Understanding Water Damage Repair – The Basics

Posted by Matt Buchanan

American household losses associated with water damage came to $9.1 billion in the two years between 2007 and 2009, according to the American Insurance Association. Flood related damage due to burst pipes and other plumbing mishaps was the third largest cause of homeowner loss.

Experts agree that water damage repair from professionals who specialize in water damage remediation can not only restore valuable property, but also save householders money. The longer the water sits though, the harder it is to repair water damage. The key to the water removal process is to call professionals immediately.

How Does Water Damage Repair Work?

Water damage repair serviceWater damage repair is a multi-step process designed to prevent further loss of property. The first step involves emergency assessment your premises for property damage and potential dangers related to electrical and plumbing systems.

Next, all personal property is removed from the water-damaged premises and taken to a secure warehouse where it is photographed, catalogued and cleaned.

Reputable water damage repair professionals act on the assumption that all your personal property is salvageable. Cleaning technicians are highly trained in remediation techniques for furniture, electronics, china, dinnerware, books, photographs, and other personal and business items.

Next all standing water is removed from your premises with the goal of preventing demolition wherever possible. Technicians use state of the art equipment to extract water from hardwood floors, drywall, ceilings, subfloors, ceramic tiles and the like.

Then a complete structural drying and dehumidification process is initiated. Specialized drying equipment to repair water damage includes desiccants and thermal energy systems that combine controlled heat and airflow for high-speed evaporation.

Moisture intrusion is not always visible to the eyes or touch, so sophisticated technological probes are always used to test for the presence of moisture. This process reduces the potential for structural damage and health hazards associated with indoor floods.

Mold Remediation

Mold remediationWhen a home or business, and the possessions in it, have been waterlogged for 24 hours or longer, you are creating a perfect environment for mold to grow even if the damage has been caused by clean water. Mold is an increasingly prominent environmental health hazard, producing allergens and spores that make people sick as well as dry rot that continues to damage buildings after the water remediation process is complete. It’s incredibly important to include mold remediation as part of the water damage repair process.

Water Damage and Insurance

Homeowner insurance policies will reimburse for water damage when it is due to covered perils. Flood insurance is not a covered peril in most policies, but other types of water damage – for example rain damage due to a window broken in a storm – may well be covered. Check your homeowner’s insurance policy for details.

Water damage is a serious problem. Regardless of how water damage takes place and whether or not your insurance policy will cover the cost of remediation, it is critically important that water damage repairs begin as soon as possible to minimize further damage.


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