Little Rock Water Damage Restoration & Repair

wet-carpetSometimes, despite our best efforts, disasters happen that disrupt our lives and cause a lot of stress and anxiety.  When they do, we’re here to make sure the nightmare is short and that you’re able to get your life back on track.  We specialize in complete water damage cleanup and restoration services and are proud to assist Little Rock residents and businesses in their time of need.  If you’ve experienced a water damage emergency, we would be honored to help you when you need help the most.


How does our water damage repair service work?


24/7 Restoration Services.  It begins when you call…and no matter what time of the day or night that is, you’ll be greeted by a live person that can dispatch a crew within seconds to respond to your emergency.  Moving quickly means less damage, lower costs, and a speedy recovery to your disaster…it’s why we are available 24/7 to help you!


Free Written Estimates.  As soon as we arrive on-site, we’ll perform a walkthrough with you to examine the property, detail the damage and provide a restoration plan outlining what we will do.  Along with that, you’ll receive a written estimate at no cost to you for the total amount of work that needs to be done!


Certified Restoration Services.  We are fully certified to perform all work necessary.  From moisture testing and content pack-out services to water extraction and rapid drying, we do it all using the best equipment available, the most well-trained staff, and the latest techniques.  Don’t trust your home and your safety to fly-by-night contractors..choose the best!


Watch the video below to see how we estimate your water damage costs!

When it comes to making sure you get a price in-line with industry standard pricing, we guarantee it. How? Because our reputable Little Rock water damage contractors use Xactimate to estimate  your loss. Watch the video to understand what that means for you as our customer:


We offer turnkey solutions to all of your water damage service needs!


() Content Pack-Out Services

() Water Extraction & Water Removal Services

() Infrared Moisture Detection

() Industrial-strength Air Movers & Drying Equipment

() Anti-Microbial Spray to Prevent Mold Growth

() Dehumidification Systems to Remove Evaporated Water

The process of restoring home water damage can be tedious and, as you can see, requires a lot of equipment. It’s certainly not a task that should be left to anyone that isn’t fully certified as a water damage restoration technician. Watch the video below to see an in-depth look at the typical steps we take when called to a property that has sustained flooding damage.


Can you assist with the insurance claim process?


Yes.  In fact, we do it everyday with our customers.  We understand how challenging and frustrating that process can be so we’ve staffed our team with insurance specialists that can work directly with your homeowners policy insurance adjuster to handle the claims process.  We can even bill your insurance company directly for your loss!


Don’t get tripped up when it comes to the insurance claim!

Property–Insurance–Claim-formEverybody hopes and assumes that their insurance claim is going to go smoothly and their adjuster is going to step up to the plate and do what’s in your best interest when called upon. Sadly, it rarely happens. An insurance adjuster’s job is to help you but also save their company money. There is a very real conflict of interest, and if you don’t have an experienced water restoration company on your side, it can hurt you.

We fight for you to make sure that all the work that is required to properly restore your home water damage is paid for by your insurer. Don’t get stuck in the middle or worse have your insurer assess the loss and cut you a check only to find out it will cost twice as much to actually repair your home.


Call us – we make sure your home doesn’t suffer mold damage!


Ask any water damage repair company what their biggest fear is when it comes to dealing with flooding and they will all tell you the same thing: black mold. If the home isn’t mitigated immediately and aggressively, toxic mold damage is pretty much guaranteed. In fact, usually after 48 hours after a loss you can expect to see visible signs of black mold damage, and from there it can really take off. That is why when we are called, we understand the severity of the risks inherent in home water damage and act aggressively to mitigate them.

mold-free-water-cleanup-servicesOne aspect of our service that customers appreciate the most is our mold-safe guarantee! It’s simple: once we’ve completed our work your home will pass any third party mold testing you wish to have performed. It’s a key element of our service and one we encourage customers to take us up on. It’s important that we part way with our customers with them knowing we’ve done everything possible to make sure their home is safe to be in and that it will remain that way long after we’ve left.


If you’ve found yourself in Little Rock and needing a professional restoration company, you’ve come to the right place.  Our Little Rock restoration service is designed to get you back on your feet fast.  No matter how big or small, our Little Rock restoration companies have the expertise to get your property clean and dry!

Water Damage Restoration

Our Little Rock water damage crews are available whenever you need them.  We offer completely residential & commercial Little Rock water damage services and each restoration contractor is fully licensed and ensured.


Water Damage Repair

Repairing water damage in Little Rock requires a professional.  We have Little Rock water damage repair companies available 24/7, 365 days a year, to ensure your Little Rock property is properly dried out and fully restored.


Water Damage Cleanup

Little Rock water damage cleaning requires professional help…that’s why we’re here!  Our Little Rock water damage cleanup crews can get your home or office dry and fully restored fast and we can work directly with your insurance company!

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