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Any amount of sewage backed-up into your property represents a serious issue that should be dealt with by a professional sewage removal company. Whether it’s the result of clogged sewer line, an overflow from the city’s main line, or a collapsed pipe, if you and your home remain exposed to sewage for any length of time, it can be a bad situation. So please call us as we would be happy to come to your home anytime you need help and provide you with a free, no hassle, upfront estimate in writing!


When you need a reliable San Antonio sewage cleaning company, please call us!


It takes speed!

It’s an emergency situation that requires an emergency response.  You don’t have the luxury of waiting around, and we must have a sense of urgency to help get any sewage back-up situation cleaned quickly.  So that is why we can respond within 60 minutes to your crisis and always come ready to tackle anything that might get thrown at us!


It takes fair pricing & affordability!

When you need sewage back-up removal services, sometimes a company will try to take advantage of your situation.  They might price their rates too high or they might offer you one price verbally and then charge you more.  We offer industry-standard rates and always give you an estimate in writing so that there is never any doubt the total cost of any work performed!

Call RestorationEze and make sure you’re receiving a fair price…here’s how we generate cost estimates (hint: we use the same software your insurance adjuster will use!):

It takes standing by your work!

Want to make sure you’r choosing a sewage extraction company that will do the job right?  Make them guarantee their work in writing.  That’s what we offer:  a full satisfaction guarantee backed by a full year warranty on any sewage cleaning service we perform.  It’s just another way we try to give you confidence that you’re choosing the right company for your emergency!


Effective sewage removal requires the right people and the right equipment!


We choose the best & make sure they are fully trained!

Don’t be fooled by companies advertising themselves as sewage extraction professionals.  Many lack the proper training and skills necessary to truly mitigate your loss.  We hire only the best people for the job and then invest a lot of resources in their training.  The result is a technician that is fully capable of handling any sewage back-up cleanup services you might need!


We utilize the most advanced equipment available!

Given the severity of a black water water loss, and the potential risks associated with not getting the property fully clean and disinfected, a sewage cleaning company should only use the best equipment.  We spend a lot of money each year making sure we have the best, more effective systems at our disposal so that we know the job is being done to the highest standard!


How serious is the danger from a raw sewage backup?


We try not to be an alarmist, but we do feel an obligation to inform anyone facing a sewage backup that has sent raw sewer water into a property about the dangers they are facing.  In the video below we discuss those dangers as well as the process we take to keep our employees and you safe while we cleanup sewage backups!


Can my carpets be saved?

Unfortunately not. Protocol dictates that any carpet or padding that has been touched by the raw sewage must be safely disposed of and replaced. While many times we can save wet carpets, unfortunately any black water category loss like sewer water requires that it be tossed!


Can I prevent my sewer from backing up again?

fats-oils-grease-clogging-restaurant-sewer-lineYes, in fact just a few changes in your routine can have a huge impact on whether or not you suffer a sewer backup again. First, be cautious with what you pour down your drains! Specifically, pouring grease down your drain can cause a blockage. Also, if you live on a lot with quite a few trees, you may consider having the line snaked once every couple of years. Tree roots are one of the most common causes for sewer lines to become blocked, especially in older homes with clay pipes!

The cost of cleaning out a main line is usually under $100 while the cost of cleaning up sewage can be several thousand dollars.


Crews are standing by to help you!

If you need emergency restoration services, we have crews located throughout the San Antonio metro area so that we can immediately respond to your crisis!

Call now for a free quote!



Emergency sewage cleanup service anywhere in the San Antonio area!


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If you’re in need of emergency sewage back-up cleaning you’ve come to the right place.  Our San Antonio water damage restoration crews can be at your door to help get a messy situation cleaned up.  Sewer back-ups can be a nasty situation, and can be a potentially hazardous issue if not dealt with immediately.  That’s why we specialize in providing immediate San Antonio sewer back-up extraction services day or night.

Whether it’s a small spill or some other San Antonio flood damage event, you need expert help.  We have the resources and required knowledge to ensure the sewer extraction process is done correctly.  If you need professional sewer back-up cleaning service, call the best around!

We’re here when you need us, ready to ensure your San Antonio water removal & sewage disposal process goes smoothly and that your home or office is dried out and cleaned up for good!  Each of our crews offers free estimates on your backed-up sewer cleanup service and there is never any obligation to you.

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