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Unfortunately flooding damage is a reality living in Phoenix AZ.  Whether it comes from a pipe that has busted, a sink that was left running and overflowed, or simply heavy rains, flooding damage is something you hate having to deal with.  But our Phoenix flood damage crews are her to assist you in your time of need and help get your home or office back to normal as soon as possible.  If you’re not sure how the process works or you would like a free estimate for our flood cleanup services, please give us a call now!


We make the flood damage cleaning & repair process simple…


Call day or night for an immediate response!

One of the biggest keys to successfully cleaning up flood damage is doing so quickly.  You need a flood cleanup company that can respond quickly and with the urgency your situation deserves.  We have fully stocked trucks and crews throughout the Metro area that can be on-site quickly to begin repairing your home or business!


Know the price before we begin!

You might plan on filing an insurance claim or you could being out of pocket.  Either way, you’re probably wondering how much it will cost to cleanup flooding damage on your property.  Just call us to schedule a free estimate…we present it in writing along with our flooding damage assessment, so there’s never any surprises regarding costs or the steps we’ll take to repair your home.

Curious how the process of estimating flood restoration services in Phoenix works? Watch the video below!


Let us bill your insurance carrier directly!

You may be in a situation where your flood loss is covered under your insurance policy but you’re not able to pay for the full amount of our service.  If so, don’t worry!  Our company is insurance-approved, meaning we have specialists on staff that can communicate directly with your adjuster and we can bill them directly to settle your claim!


The more you know about flooding damage, the more likely you are to make the right choices!


The keys to flooding cleanup is maintaining the structural integrity of your home and preventing mold.

When drywall & wood gets wet, it breaks down and becomes weak.  Over time, if your structure stays damp, the moisture will eat away at whatever in comes in contact with.  That means your walls could be at danger of collapsing or the ceiling above you or floor below you could collapse.  It’s imperative that all moisture if extracted from your home or that areas that can’t be successfully dried be replaced so they don’t present a safety hazard down the road.

The other big concern is black mold.  While we live in a dry climate, there are pockets of your home that, when wet, create the perfect home for mold.  While mold occurs naturally, it can become toxic at high enough levels and flooding events present the ideal starting point from which it can take hold.  That’s why certified flood damage restoration professionals are trained to perform and clean-up and restoration services with mold in mind.


Make sure you choose a certified flood cleanup & restoration company!

So your buddy knows a guy who knows a guy that’s a contractor?  He’s probably a great guy and a reliable contractor…but if he’s not certified by either IICRC or RIA, the reality is he doesn’t know how to properly mitigate a water loss.  Even if you don’t choose us, we hope you’ll understand the importance of using a company that is fully certified to perform any and all flooding cleanup and flood repair services you might require.  Don’t end up choosing the wrong company only to realize that your flooding wasn’t properly restored.

Emergency water mitigation services is a highly technical, advanced process that requires sophisticated equipment and highly trained technicians. As you can see in the video below, it simply isn’t something any Joe Schmo can do!


Flooding Resources


Floods can be particularly devastating, and in fact represent the most deadly natural disaster we see each year in the United States. As such, our community has a variety of resources available to help you protect yourself in times of flooding and recover quickly when it happens.

First and foremost, check the Phoenix flood plain map to see if you live in an area prone to flooding so that you know at what level of risk your property is. There is also a great forum where citizens can discuss flooding and understand what our local government is doing to mitigate the risks. Lastly, if you do discover flooding, make sure you report it!


Is flooding covered by my insurance policy?

insurance-claim-formSometimes people get tripped up when it comes to a water damage claim so let’s discuss the difference between water damage and flood damage. Namely, where did the water come from? If it came from within your home, that would be consider water damage. If it came from outside your home, like in the instance of a storm or rising river, that would be considered flooding. The latter type of loss is not covered by homeowners insurance.

In order to have protection against flooding, you would need to have FEMA Flood Insurance.


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Crews are standing by to help you!

If you need emergency restoration services, we have crews located throughout the Phoenix area so that we can immediately respond to your crisis!

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Proudly serving Maricopa County & Pinal County


Our Phoenix AZ flood restoration & water cleanup professionals have seen everything!  From emergency sewage cleanup to full flood repair services from overflowing toilets and gushing rain water, you can rest assured we can get your property dried out quickly.  Within 60 minutes, our Phoenix water extraction crews can be at your property and can begin the process of drying it out.  Should any damage occur to floors, walls, or ceilings, our Phoenix water damage restoration team can also assist with that process.  And perhaps best of all, we can directly bill your insurance company so that your Phoenix flooding damage event causes as little pain as possible.


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