Richmond Flood Damage Cleanup

flood-damage-companyWhile flooding damage is rare, when it happens you should move quickly to mitigate the damage and get the moisture out.  The first step is to always call an emergency flood restoration company to assess the property, determine what areas have sustained water damage, and what the proper recourse is for repairing the flooding damage and getting the property dry before black mold grows.


How the flooding cleanup & dry-out process works…


If this is your first time dealing with a water loss, here’s a helpful guide on what you can expect from start to finish.  Knowing what to expect, what questions to ask, and what pitfalls to avoid will help ensure you get the type of flood restoration service that allows you to quickly put the event behind you and move on with your life!


Step 1. Get an insurance-approved flooding repair cost estimate


Free_EstimatesWhen we say insurance-approved cost estimate, what we mean is make sure you’re getting a price quote that is calculated using Xactimate.  You probably haven’t heard of it, but it’s the system all insurance adjusters use when determining what amount the will pay for any insurance flood repair costs.  To make sure you get an acceptable price quote, all of our Richmond flood companies use Xactimate to price their services!

If you’d like, you can watch this quick 80 second video to learn more about the process:


Step 2. File a claim – we offer insurance claim help & direct billing!


costs of restorationYou don’t need to file a claim first and then wait around for a claim number.  Your insurance adjuster might not be able to get to your claim immediately, and waiting around means greater costs to cleanup flooding damage in Richmond.  That said, you will want to file a claim once you’ve received an Xactimate estimate, and we can help with your claim in a variety of ways.

To start, we can help by taking the lead on your claim.  Chances are we’ve worked with adjuster before and can do the same with your loss.  We know what they need and can quickly get them those things so the claim is dealt with speedily.

On top of that, we will also send the bill for our flood damage cleanup services directly to the adjuster!


Step 3. Get certified Richmond flood mitigation services


CertificateIconThe work should begin as soon as possible in order to contain further flood damage and get the moisture out before toxic mold can grow.  But you can’t just pull the trigger on any contractor that shows up.  You want to make sure they are certified by the IICRC.  Only certified flood damage contractors have the proper training to be able to effectively restore your property.  Here’s a quick rundown of what that process looks like:


Flood Extraction & Containment – First we remove any standing water from whatever surfaces are affected.  We have equipment that can pull almost all moisture out of any surface type within an hour of being at your property.


Flood Cuts & Anti-fungal Spray Application – If the water type is anything other than clean water, or there’s insulation in the walls, we’ll need to cut out the drywall about a foot above the flood line.  Once we’ve exposed all affected areas we apply a spray that inhibits mold growth so that no mold grows during the drying process.


Drying & Repair – We then place drying equipment in the affected rooms.  Whether it’s air movers, negative pressure systems, or weighted extraction systems, our powerful drying equipment combined with our dehumidifiers can have the remaining moisture out quickly.  We use moisture reading equipment to determine when our job is done and it’s a mold-safe environment!


Step 4.  Make sure you’re completely satisfied with the work


satisfaction-guaranteeMake sure this is something you discuss with any flood removal company you speak with before work begins.  Ask them point blank, do you offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  Many don’t…makes you wonder how good their services actually are.  All of our Richmond flood contractors offer you a complete satisfaction guarantee, in writing!

Make sure you get the highest level of service possible!


If you are in Richmond and in need of professional flood repair services, we’re here to help! We offer Richmond residents free estimates for any flood damage repair service you might require. No matter how big the Richmond flood damage is, we have the ability to get your property dry and fully restored quickly!

Flood Restoration

Comprehensive Richmond flood restoration services are our forte. We work tirelessly to make sure your Richmond flood damage restoration needs are met quickly and effectively. If you are in need of emergency help, please call us now and speak with a Richmond flood damage technician for an immediate response!

Flood Repair

A fast response to any Richmond flood repair needs is a must! The longer your home or office sits damaged, the more costly any Richmond flood damage repairs will be. So if you live in the Richmond area and need help now, please call us for a free estimate. Our flood repair in Richmond experts are available 24/7!

Flood Cleaning

If your Richmond home or business has experienced a flood, a fast response is necessary. We provide rapid Richmond flood cleaning services and can be at your property fast to get your property dry. So if you are in need of Richmond flood cleanup services that you can count on, please call now for a rapid response and free estimate.

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