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Fire-damageCall us if you need certified & affordable fire restoration and smoke removal services.  We can be onsite within minutes and our project manager can discuss your loss in detail.  He’ll help you understand what extent of fire damage you have, what your options are, and make sure you understand every aspect of the process.  We can provide help with small fires in homes or large commercial blazes…no job is too big or small!

Call for immediate help with your fire loss!


Fire Damage Cleanup & Repair Throughout San Antonio


Free_EstimatesAny time there’s been a fire it’s always best to have the property fully inspected by a certified fire damage restoration company.  Why?  Because you could have structural damage to the property, meaning supporting structures might be in danger of collapse.  Call us and we’ll send out a certified technician to provide a complete fire damage assessment!

He can explain every aspect of the process and make sure your questions get answered.  We want you to feel completely confident in who we are and the service we provide.  It’s your home and you want to know you’ll be receiving the best service possible.


Insurance fire repairs?  We can handle it for you!


You do not need to call your insurance company, get assigned an adjuster and then wait around for a claim number.  What we stress to each potential customer is that when it comes to any sort of fire or water damage to your property, it’s your responsibility to get it fixed.  While the ultimate responsibility for payment might rest with the insurance company, they are not in charge when it comes to getting it fixed…that’s up to you!


checklistWe can handle your claim for you!

Call us first and let our insurance specialists handle the claim process for fire damage restoration.  You’ve probably never done it before and we do it every day.  In fact, we probably already know your adjuster and can easily provide him or her with whatever they need to successfully file the claim!


bill-directWe can even bill direct to the insurer!

We understand that you might not be able to and definitely don’t want to pay upfront for our fire repair services in San Antonio.  So instead of asking you to pay for the full cost of our service, we make it easier.  We just send the bill to the insurance company at which point it’s us waiting for reimbursement, not you!


Get Smoke Damage Service You Can Depend On!


satisfaction-guaranteeWe back all work and guarantee your satisfaction.

We know you want assurances that when we’re done your home is going to look just like it did before the fire occurred, and that you’re going to be completely happy.  And that’s exactly the type of assurance we offer with our full satisfaction guarantee.  It comes standard on any project we complete!


1-yr-warrantyYou get a full year warranty.

We go beyond our customer satisfaction guarantee.  In fact, we go where virtually no fire damage repair companies are willing to go.  We offer a 1 year warranty on any work we perform.  You can feel confident that when we say we stand behind the soot removal and odor removal services we offer, we truly mean it!


The Best Fire Damage Technicians in the Industry!


CertificateIconWe want you to be comfortable with the quality of our services and that’s only possible if we are comfortable with the employees we trust with providing that service.  So we go to great measures to make sure we’re hiring and properly training the best technicians in the industry.

All employees undergo a criminal background screening!

And all employees submit to random drug tests!

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