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If you’ve found yourself dealing with standing water and you aren’t sure what to do or where to turn, we hope you’ll give us a call. We’ve been helping people in your situation for over 2 decades by providing affordable and reliable water removal services throughout the San Antonio area. And if one of your big questions is ‘how much does it cost?’ we would be happy to answer that by providing you with a free estimate!


Don’t choose the wrong San Antonio water cleanup company…go with the best!


Part of any company’s mission is to manage their customer’s expectation and communicate with them…so here’s what you should expect from us if you choose us as your water removal company:


We show up within 1 hour anytime you need help!

A key aspect to effective water cleanup services is beginning the process quickly.  It can be the difference between removing water and drying the structure or replacing affected areas while removing mold.  So we are committed to a fast response anytime you call and can be there within 60 minutes!


We provide straightforward prices at affordable rates!

We try to answer the question ‘how much will it cost?’ simply and honestly by offering you a free quote, in writing, after we’ve performed our flooding assessment.  And the best part is the quote is generated by standard claims estimating software so that you and your insurer have confidence the price is fair!


We warranty all of our services for a full year!

During a traumatic experience, having peace of mind is most important.  It’s probably your first time needing a water removal company and you need to know the job is being done right.  So we offer a 1 year warranty on all of our work…should there be a problem after we have finished, please just call back and we’ll get it fixed!


Watch these videos to learn more about water mitigation services!


Tired of reading?  Just watch these quick videos to learn more about the process of cleaning up after a water loss.


How does a restoration company arrive at their prices?


How does the water extraction & dry-out process work?


Effective water extraction companies have the proper equipment to handle the job!


And that doesn’t mean just showing up with some high-powered vacuums and big fans.  In fact, that’s just the start.  Effectively extracting water and drying out a property is a comprehensive process that requires advanced equipment during each phase of the efforts.


Our equipment can extract water from any surface type!

While standard wet-dry vacs are great for some types of water extraction, they come up short in many instances.  For instance, wet carpets and the padding below it require special extraction systems that allow us to go beneath the porous surface and remove water.  And with hardwood floors and walls, we have negative-pressure extraction systems design to suck out water from seemingly impenetrable surfaces!  So don’t just assume every San Antonio water extraction company you speak with has everything necessary to do the job…but rest assured, we do!


And we can find hidden water damage so we know what to dry or replace!

Most of our customers don’t realize one of the most important steps in any cleanup & repair job is simply knowing what needs to be attended to once all of the standing water is removed.  The problem is that much of the water remains hidden in whatever surface it has penetrated…at least to the human eye.  It’s why we carry specialized moisture detectors that allow us to find any moisture so that we can establish an effective mitigation plan to deal with the affected areas.


Wait 2 days and you could have mold damage!


mold-free-guaranteeThe key to stopping black mold growth is to dry out the structure before it begins growing. Unfortunately, it’s a small window of roughly 48 hours. Black mold is an aggressive substance that can wreak havoc on your home and make its inhabitants very sick. Not to mention the cost of remediating it is very high. It’s why we like to use the term emergency water extraction services, because anything less than an immediate response from your or us probably means toxic mold and further damage.

Don’t let your home become infested with black mold. Call us now and let us get the moisture out before mold sets in!


Crews are standing by to help you!

If you need emergency restoration services, we have crews located throughout the San Antonio metro area so that we can immediately respond to your crisis!

Call now for a free quote!



If you are in the San Antonio area and need emergency water extraction services, you’ve come to the right place.  Our San Antonio water damage company is standing by around-the-clock and can be there to help within minutes!  All of our staff & technicians are fully insured and certified to cleanup any water from your home or any other standing water you’re dealing with, and of course we always stand behind our work and guarantee your complete satisfaction!

Coming home to water is a nightmare!  Fortunately our San Antonio flood damage and dry out specialists deal with these situations on a daily basis.  We have literally seen it all.  From raw sewage-back-ups to malfunctioning water heaters, our San Antonio TX water extraction crews have the tools and experience necessary to restore your quickly and correctly.  That means using the best equipment and latest techniques to completely dry out your San Antonio home of office and also utilize mold prevention techniques to make sure mold doesn’t take root.

Many companies advertiser themselves as water extraction specialists…don’t be fooled!  Proper San Antonio water extraction services require the right equipment and continually trained and accredited teams!  So if you’re in San Antonio TX and need emergency water extraction services backed by a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, please call our San Antonio water damage specialists today for immediate response and a free estimate!

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