Which states had the most flood claims in 2014?

Posted by Matt Buchanan

Statistics were recently released outlining NFIP flood claims for 2014. Among the data was the number of claims filed and the dollar amount of claims filed by state. The National Flood Insurance Program was created in 1968 in response to the rising number of flooding damage events that were occurring across the country. It is available to communities in the US that have adopted floodplain management protocols to reduce flood events. To date, over 19,000 communities nationwide participate in NFIP.


What states had the highest number of flood damage claims in 2014?


flooding-damage-report-2014So let’s delve into the report and list the top 10 states by number of claims and dollar amounts paid out:

10. Maryland

$6.93 million = Total amount of claim payments

434 = Total number of claims


9. Michigan

$6.98 million = Total amount of claim payments

635 = Total number of claims


8. Iowa

$7.48 million = Total amount of claim payments

552 = Total number of claims


7. New York

$13.06 million = Total claim payments

1,401 = Total number of claims


6. Pennsylvania

$14.36 million = Total amount of claim payments

785 = Total number of claims


5. Louisiana

$14.73 million = Total claim payments

728 = Total number of claims


4. Ohio

$14.74 million = Total amount of claim payments

736 = Total number of claims


3. Alabama

$51.81 million = Total amount of claim payments

1,365 = Total number of claims


2. Texas

$58.52 million = Total amount of claim payments

1,975 = Total number of claims


1. Florida

$115.84 million = Total amount of claim payments

3,823 = Total number of claims


The average payout nationwide was just under $30,000. If you think flood damage is something you can afford to live with, let that number sink in. Too many homeowners that are at risk of flooding play russian roulette with their financial livelihood.



What to do if you have flooding damage


flooded-basement-damageFlooding damage is nothing to mess with. In fact, flood waters can carry a host of dangerous pathogens that can make you sick. Exposure to flood waters is not something you want to risk, so if at all possible wear protective clothing and/or rain boots so that the water doesn’t get on you.

Another risk posed by flood water in your home is electrocution. If you wade into your basement and there are several inches of water, it’s possible the water has infiltrated your electrical outlets or other open connections to your home’s electrical system. Yikes. If you must go into a flooded home to collect items or for any other reasons, make sure you cut off the electricity to the home before you do so.

Above all, the thing that is most important when it comes to dealing with flooding in your property is to protect yourself and then call for help. Especially in times of heavy flooding, insurance adjusters can get very busy. If you wait around for them to take the lead, you’re wasting invaluable time and ensuring greater water damage to your home. When a flood devastates your home, your first call should be to a certified water damage restoration company. At RestorationEze, we specialize in helping flood victims throughout the entire process of recovering after a flood. We can guide you through the process and you can lean us to help you through a difficult experience.

So don’t delay, if you’ve experienced a flood please call us now!

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