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flood-damage-companyEmergency water mitigation services are just a phone call away! If you’ve got water standing in your property, the first call should always be to a professional water cleanup company! We provide fast, affordable & reliable water removal & drying services that you can depend on. Our services come backed by a satisfaction guarantee and our rates are very affordable, so please give us a call for a free estimate!


We restore flooded properties the right way!


cautionIf you’ve been in the business as long as we have, you’ve seen it all.  Too many times we’re called out to properties that have sustained flooding only to find that the water mitigation process was done incorrectly.  It usually means the property ends up worse off than before the restoration company arrived!  Whether it’s black mold or the structure begins collapsing, the nightmare stories would shock you…but it doesn’t have to happen like that!

Don’t end up calling the wrong company and getting poor service that puts your health & safety in jeopardy!


That means getting there fast!


24-7-emergency-serviceSuccessful water extraction & drying services must start with a fast response.  In most cases, if we get there quick enough we can save items without needing to replace them.  So when you call, we dispatch the closest crew and can be at your property with everything necessary to dry things out within 60 minutes.

We get there fast to minimize the damage!


That means offering industry-standard rates!


photo_free_estimatesWhen customers call us they’re usually surprised to learn how we determine what to charge to cleanup water damage & restore properties.  We use estimating software that calculates the cost based upon the extent of flooding damage.  It’s the same used by other providers & your insurance company so you know it’s fair.

Let us provide you with a free quote!


That means making sure our employees are certified!


CertificateIconToo many field technicians are out there “winging it” and the results can be disastrous.  We follow the strict protocols set forth by the IICRC and make sure each technician knows every facet of the water removal & drying process so that we can properly address any challenges your property presents us!

We know what we’re doing & certify our technicians!


That means being fully committed to great service!


satisfaction-guaranteeProviding great water restoration services is the cornerstone of our company and it’s what we are committed to doing each time a customer entrusts us with the health and safety of their family or employees.  We’re so committed to providing great service that we offer you a complete satisfaction guarantee on all work done!

From A-to-Z, you’re going to be completely satisfied!


How do we ensure your happiness?  By doing it the right way!


Too many restoration contractors are out there providing lazy service or worse yet, knowingly skipping steps in order to reduce their overhead and increase their profits.  When that happens, it is you that pays for it.  In most cases, poorly done water mitigation services result in black mold, which can be a massive headache, health issue, and be extremely expensive to remediate?

Call RestorationEze and you don’t have to worry about those things because we perform every facet of the water extraction, dryout, and repair process according to industry standards.  If you’re curious what that typically looks like, watch the video below!


It’s important to keep in mind that your project will present unique challenges that must be tackled using a custom approach.  So while the water extraction process might vary in terms of the amount of time required, or the actual equipment used during the cleanup process, etc., the video above should give you a sense for what it looks like when you hire an emergency water extraction company!


Never pay too much for water cleanup services!  


Did you know that within our industry the prices are standard?  At RestorationEze, our water extraction contractors use the same estimating software that all insurance adjusters use to make sure you always get a fair price…here’s how it works!


If you’re in need of Northern VA water extraction services, chances are you’re in a panic.  Standing water, whether it’s a basement flood or any other situation where professional water extraction services, can be a nightmare.  Fortunately, our water cleanup & restoration specialists are here to help get your dry quickly!

We specialize in emergency water removal & complete dry-out services.  Each of our flood damage crews is fully insured & certified to tackle your home or office water extraction project.  We are available around-the-clock and your call will always be answered by a live representative.  That means we can be at your property within minutes to help get your residential or commercial property dried out quickly and using industry-standard water extraction methods.

So if you’re panicked, stay calm…immediate help is just a call away!  Our Northern Virginia water extraction company is ready to provide a free estimate and can work with your insurance agency to get any claims and/or bills settled.  We will make your water damage restoration issues as headache free as we can!

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