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water-removal-extractionAs homeowners, we do everything we can to protect our homes and ourselves from water damage, but sometimes it can’t be helped.  When a washing machine overflows, or a toilet clogs, or a water heater leaks, the water can spread quickly and affect many areas of your home.  A fast response is crucial, and our water removal contractors can be onsite within minutes with all of the extraction & containment equipment necessary to quickly mitigate your loss.  So call us now for fast help & a free estimate anywhere in the Richmond, VA area.


When you need the water out fast – call RestorationEze now!


Wet carpets, walls, wood floors, ceilings, cabinets…it doesn’t matter what has been affected, we can get the moisture out quickly before mold sets in.  And in our area, you’d be surprised at just how quickly black mold can grow – usually within 48 hours!  So if you need flood cleanup services due to a water intrusion in your home, you need to move quickly and call the professionals!  Here’s why we hope you’ll choose us as your Richmond water extraction company of choice!


Never worry about the cost – insurance-rate pricing!


Free_EstimatesTypically your insurer will be paying for the majority of our water removal services.  In fact, over 90% of water losses fall under insurance policies.  That creates an interesting dynamic when it comes to our industry, namely that they set the rates for our water mitigation services, not us.  What that means for our customers is when we come out to provide a free estimate for any water cleanup and drying services they need, they can trust that our estimate is the insurance-approved rate for the work.

We’ve created this 80 second video to help explain how the water mitigation estimating process works:


Never worry about the bill – it goes to the insurance company!


bill-directWhen you call RestorationEze you don’t have to worry about the insurance claim, whether or not you have to navigate that process alone, or about coming up with the money to pay for our water removal services.  Why?  Because we’re approved by insurers and work with them on behalf of you to get the claim successfully filed.  And assuming that is the case, the bill goes to them and not you.  Some water extraction contractors in Richmond make you pay out of pocket!


Never worry about the water mitigation service – it’s guaranteed! 


satisfaction-guaranteeWhen a restoration company comes to your home, they’ll explain how their services work, how they’ve arrived at their price, and try to sell you on why they are the right choice.  But how many are willing to put their money where there mouth is and guarantee your complete satisfaction?  At RestorationEze, all of our Richmond VA water cleanup contractors offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all work that they perform!  So what are you waiting for?  Call now for immediate assistance!


Don’t worry, reliable Richmond water removal services are just a phone call away. We know the importance of an immediate response to a water loss in Richmond. It’s why we have water extraction technicians available around the clock to handle all of your Richmond water cleanup needs and provide a free estimate for any work required!

Water Removal

If you find yourself in need of emergency Richmond water removal services, we can help! Our water removal contractors in Richmond are fully insured, licensed & certified to get your property dry and back to its original state!


Water Extraction

Our Richmond water extraction companies understand the challenges of proper extraction of water. We stand behind all of the work we perform in the Richmond area and offer a free estimate for any water extracting services you might need!


Water Cleanup

If you are in Richmond and need emergency water cleanup services, we understand how frightening it can be. That’s why our Richmond water cleanup services are designed to make the process as painless as possible. So call us today if you’re in the Richmond area for a free quote for any cleaning up water services you might need!

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