Black Mold Remediation

mold-inspectionIt can be a scary realization.  Black mold is never something you want to find in your home where you sleep, eat, and spend time with your family.  It’s a formidable foe and not something that should ever be taken lightly.  If your property has mold damage, or you suspect you’ve got a nasty situation on your hands, please give us a call.  We offer certified mold removal services throughout the Valley and would be happy to provide you with a free on-site mold inspection!

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Our on-site mold inspections are free!


Free_EstimatesWe never charge you to come out and look at your mold damage.  Our inspector can visually assess the mold and we can also take moisture readings to help determine the extent of the problem.  Once we know what we’re dealing with, we can even provide you with an upfront estimate for any Phoenix mold removal services you might require!

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We used industry-approved methods!


checklistYou’d be shocked at the gimmicky ‘fixes’ some mold remediation companies in Phoenix come up with.  Some don’t even treat the mold problem at all but simply paint over the affected area.  That’s crazy, and it puts you at risk, never mind wasting your money.  We use certified techniques proven to mitigate black mold damage completely!

Don’t get end up with shoddy mold cleanup services!


We guarantee your satisfaction on our mold removal services!


satisfaction-guaranteeWe’re confident that our mold damage restoration technicians will exceed your expectations.  They’re well-trained, equipped with the latest systems, and they’re passionate about helping people that find themselves facing a disaster like toxic mold.  Choose us and your satisfaction is guaranteed!

When you choose us, you get peace of mind!


Answer to FAQS we get regarding mold problems…


If you’re like most people that call us when faced with a mold situation, you’ve probably got a lot of questions.  It’s understandable, and part of our job is education you on the mold removal in Phoenix process.  Here’s some questions you might be asking yourself right now.


Should I call my insurance company first?

It’s not necessary.  Many people are surprised to find out that mold remediation services aren’t covered by insurance policies.  If you have black mold, your insurance company won’t be able to help with the cost of cleaning up mold and restoring your property.


mold sporesCan the mold make me sick?

Absolutely.  In fact, many people start suspecting mold after frequently experiencing sickness.  Mold can cause a variety of symptoms.  If you’ve noticed a spike in illness from members of your family, it could be because of black mold.


What if it’s not black?

That doesn’t necessarily make it non-toxic.  Toxic mold can come in many colors.  If you have mold, it’s best to call a professional mold cleanup company to inspect the situation to determine what your options are.


Can I clean it up myself?

There’s a wealth of DIY articles out there outlining the steps to removing mold on your own.  All of them ignore the reality of mold, and that’s only a professional mitigation process will truly eliminate the mold. Sure, you can scrub it with bleach, but you’ll just end up spreading it elsewhere and inhaling the particles.


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