Are you away from home often? Consider a water alarm!

Posted by Matt Buchanan

We devote much of our blog to discussing ways people can employ simply preventative maintenance to avoid a catastrophic water loss. From basement waterproofing ideas to simple exterior gutter and roof maintenance, there is no shortage of things you can do right now to protect your home against flooding damage. In this blog post, we’ll discuss a specific type of device that may save your hide one day while you’re away from your property.


Consider investing in a water alarm system


smart-home-water-leak-detectorsFor some people, they can’t be home all of the time to make sure everything is working properly. Whether you travel for work a lot, only spend a portion of the year at a certain property, or otherwise find yourself out of town for long stretches of time, there’s a great way to protect your vacant property while you’re away. Often called a water alarm system, these systems can come in a variety of shapes and sizes, with various bells and whistles, but each is designed to alert you to a potential water leak in your home so that it can be addressed before things get ugly.


How do these systems work?


water-alarm-water-heaterThere’s a bunch of different systems out there. Some sync with your mobile device via an application, while others don’t. Some alert you of a potential issue by sound, and others can send a push notification to your phone when it detects a moisture intrusion. With these types of systems obviously the responsibility is yours to address the problem and take action. Regardless of what system you choose, they all typically look the same. Basically you place small devices around potential problem areas like:

  • toilets
  • under sinks
  • next to a hot water heater
  • beside your washing machine

These devices have small prongs that can detect even small amounts of water. It’s what happens at that point that differentiates these systems.


What type of system do we recommend?


As with any flood damage prevention steps you plan on taking, it’s a question you have to ask yourself:

How much am I willing to spend to protect my house against a water problem?

If you think your house is especially prone to flooding and/or you have a high deductible on your insurance (or no flood insurance at all), you may want to invest in a system that does a couple of things:

  1. Syncs with your mobile device so that you can receive a notification should it detect a problem. Let’s say you are out of town on vacation. At a minimum, you can have a neighbor or family member stop by the house and check on things to make sure you don’t have a big problem on your hands when you get back.
  2. Can shut off the water supply to the home remotely. Some systems will do this automatically if it senses there is water leaking somewhere. Others will push a notification to you first and give you the option of remotely shutting things off if you want to. It’s up to you decide which makes sense, but one thing to consider here is that any amount of water will trip these systems. So if you have a small child in the bath and little water hits the sensor by the toilet, it will shut off your home’s water. That can be a minor inconvenience, but it can also end up saving you a lot of money if it stops an emergency water loss situation from occurring.


What if I already have flood damage?


Free flood cleanup cost estimateWell obviously these systems aren’t going to help you right now. But that doesn’t mean we can’t. We offer emergency flood cleanup services nationwide, and can immediately begin the process of getting your home (or office space) dry and repaired. One thing we always try and communicate to people in your situation is the need for an urgent response. You just can’t afford to take your time when it comes water water damage. That means moving quickly to hire a reputable company you feel comfortable with, and making sure they can get to work immediately.

We would be happy to help you begin the process of getting your home back. The first step is to call us and arrange for one of our technicians to come out and assess the damage. We can give you a very clear picture of what needs to happen along with general pricing for the work. It’s a completely free estimate and assessment, and there is no obligation to hire us if you don’t feel comfortable moving forward!


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I grew up in Irving, TX and left for Nashville, TN for college. After college I lived in Washington, DC and then in Cairo, Egypt. After coming back to the states, I spent a couple of years back in Dallas before moving with my wife to Denver!
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