What should I do if I have wet carpets?

Posted by Matt Buchanan

If you’ve never experienced it before, walking into a carpeted room and hearing the all too familiar sound of a puddle of water under your feet can be a scary and surreal experience. It’s completely unexpected and you know immediately you’ve got a problem. But what most people don’t realize is how big the problem is. In fact, many assume they can handle the water damage themselves…only to realize they made a big mistake in not calling for professional help.


Identify the source of the wet carpet & stop the water.


Are you able to discover where it’s coming from? If so, try and stop the source of the water. Check adjacent bathrooms for a toilet supply line failure or overflowing toilet. If you have your laundry room or mechanical closet close by, check those areas. It may be the case the supply line to your washing machine failed or your hot water heater leaked. If it’s been raining heavily, it may be the case your foundation has been soaked and the water is seeping up into your carpets and other areas of your home.


Move any items that are at risk of getting water damage.


Do you have antique furniture or other household items that are at risk of sustaining water damage? If you can safely move them to dry ground, please go ahead and do so. You may end up saving a family heirloom that otherwise would have been destroyed.


Now call in a professional water damage restoration company!


If you choose not to, and you end up grabbing some fans from neighbors and thinking you can effectively dry out the carpet, you’re setting yourself up for failure. Here’s just some of the missteps that can happen if you try and tackle wet carpets on your own:


drying-wet-carpets-tentingTo start, you may not even be able to dry out the carpets effectively. We have specialized tenting systems that quickly and wholly dry out the carpet. If you think that just laying a fan in the room and having it oscillate is going to cure your problem, you are dead wrong. And if you think you’re going to be able to dry out your carpet pad, you also have another thing coming. If any excess moisture remains in your carpet, there is a 100% chance you are going to end up with toxic black mold growth which can put your health in serious jeopardy!


water-damage-moisture-readings-wet-carpetYou’re also likely to miss where the water has traveled. If you think that the water is just contained within the carpet, you’re probably wrong. The water will travel up your walls and behind your wall cavities, not to mention through your subfloor. Do you have crawlspace below the rooms that are affected? You may have water down there. One of the first things a water damage restoration company will do is perform a moisture assessment to know exactly where the water has traveled. Without sophisticated moisture detection equipment and training, there is no way you will be able to find all the water.


Did you know without proper drying systems, you can actually cause more water damage? One thing people don’t realize is that if you don’t effectively trap and remove the evaporated moisture from the drying systems with a dehumidifier, the moisture will just travel to another area of your home, latch on there and eventually cause mold damage. The formula for how many and what types of dehumidifiers should be used is something you don’t know and probably didn’t realize was a big deal. Trust us, it is!


What about mold? How will you stop it? Even with the best drying scenarios, it usually takes us longer to fully dry out your structure than it takes black mold to begin growing. So how are you going to prevent mold growth given you know nothing about structural drying and don’t have access to the best equipment available? We take a variety of mold prevention steps to make sure that we aren’t allowing a big problem to fester right under our noses.

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I grew up in Irving, TX and left for Nashville, TN for college. After college I lived in Washington, DC and then in Cairo, Egypt. After coming back to the states, I spent a couple of years back in Dallas before moving with my wife to Denver!
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