Northern VA Water Damage Restoration

flood-damage-companyOur water damage company has seen it all.  Whether your home or office has just a small water soaked area from a leaking pipe in the wall or you have standing water in a flooded basement, we can get your property fully restored & dried quickly!  We specialize in providing emergency services throughout the Northern Virginia area and can always respond to your call at a moment’s notice.


When seconds are ticking, you need help fast!


24-7-emergency-serviceIn any water loss situation, there’s important things you must consider, and top among them is the impact time has on the water damage cleanup process.  A delayed response means greater damage and with that greater costs to repair it.  So if you’ve experienced a flood, please call us now for immediate service!

24/7/365 – technicians always on-call!


Schedule a free on-site loss assessment & estimate!


photo_free_estimatesWe’re always available to come to your property and assess the full extent of flood damage repair services that might be required.  Using moisture meters, we can determine what areas have suffered damage and must be addressed, allowing us to provide you a complete mitigation plan and cost estimate for that work!

Call & we’ll provide a free quote for our services!


Never choose a company that isn’t certified!


CertificateIconThere’s plenty of companies out there that might clean carpets or furniture and on the side mitigate water losses.  In many cases, they don’t have the appropriate training or equipment to effectively fix your problems.  We’re certified to do the work necessary to repair water damage of any size or shape!

Certified methods from trained technicians!


We prevent black mold!


mold-sporesThe sure-fire way to stop mold is to eliminate the elements it needs to survive and thrive.  That means getting excess moisture out of your property quickly.  And to give ourselves a bigger window to do so, we apply an anti-fungal spray once we’ve extracted the water but before the drying process starts.

Don’t let black mold invade your home!


We do insurance jobs!


bill-directIs your insurance company covering the majority of the costs to have your water damage home repaired?  If so, we can do the work because we are insurance-approved and have the resources in place to handle your claim!  Instead of dealing with the claim & reimbursement, let us handle it for you!

We can bill the insurance company for the work!


Our water damage cleanup costs are fair!


When you choose RestorationEze, you can rest easy knowing the cost of any water damage repair services is going to be fair.  Here’s how the estimating process works…


When it requires water damage pros, know what to expect! 


Knowing what to expect helps arm you with the knowledge of the process.  You can ask the right questions, avoid common pitfalls when hiring the water damage contractor, and generally expect a better outcome.  Remember, it’s your home and you need to be prepared to make sure it’s treated properly and that when the work is done you feel confident it’s like new!

At RestorationEze, one of our primary roles is educating you and helping guide you through the process of cleaning up water damage after a flood.  As such, we like to create quick video educating visitors on various aspects of our work.  In the video below, we give you highlights of the 5 main steps used during any water damage mitigation job.  We hope you enjoy it and that it helps you understand what to expect should you hire one of our Northern VA water restoration contractors!


Our water restoration company is fully licensed, insured & certified to perform work on your home or office.  We utilize the best techniques, latest equipment, and guarantee all of the Northern Virginia water damage restoration work we do with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.  We’re also approved by every major insurance provider, which means our water damage crews can work directly with your insurance company to handle the insurance claim and billing process.  Whether you need water extraction & dryout services or you’re looking for someone to clean-up a basement flood, we can help.

By calling now, you can be assured you’ll always speak with a live water damage expert and should you want immediate response, a crew can be dispatched promptly.  Our water damage cleanup technicians will walk through your property to assess the damage and provide a free estimate for the cost of any flood restoration services that might be required.  So if you need a Northern VA water damage restoration company you can trust, call us today and speak with a live representative who can immediately dispatch a crew to provide a free estimate for your Northern VA water damage restoration needs!

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