained staff.  If you have a toxic mold problem, please give us a call to discuss your options for getting rid of it!

San Antonio mold damage experts – just call!


We help you through the entire mold removal process…


Our job isn’t just to cleanup mold damage, it’s to provide you with a safe and healthy living environment.  And along the way, we realize one of our biggest roles is to communicate with you.  To make sure that you understand your options and that all of your questions have been answered.  Here’s some of the things we do…


Make sure you get a full mold assessment.


mold-inspectionWe need to get a full picture of just what type of mold damage you have and what has been affected in order to determine your options.  In many instances, the mold you can see is a fraction of the mold that has grown within the property.  Our specialists will be able to determine the extent of the situation and make recommendations accordingly.

And of course, if you do end up requiring our professional services, you’ll receive a written estimate for the work necessary!


Make sure you get certified San Antonio mold removal service.


CertificateIconIf you end up requiring mold remediation services, then we make sure it’s done right.  All contractors are certified mold specialists so you don’t have to worry about them using poor techniques or cutting corners when it comes to safety.  We realize that any time we’re called to a mold job, the customer is entrusting our services to make them safe and free from harmful toxins.  We simply can’t afford to not provide the highest level of San Antonio mold cleanup services possible!

It’s why our technicians are fully certified!


Make sure any moisture issues are corrected!


Most people assume the mold mitigation process just involves getting rid of the mold.  Certainly that is our main job, but the reality is we can get rid of all mold spores and you could still end up with mold again if the conditions that created the mold in the first place aren’t addressed.

moisture-reading_wood_flooringWe also provide complete water damage restoration services on top of our mold services, so we handle identifying & drying out structures that have taken on moisture.  And moisture is ultimately the thing that gives rise to mold.  So if we fix your mold problem without addressing any untreated moisture problems you might be having, you’re simply going to end up right where you started.


Make sure the technicians are reputable.


checklistWould it surprise you to know that the majority of mold removal companies in San Antonio don’t even background screen their technicians?  That means that you could have a convicted felon in your home.  And further, many don’t drug test their employees in order to ensure they’re free from alcohol and drug use.

Unlike those contractors, we actually understand the importance of making sure that our technicians should be in your home.  It’s why they submit to random drug tests and must pass a criminal background check before they’re hire onto our mold damage team!


Make sure the work is done right & you’re satisfied.


satisfaction-guaranteeWhen we leave, we want you to feel complete confidence that we’ve done our job correctly and that your home or office is free of toxic black mold.  It’s why we always guarantee that your home will pass environmental testing performed by a third party that tests for the amount of mold in your property.

And of course, we also guarantee that you will be completely satisfied with every aspect of our mold remediation process!

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